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    27 Tote Bags To Buy If You Don't Believe In Bumper Stickers

    Grab these if you want to get your point across without putting that point across your bumper.

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    1. A Grand Canyon canvas bag so you can show off your road trip travels even when you aren't in your car.

    2. A Friends or Stranger Things "What Do I Have In My Bag?" totes for die-hard fans who want everyone to know how they'll be spending their Saturday night. Hint: it involves coffee, waffles, and friendship.

    3. A quote tote so you can personally sport an accessory with wise words from the Goddess Obama herself. You'd also happily put this on your car, but then you couldn't carry it around all the time.

    4. A foodie tote made *of* recycled materials and made *for* anyone who knows what it takes to have true love and strong friendships.

    5. A Harry Potter bag that'll help carry your Quidditch essentials. Honestly, this bag is a real ~keeper~.

    6. A "Strength in Sisterhood" choice so you can show off your voice even when you aren't driving to your favorite feminist seminars.

    7. A lyrical piece that'll properly represent your love of Snow Patrol *and* opossums — life's perfect combination.

    8. A library tote sure to delight avid readers and writers who need a special place to store their materials, instead of the black hole that is their back seat.

    9. A sassy canvas bag for pet parents who tell it like it is.

    10. A dreadfully darling unicorn number that'll hold all the things you need at your next PTA meeting and prove you don't have to say a single thing to still be a perfectly uni-corny parent.

    11. A slouchy piece for people who wear their heart on their sleeve and their emotions on their shoulder, but refuse to have their sedan show off their secrets.

    12. A cutie grocery tote sure to ~produce~ some smiles from the veggie aisle and let you show your love of eco-friendly habits way past the parking lot.

    13. A witchy number for the sorcerer in your life who could cast a spell in a matter of minutes but can't parallel park to save their life.

    14. A rainbow tote you're gonna love is love is love.

    15. A Schrute Farms book bag — a bag that'll ~beet~ all the rest if you love The Office as much as you should.

    16. A comfy number that just might be so funny you could actually get away with sneaking snacks into the movie theater for once.

    17. A lightweight 100% cotton tote that's gonna be a bee-autiful choice if you wanna show your honeybee love but the thought of a bumper sticker ~bugs~ you.

    18. An eco-conscious bag that says "Saving our planet one bag at at time" you can use whenever you want to pack a quick picnic, jump on your bike, and appreciate some nature without leaving a hefty footprint.

    19. A graphic tote that'll teach everyone you walk by an important fact of life.

    20. A cotton canvas one for Adelle fans who wanna get the whole grocery store singin'!

    21. A cat-friendly tote you're gonna chose ~overall~ your other bag options every darn day.

    22. A knitting bag that'll show off your strength, courage, and crafting skills every time you drop by the yarn shop.

    23. A punny piece you're gonna have to use your ~noodle~ to figure out — it's hilarious, but probably not something you'd want to be asking for on the freeway.

    24. A novelty number for people who love their topsy turvy life, but would not like a topsy turvy car ride.

    25. A book cover tote so you can carry around memories of your favorite bedtime story wherever you go.

    26. A large canvas beach bag that'll hold every single thing you need to savor the last blissful moments of your hot girl summer.

    27. And a personalized pop art piece you deserve to have and to hold when your partner tells you there's not enough space on all the bumpers in the world to show off your DIY love.

    Am I tempted to buy every single one of these?

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