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    Updated on Apr 10, 2020. Posted on Apr 10, 2020

    If You're Excited For The "Trolls World Tour" Premiere, Walmart Has A *Lot* Of Cute Merch

    I don't want to overstate this *but* we're only a few hours away from the greatest movie premiere of all time.

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    Were you heartbroken when the Trolls' credits rolled and we all had to say "Bye bye bye" to Poppy and Branch? Well the dynamic duo is back, baby! Thanks to Walmart, we can all join in on the Trolls World Tour virtual movie premiere *tonight* from the comfort of our couches.


    To join in, follow Walmart's Twitter for the red carpet preshow at 5:30 pm ET and start the movie at 6 pm ET with all of Trolls' biggest fans!

    *BTW* when you rent the movie on Vudu with a purchase of a Hasbro Trolls toy, you get a $10 Walmart gift card. Just start a bundle and bring on the joy. YOU CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!

    Here are some super fun Trolls World Tour merch finds I, a proud fan, must own:

    1. A set of six hair huggers you'll love so much they'll be wrapped around your little finger as easily as they wrap around...just about everything else.


    Price: $7.40

    2. A pair of Tiny Diamond shades sure to help you get a ~crystal~ clear view no matter how bright the stadium lights shine down on you during your own (in house) concerts.


    Price: $6.97

    3. A pack of four rubber bracelets — an accessory you can show off if you love sparkles, sprinkles, songs, cupcakes, glitter, happiness, get where I'm going with this, right?


    Price: $3.98

    4. A tiny coronation pod for kiddos who would have a ~royal~ time playing with Poppy and Branch.


    This includes a Poppy and Branch figurine, two removable dresses, and 11 accessories.

    Price: $29.03

    5. A collectable Barb figurine that's sure to make your kids say, "Rock on!"


    *Wipes tear* all a parent could ever wish for.

    Price: $4.97

    6. A sheet of 24 temporary tattoos so you can show off your eternal and undying love of these fun flicks...temporarily.


    Price: $3.40

    7. A pack of eight photo booth props that are the ~picture~ perfect way to upgrade your everyday selfies.


    Price: $3.48

    8. A game of Monopoly junior for people who aren't playing around with their Trolls fandom.


    Price: $14.88

    9. A plush Harper doll who can add a little color to your dreary, isolated days. She's a patient pro who *loves* watching paint dry.


    Price: $14.99

    10. And a Poppy piñata that'll help you properly celebrate the most sugar-filled, sing-songy, perky, neon-chic movies ever made.


    Price: $18.88

    So whether you're a longtime fan or just watching Trolls World Tour for that good good McElroy brothers cameo, it's time to party so hard we make Poppy proud! Join in on the Trolls World Tour movie premiere tonight at 6:30 pm ET!


    Justin Timberlake is fine, but I'm just coming along to hear America's sexy songbird, Justin McElroy let the beat drop.

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