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    60 Things You Can Get On Amazon That You Should Just Own Already

    Oops, I just threw my paycheck in Amazon's face.

    1. An Instant Pot to completely redefine your cooking abilities. Grab this thing and cook entire meals with a literal push of a button. The future is now, people!

    Instant Pot making macaroni and cheese

    2. A carbonated bubble clay mask that reviewers swear by for exfoliating their skin and banishing blackheads. The selfie potential of this face mask is just a major bonus.

    A set of nine reviewer selfies in the mask, showing how it goes from flat to super bubbly and fun

    3. A pack of 10 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers sure to finally scrub away the dirt and grime that's been giving you a hard time.

    Image of the box of Magic Erasers

    4. A pack of pimple patches – they're gonna save your skin when you're so sick of your whiteheads you think you might pop.

    5. A clever storage cube so you can keep 96 pens, pencils, markers, brushes, or whatever tiny tools you currently have lying around upright and organized.

    6. A set of darling measuring spoons for the cat-loving bakers of the world. Serotonin: loading.

    Cat measuring spoons

    7. A seat filler, because you've had too many disasters strike at the need something that's sure to save future french fries from certain doom.

    Packaging beside the gap filler between seat and cup holders in car

    8. A pack of 1,200 earring backs that'll always have your back, ya hear?

    9. An elevated stainless steel baking and cooling rack for anyone who wants to take their cooking skills to the next level.

    Vegetables being pulled out of the oven. They are on top of the cooling rack, on a backing sheet

    10. A reusable silicone food bag with an air-tight seal you can use to replace all the plastic bags in your place – store leftovers, heat up food in the microwave, or simply to store your snacks in.

    Sandwich being prepped with another inside storage bag. A smaller one holds apple slices.

    11. A pair of computer glasses with a lens that'll keep your eyes from aching when you're staring at screens all day. If you work at a desk, it's time to put on a pair of these pretties.

    12. A LilyAna Naturals eye cream that's made of all-natural, vegan ingredients and touts 11,000+ 5-star reviews to prove it delivers ~results~ around the windows to your soul.

    13. A cast-iron skillet to make it look like you have a ton of skill(et)s in the kitchen. And make your food taste *chef's kiss* delicious.

    Skillet with cooked vegetables inside

    14. A toilet paper holder that doubles as a game of tic-tac-toe and a handy dandy way to store toilet paper.

    The tic-tac-toe-toiler paper holder displayed

    15. A bag of organic Death Wish coffee for anyone who truly believes in the phrase "death before decaf".

    Bag of coffee beans with skull logo

    16. A hideaway plunger that'll help you hide the grossest part of necessary bathroom tools and pretend it doesn't exist, until you really need it.

    the hideaway plunger in a bathroom

    17. An electric kettle so you can put the kettle to the metal and heat yourself up a strong cup of chamomile before your 9 pm bedtime. I support this. A lot.

    18. A foot cream that's sure to save your skin when dryness, smelliness, or sweatiness has you feeling de-feet-ed.

    Reviewer's foot after using the product from first day to fourth week. The heels is dark and cracked at first and then totally smooth by week four.

    19. A knife sharpener so you, and your cutlery, can be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    20. A fabric defuzzer sure to clean up sweaters, sofas, and other aging fabrics that have been a real ~pill~ lately.

    Reviewer's sofa with pulls and scratches cut smooth after use

    21. A Coca-Cola retro mini fridge pretty much guaranteed to have everyone asking where they can get the same one and if they can have a nice cold can of Coke!

    22. A quilted chenille floor pillow so you can fill your apartment with fancy and functional pieces when your heart wants more furniture and your apartment wants you to move all your junk out.

    Four plush sitting pillows stacked on each other

    23. A mildew-resistant shower curtain liner so you can clean your body in a place that's actually clean.

    Clear shower curtain

    24. And an overflow cap to help you soak in a bath that's filled to the brim.

    Plastic cover over drain stopper

    25. A floral water fountain with three pressure settings and an adorable design sure to convince your particularly persnickety pet their water is, in fact, fresh as a daisy.

    26. A lightweight trashcan with a small side handle that accentuates its good looks – this stunning receptacle is here to show the world your trash doesn't have to look like garbage.

    Mint trash can with wooden handle

    27. A MoMA lattice table cloth that's gonna look lovely, even when you're only using it to save the kitchen table from your kid's magic marker phase.

    Gray tablecloth with grid pattern and tassels

    28. A pack of dander-reducing wipes that'll help your pet have a clean coat without any bath time drama.

    29. A car headrest pillow to save your neck from the awkward nap angles you usually end up in during long road trips. Don't let neck pain put a kink in your future travel plans!

    30. A jade roller and gua sha set boasting some pretty impressive before-and-after photos from reviewers who say these magic little tools should probably cost $1,000.

    31. A moisture meter you can place deep down into the soil to know exactly how much water your plant is getting. Under- and overwatering is a thing of the past, people!

    32. An AeroGarden if you want to start growing but only have some counter space to spare.

    AeroGarden filled with full grown herbs

    33. A cervical neck "pillow" that'll provide ergonomic support, align your spine, and give you a much-needed vertebrae massage simply by lying down.

    Model using the neck pillow

    34. A vibrating posture corrector to remind you to lift yourself back up whenever you start slouching, easing tension in your shoulders and helping to prevent poor posture from becoming permanent (and thus, permanently painful).

    35. A set of cart trolley bags for earth-friendly folks who would like an efficient, plastic-free, shopping experience.

    36. A marble patterned essential oil diffuser to create a calm atmosphere that really ~rocks~ before you fall asleep.

    Marble design round diffuser

    37. The Foreo Luna Mini 2, a sonic facial tool you can use to cleanse your skin of 99.5% of oil and dirt at the end of the day. The skincare Gods have spoken and they said you need to get this bad boy.

    38. A collapsible popcorn popper for movie enthusiasts who love popcorn, but would also love an alternative to wasteful microwave bags.

    Silicone popcorn cooker coming out of microwave

    39. A pair of memory foam slippers to upgrade your comfort-chic wardrobe.

    Slide-on slippers with fuzzy interior and thick sole suitable for outdoor use

    40. Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, a coffee table book you can read when you need an enthralling story about mythical Gods.

    The cover of the book

    41. A cold brew maker for us lightweights who can only handle shots of the espresso variety.

    A set of three images showing coffee being placed into the maker, the maker soaking the coffee, and the coffee being poured