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    28 Unique Gifts To Put On Your Wedding Registry

    Feigning excitement over getting a dozen cookie sheets is more exhausting than planning a wedding, so we've taken care of the registry for you. Consider adding things like the Nintendo Switch, a ClassPass subscription, a custom papercut portrait, or a creme brûlée kit, because having a registry may be a tradition, but traditional products don't have to be on your registry.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Amazon has a wedding registry section which allows you to add items from *any* website, giving your guests one easy place to see everything you're looking for.

    But what to add? Check out some of our favorite (and unique!) ideas below.

    1. A custom digital print or paper cutout that'll forever show what characters you two are when you're together.

    2. A honeymoon fund, because you both know new experiences together can be far more valuable than replacing your worn-out oven mitt.

    3. A coupla cacti or planter set to give your new life together a little more... life.

    4. A personalized monogrammed mug with all the initials you two will be taking on in your union.

    5. A set of KitchenAid attachments, like a food grinder and a spiralizer that'll let you increase the tools in your shared kitchen without taking up any valuable counter space.

    6. A printer, because you won't think you need one until after you realize the show you have planned for your anniversary requires printed tickets (and believe me, that'll happen more than once).

    7. A Game of Thrones box set, because you both want to watch it but HBO does not want you to download it.

    8. A sleek space heater so you can stay toasty even though your S.O. prefers the thermostat be set to "arctic."

    9. A cupcake decorating kit to make date nights even more sweet after you say, "I do."

    10. And a ClassPass membership, because your cupcake kit might be too much of a hit at your house, and exercising together can burn off twice the calories! (Sort of.)

    11. A cotton rib knit or marbled basket weave throw blanket for some serious marital snugglin'.

    12. A customized map candle of where you first met, or a Homesick candle with the scent from the state where you fell in love — they'll keep the flame alive far after the honeymoon is over (or at least for around a 20+ hour burning time).

    13. A donation to a charity of your choice, like Doctors Without Borders (so you can help a family in need while your family grows).

    14. A set of luggage for wherever the next adventure in your relationship takes you.

    15. A humidifier that'll help you both breathe easy ~in sickness and in health~.

    16. A board game for enjoying a night at home with some healthy competition.

    17. A holiday pillow or assorted decorations to keep things festive even after the reception is over.

    18. A coffee table book on the hidden wonders of the world that'll make you wonder why they haven't always been on your bucket list (or at least on your bookshelf).

    19. A special something for the cat and dog, because part of the reason you're marrying your fiancé is so you'll get their Pomeranian to have and to hold until death do you part.

    20. A set of lovely dish towels you actually want to see in your kitchen.

    21. A rustic decorative platter that'll be a gorgeous centerpiece on your dining room table for two.

    22. A tool kit may be a more practical gift, but your home is gonna need it and your extremely practical in-laws will be thrilled to get it for you.

    23. A creme brûlée torch and a set of six ramekins for making desserts that are way more fun than ones of the cookie sheet variety.

    24. An intro to a new meal plan to get you into the groove of cooking for two.

    25. A tufted sofa so you can binge-watch Empire on a love seat so good looking even Cookie would approve.

    26. A form of personalized jewelry, like this necklace and this ring, that'll be a constant reminder of your love of each other, and your mutual love of rose gold.

    27. A few months on Movie Pass to help your post-marriage date nights stay as quirky and cute as they were three years ago (because you fell in love with them when you realized you both laughed at all the same parts).

    28. A Nintendo Switch with a controller that breaks in two like a BFF necklace, so you and your lifelong BFF can play Mario Odyssey together forever.

    Now go and celebrate your future union (and your perfect registry) by smoochin' your boo!

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