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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: spooky candy, scary movies, a seat for little "frogs," and more!

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Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

1. A pack of pumpkin-shaped Reese's Peanut Butter cups that you can use to make ~spooky~ spiders.

Promising review: "Oh boy, do I really love this candy. There's just something magical in the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. It's heavenly. Furthermore, the size of the pumpkins is preferable to the traditional cups, as these just seem to have the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate." —jeapaleap

Price: $7.46


3. A durable, fold-up storage basket (with insulated compartments) to keep the trunk of your car organized.

Promising review: "I love this so much, I bought a second one for my parents. Love that the cooler compartments are on opposite ends: perfect for hot and cold items I'm bringing home." —peanut n shell

Price: $17.95

4. And a fold-up floor seat that'll keep little "frogs" entertained for hours.

Promising review: "I cannot stress enough how amazing this seat is! My 3 month old hated her swing, as her head was always pressed against the back of the seat. She has amazing head control and likes sitting up on her own and looking around. This seat was absolutely PERFECT for her." —Heather Dawn

Price: $31.97

5. A quality horror movie to get you in the mood for Halloween (even though it's more than a month away, whatever, nbd).

Promising review: "Mike Dougherty's love letter to all things Halloween proved that the anthology film was alive and well. What we get here are four interconnected stories taking place on Halloween night in a relatively small anonymous American town. Both morbid, and morbidly funny." —JG

Price: $3.96


8. A dishwasher-safe colander with holes that rice and spaghetti won't fall through.

Promising review: "The way the water goes through the holes is truly magical. Thank you, Bellemain, for improving my life and making me truly happy. Seriously. Nice colander." —Jesse R. Schuman

Price: $16.95


12. A toaster that'll keep your bread warm without *over* toasting it.

Promising review: "Not only does it make the perfect toast slices — and I mean from crust to crumb, perfect — but you have no idea that you NEED the warmer feature until you have it. Slide in the dial to activate the 'warmer' feature and even when your toast is done, if you are side tracked or still getting your sandwich fixings or the rest of your breakfast ready, it doesn't keep toasting your toast — it just keeps it WARM. So your toast is ALWAYS perfect. That may sound simple — until you taste it. Cold toast just isn't the same, let's face it. This waits until YOU are ready for your toast. On top of that it also has a defrost setting so you can pop a slice of frozen bread in it" —Chandler

Price: $29.99


14. A glass pitcher (with a leak-proof lid) to serve juice, sangria, or even just water.

Promising review: "I have three of these now and may get a couple more. I'm ridding the kitchen of all plastic storage and these nice, sturdy glass pitchers are a great size for the fridge and the dishwasher" —Rick S.

Price: $14.99

15. Little clips to keep your cables from winding into a tangled mess.

Promising review: "These things are so handy and the have so many uses other than for electrical cables and wires. The back is adhesive and sticks most anything. There never seems to be a pen where I need it so these are perfect to place near a calendar, a phone, a desk, etc." —Carol KyHunnibee

Price: $9.99


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