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41 Insanely Cute Items You Should Buy Yourself Right Now

...and they're all $10 or less!

1. A mirror featuring a llama with a compliment.

Aww! Thanks, Llama! You're looking pretty good yourself.

Price: $4

2. A Frog and Toad tote.

For anyone who read Frog and Toad Are Friends over and over again as a child.

Price: $7

3. A notebook for sloth lovers.

For taking notes really sloooooooooowly in.

Price: $6.95

4. Lip balm stored in fruit-shaped pots.

Do you want your lips to taste like cherries, blueberries, or peaches?

Price: $10

5. Stickers for wannabe mermaids.

Make them "part of your world."

Price: $10

6. A pair of cat earrings you'll 💖.

And not just any cat: Pusheen!

Price: $9.80

7. Erasers that look like lunch.

Will you use them or will you just leave them on your desk and gaze at their cuteness forever? Probably the latter.

Price: $8

8. Socks covered in smiling kale.

You don't get to describe kale as "cute" very frequently.

Price: $5

9. A pineapple pin with a significant amount of chill.

What a cool dude. Or dudette.

Price: $10

10. Buttons featuring a tired Totoro and a snoozing Snorlax.


Price: $3.50

11. A sweet slice o' cheese plushie.


Price: $6

12. Bookplates featuring literate octopi.

Eight legs = all the better to hold a book with.

Price: $4.50

13. A squirrel who wants to help you get drunk.

...because he's on a bottle opener.

Price: $6

14. A pouch for Shih Tzu owners.

The shop also carries a variety of other breeds (plus cats).

Price: $8.50

15. A set of ridiculously adorable temporary tattoos.

You may like them so much that you'll want to get permanent versions.

Price: $7.97

16. Useful clips that look like woodland creatures.

Fox, hedgehog, squirrel, porcupine: the gang's all here!

Price: $7.99

17. A macaron-shaped box.

An insanely sweet way to store your trinkets.

Price: $10

18. Giant googly eyes to affix to your belongings.

Now your toaster has a personality.

Price: $5

19. Button decals for your nails.

Button, button, you've got the button.

Price: $4.78

20. A contact lens case shaped like an owl.

Whooooooo is keeping their contact lenses safe and sound? You are!

Price: $5.95

21. A fox nightlight.

It's okay to still be afraid of the dark.

Price: $9.99

22. A coin purse shaped like a strawberry.

Berry awesome.

Price: $7.50

23. A pair of kitty cat socks.

"Meow" could you live without these?

Price: $5.99

24. An "Instant Comfort Pocket Box" featuring a mermaid.

And she thinks you're amazing! Awww.

Price: $9.07

25. Lip gloss that looks like a bunny.

Each shade of gloss has a subtly different bunny face.

Price: $8

26. Pens that look like paintbrushes.

For making fine art... or a grocery list.

Price: $2.50

27. Doggy Dress-Up coloring book.

Reluctant to force your actual pet to wear an outfit? This book is the second best thing.

Price: $9.60

28. Teeny tiny dishes with faces.

For storing your very favorite rings on.

Price: $4.80

29. Self-watering plant pots that look like animals.

So low maintenance! Get one for your windowsill ASAP.

Price: $7

30. A set of matryoshka measuring spoons.

They may not nest inside of each other like actual matryoshka dolls, but they do nest on *top* of each other.

Price: $7

31. A pair of earrings with bite.

Although these crocs don't actually seem to have any teeth, so it's a very gummy bite.

Price: $9.95

32. Bear-shaped clips that keep you from losing your pens.

They'll also keep your cords under control.

Price: $3.95

33. The merriest paperclips you've ever seen.

I wonder what that carrot's laughing at?

Price: $4.50

34. A pizza-shaped bookmark to hold your place.

It's a widely-known fact that pizza slices adore literature.

Price: $5.99

35. A unicorn pen that will last for seven years.

...if you write no more than 1.7 meters a day for those seven years.

Price: $7.95

36. Mini posters featuring your favorite pop culture characters.

37. A pencil brooch for writers.

Or office supply enthusiasts.

Price: $9

38. A sea creature paper craft kit.

Get ready to practice your folding skills.

Price: $9

39. Magnets for anyone who's spent hours upon HOURS playing Animal Crossing.

'Sup Pelly?

Price: $3

40. A pocket notebook decorated with pugs.

It's sure to brighten your day.

Price: $5

41. A badge for members of the Cat Lady Club.

Pin it on to the cat hair covered jacket of your choice.

Price: $3.20

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