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37 Insanely Clever Organization Tips To Make Your Family's Lives Easier

How to control the chaos when you have a bunch of people living under one roof.

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2. Eliminate dinnertime stress and put together a menu planner.

Write your go-to dishes on sticky tabs and arrange them by type (pasta, veggies, protein, etc.). At the beginning of each week, you move the dishes you plan to prepare onto a calendar and then put together your shopping list.

Learn more about this time-saving strategy and print out the templates at Home Made by Carmona.

3. Make a list pad and hang it on an easily accessible spot in the kitchen.

Installing it right beside the fridge is ideal, so everyone (young and old) will remember to add things to the shopping list as they run out or expire.

Full tutorial at The Merry Thought.

6. Keep adult, child, and pet medications in separate containers.

You wouldn't want to mix up your dog's medication with your daughter's. Now you just need to remember to periodically weed out the expired stuff.

Learn more at Clean and Scentsible.


8. Put the cleaning supplies you use most frequently into an easily transportable toolbox.

Whenever someone decides to clean, they just have to grab the box and they're good to go.

Get more information at The Social Home.

10. Ditch the DVD boxes and organize your movies alphabetically with plastic sleeves and small tubs.

The boxes take up so much space! You'll free up so many shelves and--if you prefer--you could organize your movies by genre instead of title (holiday movies, musicals, cartoons, etc.).

Learn more at Simply Organized.

11. Store every single cord in your house in one labeled container.

"Mommmmmmm, where's my Leapfrog charger?" "Have you seen my kindle cord?"

Look to the cord box, kids. Look to the cord box.

More information at Simply Organized.


12. Use a kitchen baking sheet organizer to hold binders filled with important information.

Manuals, doctor's notes, mortgage info...everything you may need to look at; everything you don't want to risk losing.

Learn more at A Bowl Full of Lemons.

14. Put together a homework station for your son or daughter to study at.

Younger kids = you'll want to supply lots of crayons and markers. Older kids = they'll probably need things like a calculator and protractor.

Get more information at Craft-o-Maniac.


18. Use picture frames to make wipe boards that'll keep you organized *and* actually look good hanging on your wall.

Print out the free templates at The Chic Site and then add them to any 8x10 frames. Hang them in your entryway (so you'll remember what you need to do after heading out the door).

19. If you really want to be the king or queen of organization, outfit a wall with a command center.

This one (by The Caldwell Project) is particularly awesome. There's a weekly menu, a calendar, a magnetic note board, slots for mail, coupons, and take-out menus, even places to leaver your cellphone!

21. Install a peg board by the front door to organize everyone's shoes.

This way everyone's shoes won't build up into an overwhelming pile. It's an instant entryway upgrade.

Learn how to build your own at Sawdust Girl.


23. Install a sports equipment organizer to organize athletic gear.

For the athletes of the household. The chalkboard calendar is a nice touch: just update it weekly with game times and locations.

Get the full tutorial at Sincerely, Sara D.

24. Transfer board games into plastic drawers to save space.

Now you don't have to figure out the best way to stack up dozens of boxes of varying you have room to buy more games!

Find out more at Raising Lemons.

25. Label bins and keep small toys organized by type.

This way you won't end up with a muddled mess of figurines and toy trains.

Download these adorable labels (and learn how to heat transfer them to bins) at Just a Girl and Her Blog.

28. Add some "crap buckets" to your stairway to keep track of all the stray things family members leave around the house.

Even good ol' mom and dad could probably use one of these. Empty them out on a daily (or--let's be real--weekly) basis.

Get more information at ReMarkable Home.

29. Pre-pack your children's outfits into pouches on Sunday night.

This will simplify the getting ready for school in the morning process: They just have to open the bag and pull on the right outfit. Easy peasy.

Get the full pouch tutorial at The Chic Site.

32. Add bins to the floors of your children's closets to keep track of the things they no longer fit in to.

As MJ at Modern Parents Messy Kids puts it, "As my oldest discovers sweaters with sleeves too short and my youngest finds hand-me-downs that still don’t fit, they can toss them in to one of the two bins."

Click here to download the free printable tags to make bins of your own.


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