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17 Gifts Only Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate

If bad grammar makes you [sic], these are for you.

1. A shirt to help bystanders use there, their, and they're correctly.

2. A mug to broadcast what's going on in your head whenever you hear someone talking.

3. A cross-stitch pattern that's a call to action.

4. A judgmental owl tee.

5. A tote describing your #1 pet peeve.

6. Pencils to silently hand anyone who makes a grammatical mistake in your presence.

7. A necklace for proud members of the grammar police force.

8. A sweatshirt for someone with very specific turn-ons.

9. A mug for people who miss the good old days.

10. A print for anyone who loves to swear as much as they love following the rules of grammar.

11. A tote featuring an adorable "grammarphone."

12. A necklace with a small correction.

13. A beautiful poster showcasing the parts of speech.

14. Coasters that know their shit.

15. A few cute commas in cross-stitch form.

Price: $3

16. A keychain for those who show apostrophes the respect they deserve.

17. And a truly motivational print.