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30 Perfect Pieces Of Jewelry To Share With Your Best Friend

BFF-worthy jewelry.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Pizza Necklaces

For the friend you've shared many a slice with.

Price: $83

2. Sam and Frodo Hobbit Door Necklaces

For someone who's worth traveling to Mordor for.

Price: $48

3. You're My Person Grey's Anatomy Necklace

For the Christina to your Meredith.

Price: $25

4. Personalized Phone Call Pendant Sets

For the one you have on speed dial.

Price: $30

5. "You've Got A Friend in Me" Toy Story Necklaces

For the person you love to infinity and beyond.

Price: $38

6. Daria and Jane Tattoo Chokers

For the friend who makes this sick sad world bearable.

Price: $13

7. The Golden Girls Rings

For a pal and a confident.

Price: $15

8. Best Witches Heart Necklace

For the one you cast spells with.

Price: $25

9. Sherlock Rings

For the Watson to your Holmes.

Price: $15

10. Cupcake Necklaces

For the one you'd agree to split a cupcake with.

Price: $25

11. Animal Crossing Necklaces

For the friend whose village you always visit.

Price: $12

12. Thelma and Louise Necklaces

For the pal you'd drive over a cliff with.

Price: $55

13. Adventure Time Friendship Bracelets

For the Jake to your Finn.

Price: $13

14. Direwolf Necklaces

For a fellow House Stark member.

Price: $24

15. Chicks Over Dicks Necklaces

For the friend who's way better than any dude.

Price: $84

16. Cookie Heart Necklaces

For the other half of your Oreo.

Price: $12

17. Mean Girls Cuff Bracelets

For the person you try to make fetch happen with.

Price: $48

18. Sailor Moon Necklaces

For your fellow Sailor Soldiers.

Price: $12

19. Star Trek Necklaces

For the one you want to live long and prosper with.

Price: $75

20. Player 1 and Player 2 Rings

For a friend you spend hours playing video games with.

Price: $23

21. Mermaid Necklaces

For a friend who dreams of having a tail as much as you do.

Price: $10

22. Yoshi and Mario Necklaces

For the friend you'd split your coins with.

Price: $14

23. Harry Potter Rings

For a fellow Marauder.

Price: $14

24. Parks and Recreation Cuff

For the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope.

Price: $12

25. Bat Symbol Necklaces

For your partners in crime-fighting.

Price: $115

26. Personalized Taco Best Friend Necklaces

For the friend you love even more than tacos.

Price: $24

27. Zombie Virus and Antidote Necklace Set

For the person you'd attempt to survive the Zombie Apocalypse with.

Price: $20

28. R2D2 and C3PO Necklaces

For the droid you were looking for.

Price: $25

29. #1 and #2 Necklaces

For the friend who appreciates a bit of bathroom humor.

Price: $27

30. Bust Fuckin' Friends Necklaces

For a friend who's so awesome that swearing is necessary to describe your relationship.

Price: $180

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