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    53 Useful Products That Are Downright Delightful

    Cowboy hats for straws exist, and they are about to become a life necessity.

    1. A set of cowboy straw toppers, because there ain't no sharin' drinks around these parts. Prevent other cowpokes from sippin' your whisky (re: water bottle) and keep it fresh and germ-free with one of these useful caps.

    brown cowboy hat straw topper on a Stanley cup
    Cowboy hat straw toppers in white, pink, brown, and black

    Promising review: "So SO CUUUTE! 10/10!! Good product and keeps my straw from getting bugs or germs on it! Plus, it’s really cute." —JennA

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $6.99

    2. cloud squiggle tray for keeping your *treasured* odds and ends somewhere eye-catching and easy to reach. 

    reviewer's cloud dish with skincare products on it
    reviewer's cloud tray with  jewelry, lipgloss, and perfumes on it

    Promising review: "I LOVE this! I needed a cute new trinket dish and wanted something aesthetic. It’s a lot bigger than I thought which I totally love because I can fit more jewelry on it! Very sturdy and heavy too — doesn’t feel or look cheap." —Tori

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99 (available in two colors).

    3. A pair of toast tongs to make sure you don't burn even a little rabbit of your fingies when your toast pops up from the toaster — no matter how impatient you are when it's breakfast time. 

    Promising review: "These are the cutest toast tongs! They are nicely crafted and the long-eared bunny design is adorable. Perfect tongs for my toaster and waffle iron. It stands by itself as a little, functional piece of art, and won't get lost in the utensil drawer like my old boring tongs. The packaging is also nice and makes this really giftable, so I'll be ordering more as gifts for sure." —Tuzi

    Get it from Amazon for $13.50.

    4. A cheese keeper to keep your favorite cheeses, both hard and soft, alive longer by allowing them to breathe. In the words of her highness, Veruca Salt, "Give it to me NOW!"

    A yellow rectangular box that looks like cheese with two blocks of cheese in it

    Cheese is MY bar of chocolate.

    Promising review: "Oh wow! I followed the directions and put that moist paper towel in with my cheese, on the bottom and put some unwrapped and cut Jarlsberg wedge in it. I left for vacation and two weeks later came back, and it was still fresh and moist and not moldy! Huzzah! I'm MIGHTY impressed with this simple gadget. I hate food waste and this is super helpful!" —Awesome Taste

    Get it from Amazon for $12.

    5. A lightweight quilted laptop sleeve made with a waterproof nylon exterior and lined with fleece for easily traveling with your laptop — scratch-free. 

    a beige quilted laptop case with a laptop poking out of it
    reviewer putting a laptop in the case and holding it on their way out

    Promising review: "Going on a big trip soon and I bought this for travel. I am super obsessed with the quality and how light/soft it is. It's the perfect size for my laptop and acts as a cushion for other things in my backpack. It can be slightly tricky to open, I just slide one finger in and then expand my hand to open it but it has a magnetic-like closure. Love the color too, it's simple." —mandella cesena

    Get it from Amazon for $30.99+ (available in two sizes and eight colors). 

    6. "Shower Cat" that'll be a hit with folks who spend half their time in the shower making hair art on the walls, which inevitably ends up clogging the drain. TMI? This makes catching your hair *much* easier and gives it a proper place while you finish sudsing up. 

    A small bristled silicone attachment on a wall with white cat-like ears
    Reviewer using the device to put hair in and pull it out

    Shower Cat is a small business established in 2021 specializing in products to prevent shower clogs. 

    Promising review: "I first saw this product on TikTok and I knew immediately that I needed it. I just moved into a new apartment and I didn’t want to be how I used to be, where I’d just let hair go down the drain and plug it eventually, or peel it off of the drain after each shower. It works great but I probably need some practice with it. I currently just floss my hair through it so it will hold them and there are a few stray hairs that don’t stick. I would recommend to anyone who is tired of putting your loose strands of hair on the shower wall." —Cari Schwartzkopf

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95

    7. Horizontal Parenting, a laugh-out-loud funny (and surprisingly clever!) book for parents who would happily do ANYTHING if they could lie down for just a minute. Grab this book, draw some roads on one of your old shirts, hand your kid a toy car, and let them play "Back Street" while you fall sound asleep.

    cover of book

    Promising review: "My kid loves this, and so do I! The games are good and are wonderful for days when you are low energy. It's a must-have." —Miai G.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.32.

