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    45 Organization Hacks To Transform Your Craft Room

    Turn that messy studio into a masterpiece with these tips and tricks.

    1. Use magazine holders to group paper scraps by color.

    2. Wrap embroidery floss around a clothespin to keep it from getting tangled.

    3. Keep drawers in order with dividers made from cereal boxes.

    4. Paper towel holders can easily become ribbon and ric rac holders.

    5. It helped you carry your beer, now it can help you carry your tools.

    6. An air vent is the perfect size for storing stamps.

    7. You'll never have to search for a pin again if your pincushion is attached to your sewing machine.

    8. Wine rack + cups = organized pens.

    9. Tic Tac fan? Save up extra containers to use as ribbon dispensers.

    10. Put up some crown molding shelves for larger rolls of ribbon.

    11. Fabric yardage is easy to get at when you keep it in a magazine rack.

    12. Store little things in spice containers organized on a spinning rack.

    13. Pop teeny tiny items into a pillbox.

    14. An old bed spring can be repurposed as a rack to hang things on.

    15. Hang up paint tubes using binder clips.

    16. Hang paintbrushes to preserve them.

    17. Construct a simple thread organizer with some nails and a board.

    18. Magnetize a bowl to keep your pins in place.

    19. Set up some hanging paint storage using wire cubes.

    20. Have a closet in your craft room? Hang up some of your supplies.

    21. Display your ribbon collection on an old ladder.

    22. These organizers are good for so much more than just shoes.

    23. Turn a pin cushion into a pin sharpener with a bit of steel wool.

    24. Print out labels to efficiently keep track of daubers.

    25. Affix velcro to the bottom of baskets to keep them in place.

    26. Plastic sleeves = perfect for die cuts.

    27. An insanely easy trick to turn a slotted tupperware bin into a ribbon organizer.

    28. Set up an art cart and wheel your supplies wherever you need them.

    29. You can never have too many rolls of washi tape. This is an easy way to organize those rolls.

    30. Another way to arrange your washi tape (using a shutter).

    31. One more washi roll storage possibility.

    32. Make your own flat file storage using LINNMON table tops from IKEA.

    33. Keep a spoon in your glitter drawer.

    34. Get a little too glitter crazy? Clean it up with white modeling clay.

    35. Steal some drawer organizers from your kitchen.

    36. While you're grabbing things from the kitchen, why not bring a few jars along too?

    37. Turn empty paint cans into cubbies.

    38. Voila! It's no longer a wine rack, but a way to hold wrapping paper.

    39. Turn a shipping pallet into a charming and space saving desk.

    40. Pour leftover paint out of the huge can and into smaller resealable containers.

    41. File your fabric.

    42. Keep markers at attention using a ceiling lighting tile.

    43. Store acrylic paint with the bottom facing out to easily find the right color.

    44. Pair pails with a peg board for an attractive storage solution.

    45. Finally, add a chalkboard to your door to keep track of all the new supplies you'll want to buy for your freshly organized craft room.