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    36 Things You Didn't Know You've Been Dreaming Of

    A faux palm tree, hair-minimizing body butter, Flamin' Hot Cheetos dress, and 33 other products sweet dreams are made of.

    1. A cat backpack that'll ~clearly~ be the best way to transport your best friend. It has a comfy (removable and washable) mat and plenty of air holes, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

    2. A pair of rubber slides you can slide on whenever laces sound like far too much work. These are so *redacted* comfortable I promise you'd sell your soul for these slip-ons. I already have.

    3. A pack of rainbow fire packets that'll turn your typical camping trip into the magical rainbow unicorn vacation your seven-year-old has been begging for from the moment you started packing.

    4. A satisfyingly realistic faux palm tree for plant lovers who are also plant murderers.

    5. An essential oil diffuser for your car so you can turn on some Enya, take a deep breath, and enjoy a relaxing aroma when the traffic is ~driving~ you wild.

    6. A HitchSwitch package that'll send everything you need through the mail (even postage!) and give you step-by-step instructions on changing your name, if that's something you'd like to do after you get married.

    7. A hair-minimizing body butter that's designed to slow down your hair growth process while deeply moisturizing your skin, making shaving a thing of the (slightly longer ago) past — at least for a little while.

    8. A portable charger / beautiful bracelet hybrid, because this is 2019 and if we still don't have flying cars, we darn-well deserve some multi-tasking accessories.

    9. Or a little crossbody with a portable charging wallet that's so clever and cute people will think it's designer. And they'll continue thinking that, as long as you keep your lips ~pursed~.

    10. An erupting volcano microwave cleaner to give your mom in honor of the massive mess you made when you picked a volcano for the science fair. This uses steam to break up cooked-on food that you'll easily be able to wipe away after one use.

    11. A downright peachy print for optimists who know the best way to brighten a day is with some darling home decor.

    12. An automatic curling iron that'll make styling your hair so easy, you'll never again have to ~twist~ your arm (literally or figuratively) when you wanna look a li'l fancy.

    13. A pack of compostable garbage bags so you can collect food scraps, coffee grounds, and other natural waste in a responsible way. Then feel free to ~trash talk~ your friends about compost any day. It's important!

    14. And a countertop compost bin that'll let you make environmentally-friendly strides from the comfort of your fourth floor walk-up.

    15. A Burt's Bees after-sun lotion sure to soothe your burning skin so well, you're gonna have a burning passion for this stuff after you're done.

    16. A resealable container of moisturizing sheet masks formulated to tone your skin in three minutes. Fast acting skincare is the best way to put a little pep in your prep!

    17. Or a snail jelly face mask that uses actual snail secretion filtrates to help repair your skin and ~emphasize its natural radiance~ — this'll feel luxurious no matter how sluggish you're feeling before you use it.

    18. A crepe maker so you can enjoy a bougie brunch without spending a bundle.

    19. An eyebrow pen that's gonna enhance your perfect makeup game, no doubt abrowt it.

    20. An electric knife set that glides across bread and meat with ease, so you can ~cut it out~ with the imperfectly cut roast beast.

    21. A pack of velvet hair pins sure to hold your hair together and keep it from snagging on your luscious locks.

    22. A pair of reusable silicone scrubbing gloves — a multitasking cleaning tool that'll move you into adulthood in an instant.

    23. A clever candle with fill-in-the-blank responses for when you wanna give your mom something special but simply can't find the right words on your own.

    24. A SodaStream that'll help you kick your soda habit and keep you hydrated all day long. Honestly, a healthy treat this easy to make will increase your already ~bubbly~ personality.

    25. A Twist Whisk you can turn into a ballon or flat whisk with the twist of your wrist. Say that five times fast and you get one for free.

    26. A gold waterfall faucet that'll turn your dreary bathroom sink into the chicest spot in your home; encouraging you to wash your hands longer, brush your teeth better, and probably even start flossing (as long as it means you get to look at this longer).

    27. A Flamin' Hot Cheetos dress, I repeat, a FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS DRESS for anyone and everyone who knows they deserve to look like a snack.

    28. A pack of three cucumber mint cocktail mixers that are zero-calories, gluten-free, and sugar-free — this is definitely gonna be a mixer worth drinking to. A lot and often.

    29. A USB powered LED light strip to bring just a touch of ambient lighting to your TV watching world. The Bachelorette never looked so good.

    30. A neon vinyl Doodle Bag, because cleaning up after your dog is a chore we all like to pretend doesn't exist. At least with these, the process looks a little less ~crappy~.

    31. A compact yet powerful Bose soundbar that'll guarantee you hear every sip and cold-eyed-stare when Meryl shows up and the cocktail parties in Big Little Lies get grim.

    32. A pack of five silk scrunchies so you can pull your hair up, and then down, and then up when the weather is hot but your hair is looking fiiiine. Use this, and you can do that all day without getting a crease.

    33. A Water Jet shower attachment that'll bring a tear to every multi-tasking eye. Singing in the shower is about to get far more efficient.

    34. A pair of retro roller skates so you can start a new (old) hobby.

    35. A klutz-proof travel mug equipped with smart grip technology for those among us who drop their mugs so much that they actually *do* deserve to cry over spilled milk.

    36. And finally, a Starcourt Mall shirt to show your Hawkins pride.

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