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28 Genius Backyard Camping Ideas You Need To Try This Summer

The easiest place to camp? In your own backyard.

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1. If you don't have a tent of your own, build a DIY one.

One of the (many) great things about camping in your own yard: you can always go inside if your tent falls over or it rains.

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.


7. Are you truly a mosquito magnet? Slather on some Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil.

Peggy Wang / BuzzFeed

It (miraculously) keeps away the bugs.

Click here to find a store that carries it near you.


15. Or try a s'more made with Starbursts.

Whatttttttt? Yeah, this is a thing.


25. Play a few boardgames in the lantern light.

You probably wouldn't want to bring a stack of board games if you had to hike to your camping spot, but when you only have to walk a few yards...why not!

Spot It! Gone Camping and Bears! are two options that fit with the camping theme.

26. Use a sheet to screen an outdoor movie.

You'll just need to get a video projector: here's a relatively inexpensive model with good reviews.

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