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    Wayfair Is Having A HUGE Sale For Only 24 Hours And Here Are All The Best Deals

    "Way Day" = their lowest prices of the year (plus free shipping on EV-ER-Y-THING), so if you've been thinking of is the time, my deal-seeking friends! Now is the time.

    Wayfair is great every day of the year.

    Truly! As someone who doesn't exactly have Scrooge McDuck money (or even Donald Duck money, tbh), but who loves decorating my (tiny) home, I firmly believe this.

    But today (meaning literally today, April 25th, 2018, for 24 hours and 24 hours only), they're even better, because it's "Way Day." Basically, their version of Amazon's Prime Day.

    To check out everything you can get on sale, you'll want to mosey on over to this landing page (or this one, with all their flash deals), BUT! Because we like to be helpful, we've also rounded up some of our favorite things you can find on sale.

    Enjoy, but move quickly! Things are bound to sell out fast. We aim to update this post as the day goes by, but apologies in advance for our picks disappearing before you can get something in your (digital) cart.

    1. 60% off a gray/ivory area rug.

    2. 67% off a mid-century mod–esque nightstand.

    3. 63% off a pair of modern dining chairs.

    4. 85% off a set of basic sheets.

    5. 60% off a 12-piece, non-stick Rachael Ray cookware set.

    6. 64% off a three-piece bistro set.

    7. 66% off a 2.5" gel memory foam mattress topper.

    8. 57% off an elegant coffee table.

    9. 23% off a storage accent chest.

    10. 20% off a Nora Hybrid mattress.

    11. 31% off a lightweight cotton throw blanket that's ideal for summer.

    12. 62% off a soft, stitched quilt set.

    13. 35% off a "country-chic" panel bed.

    14. 81% off a soaking bathtub.

    15. 71% off a kitchen cart with a stainless steel top.

    16. 41% off a single handle kitchen faucet (with side spray).

    17. 32% off a sunburst wall mirror.

    18. 33% off an upholstered platform bed.

    19. 53% off a set of three seagrass baskets.

    20. 79% off a 36-piece set of wine and champagne glasses.

    21. 60% off a steel bar stool.

    22. 31% off a two-door accent cabinet.

    23. 54% off a tufted sofa.

    24. 31% off a pop-open pet crate.

    25. 77% off a chevron-inspired duvet cover set.

    26. 72% off an undermount kitchen sink.

    27. 78% off a digital airfryer with a dual layer rack.

    28. 30% off a five-drawer chest.

    29. 39% off a Sealy "response performance" plush pillowtop mattress set.

    30. 26% off a hand-woven natural area rug.

    31. 32% off a storage bench.

    32. 58% off an 11-piece rainbow knife block set.

    33. 48% off minimalist cabinet bar knobs.

    34. 51% off an elevated double "pet diner."

    35. 48% off a swing chair with a stand.

    36. 54% off a patterned area rug.

    37. 59% off a single vanity set.

    38. 73% off a bar serving cart.

    39. 75% off a robotic vacuum cleaner and mop.

    40. 65% off a "hospitality cabinet" with a geometric design on the front.

    41. 15% off a set of triangular planters.

    42. 23% off a coffee table.

    43. 38% off a quilted hammock with a stand.

    44. 56% off a pouf.

    45. 60% off a convertible sofa.

    46. 38% off a 2" gel memory foam mattress topper.

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