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38 Absolutely Necessary Items For Everyone Obsessed With Burgers

Your decor, your wardrobe: bring burgers into every aspect of your life.

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1. Some soap.

Yes, this is soap. SOAP. Incredibly realistic soap to wash off all the grease after a night of grilling.

2. Bunting.

Hang it above the grill.

3. A bathing suit.

Wear it to a poolside BBQ.

4. A stack of coasters.

5. A rubber stamp.

Keep this on your desk. Do not use sparingly.

6. A set of wooden play food.

Babies should learn to recognize the majesty of the burger before they can actually eat them — let them teethe away on a wooden one.

7. A well done print.

Some triple patty action for your wall.

8. And another with bulldogs alongside the burgers.

9. And yet another for Seinfeld fans.

10. A pair of wooden cufflinks.

11. A cookbook filled with recipes from Bob's Burgers.

12. An embossing rolling pin.

Sometimes you just want to eat something sweet... but there's no reason that something sweet can't be embossed with burgers.

13. A bag.

A purse with all the fixings.

14. A set of nail decals.

15. A pin.

Stick it to your favorite jacket.

16. And an iron-on patch.

17. A pillow.

The sweetest little burger you ever did see. Perfect to cuddle up on the couch with.

18. A tote.

19. A ring.

20. An embroidered tee.

21. A greeting card.

Send a message of love to a fellow burger fiend.

22. And a birthday card.

If your friends know you well, this card will be waiting in your mailbox when your birthday arrives.

23. A pocket mirror.

24. A pair of dangly earrings.

Very lifelike.

25. A beach blanket.

Have a picnic on it.

26. A laptop skin.

Pals skipping about on the back of your laptop.

27. A plate.

Every Burger Queen needs one.

28. A tee.

Imagine the burger man running down the street being chased by a pack of famished folks.

29. A sticker.

30. A bib.

For burger appreciators of a young age.

31. A stacking game.

Stack those patties up.

32. Adorable stickers.

Use one in your planner to remind you to eat a burger at least once a week. It's for your happiness, not your health.

33. A necklace.

34. Coasters.

Another more heavy-duty coaster option.

35. A sun catcher.

Hang it proudly in a window by your front door. Show your approaching guests the sort of household they're about to enter: a burger household.

36. A pair of socks.

37. A mug.

For people who love cats as much as they love burgers.

38. A phone case.

Now follow your head, heart, and gut: Get out there and go eat some burgers.

Down the hatch.

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