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36 Things That Will Make Riding In Your Car So Much Better

You may actually *enjoy* being stuck in traffic.

1. Keep your phone in sight with a grip strip.

2. Personalize the exterior of your car with some easy to apply (and remove) stickers.

The decals leave behind no residue.

Price: $120 to $210

3. Or just slap on a few adorable bumper stickers.

Price: $6.99 (for the corgi) or $9.50 (for "wanderlust")

4. Install a mobile office between your front seats.

5. Set up a booster seat for your canine copilot.

6. Or make a car hammock for a larger pooch.

7. Class up the joint with a ~fancy~ air freshener.

8. Keep things spill-free with a leak-proof mug.

It auto-seals between sips.

Price: $38.09

9. Let Zubie monitor your car's health so you know when you're going to have trouble *before* it happens.

10. Keep a portable jump starter on hand for those times when you can't avoid the car troubles.

11. Purchase an airbed to use whenever you need to pull over for a nap.

Price: $199 or $79.99

12. Hang your keys on a keychain with style.

Price: $14 (for the Ouija keychain) or $21 (for the personalized oak leaves)

13. Plug in a scent diffuser to eliminate nasty odors.

14. Add some artwork to your tire cover.

15. Stop your things from sliding around on your seats (or the floor) with this hanger system.

16. Store your tissues in a silly plush dispenser.

Just slide it on to your visor.

Price: $14

17. Keep a supply of games on hand to play during long drives.

Mad Libs are always good for a laugh and this road trip game from Melissa & Doug is great for families.

18. Install a hammock on top of your Jeep.

19. Nap in comfort with a DIY road trip pillow.

20. Eliminate all of your blindspots with a mirror that gives you a 180° field of view.

21. Use this beacon and app system to easily find your car in any parking lot.

You'll never have to spend 25 minutes wandering around a parking garage again.

Price: $39.95

22. Warm up your chilly hands with a heated steering wheel cover.

23. Heat up your freezing body with a travel electric blanket.

24. Revive lukewarm food with a portable stove.

25. And keep your coffee steaming with a heated travel mug.

26. Help your clothes stay unwrinkled using a carrier or a bar.

Price: $6.99 (for the carrier) or $19.99 (for the bar).

27. Charge your laptop using a cup holder power inverter.

28. Or let R2D2 charge your phone.

29. Reupholster your car door with a fabric of your choice.

30. And then make some matching car mats.

31. Use a seat-mounted tablet to keep backseat riders entertained.

32. Make seat back protectors to save your upholstery from dirty feet.

33. Sooth your aching neck with an elephant pillow.

34. And appease your sore ass with a fluffy pink car seat.

35. Store things on your windows using suction cups.

36. Make a pop-up shelf to stop your groceries from getting smashed.

Now let's hit the road!