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27 Beautifully Designed Products You Won’t Believe You Can Get On Amazon

"You got that on Amazon? No way!"

1. A "whisper-quiet" ceiling fan in a lovely shade of mint (with oak blades).

2. A walnut coffee table with a faux-marble top that's stain- and scratch-resistant.

3. A white two-quart saucepan with a teak handle and a lid that turns into a trivet when it's time to serve dinner.

4. A set of two retro upholstered chairs to buy after you visit 89 vintage shops without finding anything in good condition you'd like to buy.

5. An easy-to-assemble end table with slim hairpin legs.

6. A gorgeous, handcrafted wood cutting board.

7. "Unbreakable" BPA-free juice glasses that are a great option for people with kids.

8. An art deco–inspired polygon pendant lamp that looks like something you'd find at West Elm.

9. A set of sleek "gold" flatware that's actually tarnish-resistant stainless steel.

10. A stovetop espresso maker that stops filtering coffee at ~just~ the right moment (so you don't get a burnt aftertaste).

11. A miniature moss garden kit for people who can't handle plants that are more difficult to care for.

12. A keychain that'll ensure that you never forget your phone charger again.

Price: $29.99

13. Geometric vessels to hold plants, makeup, pencils, pens..... the list goes on.

Price: $40

14. A dishwasher-safe canister with a design that's inspired by 🌊 water 🌊 .

15. A bamboo bowl with serving "hands" that are so much easier to use than tongs.

16. A USB microphone that'll make you feel pretty professional the next time you Skype with your mom.

17. A minimalist, flame-retardant bin that'll keep all your cords out of sight and out of mind.

Price: $89.95

18. A porcelain "outline" vase to display a single perfect bloom.

19. A classic leather bucket bag that'll go with (practically) everything.

20. A mug that'll make your morning cup of joe look like it's floating.

21. And a rack that'll make it look like your magazines are flying.

22. Magnetic blocks that are technically for kids...but you can totally use them to make sculptures to decorate your apartment.

23. A colorful trivet that looks a *bit* like pebbles. Really cool pebbles, but pebbles.

24. An air plant–holding sculpture made out of hand-bent wood.

25. A blue stockpot with an ingenious steam-releasing lid vent.

26. A mirror that'll bring a burst of sunshine into a room (even when it's night).

27. And a geometric end table (for indoor *or* outdoor use) that comes in four different colors.

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