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27 Clever Products That Look Like They're From The Future

"Beep boop, boop beep" — all the products in this post are talking to you in futuristic robot language.

1. A digital scale that folds up into an easy-to-store, compact size when you're not using it.

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

2. An android who — conveniently! — has the same taste in literature as you do.

3. Color-changing ice cubes that look like they should be used in cocktails served at a bar on a space ship.

4. A gadget that lets you create — and view — 3-D holograms on your phone.

5. A tumbling alarm clock that you simply flip face-down to silence in the morning.

6. A trippy beer pong table complete with lights and infinity mirrors to "create the illusion of endless space."

The lights will flash and change colors to a beat if you set up a music sensor.

Get it from Infinity Beer Pong for $579.

7. "Squigz" toys that'll stimulate three of your toddler's senses (touch, sound, and sight).

And — knowing toddlers — maybe even their sense of taste: Little dudes and ladies are bound to put these things in their mouths (thankfully they're BPA-free).

Get them from Amazon for $18.95.

8. Sleek grinders that dispense salt and pepper with a click.

9. Polyamide ponytail holders made from a fabric that won't pull out your hair.

10. And 3D printed earrings inspired by biomechanics.

Get them from Nervous System on Etsy for $40.

11. Sneakers to slip on before heading to another galaxy.

12. An orb-like light that'll illuminate your bottomless-pit of a purse.

It ~knows~ when to light up thanks to proximity sensors that activate when your hand comes near (and it'll turn off automatically after remaining on for 10 seconds).

Get it from Amazon for $31.90.

13. A round microwave popcorn maker with a sieve-like lid for sifting out unpopped kernels.

14. Brightly colored silicone tea infusers that kind of look like...alien egg sacs?

15. A LED light that looks like a hunk of Aggro Crag from Guts and can be programmed to display custom colors when you get a notification on your phone.

16. A super-sensitive smart thermometer that can take a reading in less than three seconds.

17. A power bank to give your phone a "bump" when you need it.

Get it from Aha for $55 (the cord / cable holder / bank) or $40 (just the power bank and the cord). It's also available on Amazon in very limited qualities for $33.92.

18. An escape pod for your futuristic feline companion.

19. Non-toxic deodorizers whose pores will suck all the stink out of your favorite sneakers.

20. A beautiful speaker for people who have trouble sleeping.

It has six relaxing sound options, as well as six "light therapy" modes.

Get it from Amazon for $69.99.

21. A brush that'll clean all the makeup off your face with sonic pulsations.

22. A multicolored, dimmable LED strip to put behind a TV or under a bed or on the edge of a shelf or at the back of a closet get the picture. There are a lot of options.

Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

23. Iridescent walkie talkies with unlimited range to clip on to your shirt or backpack.

These are great for family vacations (especially if your family has a *lot* of people in it).

Get them from Amazon for $189.

24. A cute little robot that can sense colors.

Ozobot's movements are controlled by drawing on a tablet *or* a simple piece of paper.

Get it from The Grommet for $49.

25. A geometric shelving unit made from recycled materials.

26. A smart water bottle that's also a lantern, a radio, a bottle opener, a speakerphone, an emergency light, and more.

27. And a modular lighting kit that can display over a million different colors.

So I think it's safe to say that there's no way you won't be able to find a color scheme that matches your sofa. Or even the mole two inches from the right of your belly button.

Get it from Fab for $199.99.