    8. A rose-shaped ice mold you can use to add an elegant design to everyday drinks. Imagine a tub of these keeping drinks cool during a shower or wedding. Picture. Perfect. 

    A red colored ice rose in a cocktail
    Four ice roses in the mold in various dyed colors

    Psst — you can use these to freeze iced coffee or juice to add to your morning iced coffee or cocktails to cool them without watering them down! 

    Promising review: "I was at a restaurant and they put one of these roses in my cocktail. I knew right then I had to make these at home and ordered these while at the restaurant. These are easy to fill and have rubber snaps that lock them tight. They come right out and you can even take just one out and leave the others for the next time. These are a hit at all of my dinner parties too! I have already ordered more as my friends all want these in their drinks!" —Siri US

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $7.99 (available in two colors).

    9. A pair of LED collars you can toss on your dog, giving you some peace of mind while walking around at night. This thing is especially useful if you play fetch with your dog when it's dark or if they love running around your large yard at night. 

    Small dog with a luminous collar stands on a speckled surface, looking at the camera
    Dog wearing a glowing collar at night, demonstrating a pet safety accessory

    Promising review: "I live rural and we have occasional coyotes and some pretty big owls. Bella is not a big dog and I have to see her when she’s out in my fenced yard. It’s a big yard and I can see her very well with this. I only put it on her at night, sometimes she won’t even go out without it on. You can cut it so it slips over a dog’s head and it’s very convenient. They charge fast and they last a long time. I recommend them. I find that the green is the brightest." —Nancy636

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in two sizes).

    10. cloud light that'll turn any regular room into a rave-worthy wonderland. Or a soothing sanctuary — you do you. 

    A reviewer's room with the blue and purple lit up cloud floating above their bed
    reviewer's cloud-shaped light changing colors

    Be sure to download the app so you can try out all the color combinations! And to sync to your phone, simply connect the two via Bluetooth

    Promising review: "My child has been asking for a cloudscape on her wall/celling for some time now and after I saw this product in the reviews I took a risk and bought two of them. I was shocked at how many accessories for hanging these up and securing the cords to the ceiling and wall came with the product. And the options for different type of hanging and adhesion were plentiful. I was able to hang the clouds up in probably a total of 10 minutes. After fluffing the clouds a bit and letting my daughter pick the exact right spot we were so happy with the result! The brightness, color options, pattern options, etc were endless. My daughter enjoys having the app on her phone because it makes it fun to create the mood she is looking for, depending one the occasion (she also likes to mess with me by making them blink or change when she’s not in the room and I am in there picking up laundry or what have you). She also enjoys having the timer feature so that she can go to sleep with it on. Overall, I’m very impressed and highly recommend this product!" —JHay

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in multipacks).

    11. A set of french fry clips to keep opened snacks fresh. This includes a magnetic holder to avoid stashing chip clips in a cluttered junk drawer. Funny, functional, AND organized?! These things are delicious. 

    Promising review: "These are very cute and I love the magnet holder to stick on my fridge so they are easily accessible. Not sure about the durability, haven't used very long." —Save the Bees

    Get a set of 12 clips from Amazon for $14.90

    12. And a set of Goldfish fridge magnets for cool folks who love covering their refrigerator with pictures and drawings (and crackers) and LIFE! The fridge is *primo* real estate for that stuff. Personally, I find it fishy when people chose to leave it bare. Where are they putting their kid's A+ spelling test? The garage?!

    A bag of magnets shaped like goldfish crackers
    The crackers holding up photos of a dog on a fridge
    Handy Cute Art/Etsy

    Handy Cute Art is a Florida-based Etsy shop that specializes in quirky home products. 

    Promising review: "These are the cutest ever! My daughter ate these guys [a lot] growing up. Great reminder gift of her fave snack food!" —