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21 Ways That 3D Printing Changed The World In 2014

Printed Nutella anyone?

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1. Shea's New Hand

A little girl asked for a hand for Christmas and the faculty and students at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee made her wish come true. Watch the story here.

2. Mink: The Makeup Printer

Have you ever wished for a lipstick that would match your favorite dress exactly? Soon that dream will be a reality with this innovative printer. Head on over to the Mink website for more info.

3. A Printer That Can Build Things From Nutella

3D printers that print plastic? Cool. 3D printers that can print things you can eat? AMAZING.

The Discov3ry is an add-on for traditional 3D printers that gives you the ability to extrude pastes. Pre-order one here.

Find more information on "Touchable Memories" by Bucaneer here.

5. General Electric's Build Your Own Jet Engine Kit

General Electric gave these away earlier in the year, but NEVER FEAR! You can still build one at home (provided you have a 3D printer). Find out how here.

6. Nervous System's Futuristic Dress

Wouldn't you love to wear this "Kinematics" dress? Yes. Yes you would. More info here.

The Open Toy Project really makes produce a lot more fun. Download the parts, print them out, and soon your own veggies will be on the move.

8. A Wall Of Dancing Dicks

This is blatantly what 3D printing technology was invented for. You're looking at 81 penises that respond to the movements of a viewer (or data - like the fluctuation of the stock market). More info here.

9. Francis Bitonti's Pixellated Shoes

The shoes "grow" in color gradients as they're printed. Bitonti has also designed a 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese (see it here).

10. 3D Printed Jello Shots

These would be fun to serve at 21st birthday parties: you could put a "21" in the middle of the shot. More info here.

11. Personalized Miniature Statues

Honey, they shrunk the kids (and you and your adult loved ones - whoever). They're called "DOOBs" and you can order your own here.

Joshua Harker's Botanica Series is gorgeous. Buy a few blooms here.

Pop on a few of these 3D printed rings and you'll be ready to perform at all times. Purchase one here.

Learn more here and follow him on Facebook here.

15. Textured Nail Jewelry by TheLaserGirls

For a manicure you won't be able to stop touching. Buy a set here.

16. Dovetailed 3D Fruit Printer

For people who live really, really far away from a farmer's market. Watch the process here.

What would you create? Soon you'll be able to pre-order your own here.

The best way to prepare for a complicated surgery? Practice. Before operating on Roland Bawi (who was only a little more than a year old at the time) his doctors practiced on a plastic version of his heart they had 3D printed. More info here.

19. 3D Print Houses

This machine in China pumped out ten houses in less than 24 hours: you took all day to make one gingerbread house! More info here.

20. Noa Raviv's 3D Printed Fashion Collection

Practical? No. Amazing? Yes. See the whole "Hard Copy" collection here.

21. The Dildo Generator

Already have a 3D printer? Great! That means you can head on over to this website and design your own dildo. Enjoy!

Already have a 3D printer? Great! That means you can head on over to this website and design your own dildo. Enjoy!

What wonders will 2015 bring?