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31 Awesome And Inexpensive Things You Need For Your Home

"Please move in with me." —you to these products.

1. A mail organizer that's — would ya look at that! — shaped like an envelope.

2. A clock that'll have you ~feline~ happy whenever you check the time.

3. Plus some kitty cats with glowworm tendencies.

4. A tapestry-style throw covered with Pixar characters who are for some (adorable) reason, cube-shaped.

5. A basket that's handwoven into the shape of a 🐸.

6. A purse-organizing rod you can also use for hats and scarves.

7. Or a hanger specifically made for scarves.

8. A little Loch Ness monster with a neck that's just the right size for ring-holding.

9. Banners to show your allegiance to House Greyjoy. Or Lannister. Or Stark.

10. And an optimistic banner for dog lovers.

11. A metallic ghoul bottle opener that somehow manages to be both fancy *and* macabre.

12. Silicone doorstops that won't leave scratches on your floors (like metal ones would).

Yeah, we're totally shading metal doorstops and they deserve every bit of it.

Get a set of four from Amazon for $8.99.

13. Removable wallpaper that (sadly) isn't lickable like the kind Charlie Bucket samples at the Wonka factory.

14. Totoro and owl back pillows that are so cute you'll *almost* feel guilty leaning on them.

Get them from Amazon for $25.99.

15. A wall hook that really enjoys a game of peekaboo.

16. And a wall hook who has a lot in common with Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose.

If you don't know who Thidwick is, please educate yourself with this book.

Get the hook from Dululu on Etsy for $9.52.

17. An air purifying bag to keep your closet smelling so fresh (and so clean).

18. A frame to display cards, photos, and other mementos using rubber bands.

Get it from Amazon for $25.

19. A grumpy-looking dude who'll hold your glasses (and your cell phone) even though he isn't very happy about it. At ALL.

20. A mug that understands one of life's simple truths: TEA SUCKS.

21. A laser parking assistant that'll prevent you from scratching your vehicle when you pull into your overstuffed garage.

"Honey, we can barely fit the car in here!"

Get it from Amazon for $16.68.

22. A chandelier accessory stand for your collection of chandelier earrings.

23. A bird feeder that attaches to glass via suction (to give you — or your dog — an up-close and personal look at chickadees chowing down).

Get it from Amazon for $14.95.

24. A corkscrew and bottle opener that looks like a narwhal (a totally real creature).

25. A dry-erase calendar decal that you can easily remove and reposition (if you feel the urge).

26. A magnetic cloud to ~float~ on your wall holding keys, scissors, or anything else made of metal.

Get it from Accessory Geeks for $7.99.

27. A print you can have customized with what you "run" on.

28. A glittery Star Trek lamp that may hypnotize you every time you turn it on.

29. A cutter for slicing up your next pizza pi(e).

30. A print for anyone who wishes they could take a bite outta Peeta......'s bread.

31. And a very foxy cheese grater.

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