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    25 Wonderful Birthday Cards To Send Your BFF

    Because a message sent on Facebook will never be better than one sent on paper.

    1. Say "thank you for being a friend" with this The Golden Girls themed card.

    2. Literal snail mail.

    3. A card for a cheese lover.

    4. Another "gouda" one for a cheese fan.

    5. A celestial card for a friend who's out of this world.

    6. Consider sending this card along with a yodeling telegram.

    7. Greetings from Birthday Island.

    8. A card for the friend who always lights up your day.

    9. An option for a dapper pal.

    10. Party like a zombie with some brain cake and this card.

    11. A birthday greeting sent in signal flag form.

    12. If you can't send an actual sloth, send an illustrated proxy.

    13. It's the truth.

    14. How about some shimmering birthday bottles?

    15. If metallic bottles seem like a bit much, here's another more subdued hoppy option.

    16. Or just throw on all the garnishes - THIS is a birthday-worthy drink.

    17. A festive birthday parade.

    18. For the stud muffin in your life.

    19. Nothing says " birthday party" like Funfetti cake.

    20. "Burgday" greetings.

    21. For someone who would appreciate an intensely cute croc.

    22. A birthday card straight from the gods.

    23. Hurray for making another trip around the sun.

    24. A truly rockin' choice.

    25. And here's a truly bitchin' one.

    26. This card will remind a stressed friend to enjoy the day.

    27. Here's a possibility for some belated wishes. Hey, better late than never.

    28. A beautiful birthday bouquet.

    29. A fun card with some snap.

    30. This card + a bunch of balloons = a marvelous way to say "many happy returns".

    31. Finally, a card with the most important birthday reminder of all.