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    31 Things From Wayfair That Reviewers Truly Love

    A reversible quilt set, stoneware planter, Kelly Clarkson chandelier, and 28 other products from Wayfair reviewers truly love.

    1. A right facing leather sectional with a classic L-frame that'll look surprisingly sophisticated for a piece of furniture that's inspired by a Tetris block.

    Mid century modern sofa in tan leather with two round arm rest pillows. Sits three with sectional.

    2. A faux fiddle-leaf fig tree for folks who fawn over fronds.

    Tall leafy tree with around six upright branches breaking off into dozens of full, large leaves

    3. A colorful Novogratz end table with a locker-like vibe that's sure to be the perfect spot to place your Crystal Pepsi during your Saved by the Bell marathon weekends.

    4. A farmhouse serving tray with a rustic touch you ~wood~ not wanna miss out on having in your own humble home!

    Rough wooden tray with large rope handles

    5. A mountable bookcase so you can show off all your favorite books without taking up any precious floor space. What a ~novel~ idea!

    White metal bookcase with four natural wood shelves

    6. A 12-piece melamine dinnerware set with a bright style that'll prevent any meal from feeling bland.

    Mexican blue tile patterned dishes

    7. A microfiber reversible quilt set sure to have you sleeping snug as a bug in a rug. Or rather, a cozy woven quilt.

    Thick gray ruffled blanket with matching pillows

    8. A three-piece basket set to spruce up any unorganized space by hiding odds and ends and giving everything a designated place.

    Three nesting baskets with handles made of tan corded fabric

    9. A triangle desk organizer that's sure to be ~acute~ way to keep your home office organized.

    White desk organizer with plastic cell phone sleeve and four storage spaces

    10. A Kelly Clarkson Home tiered chandelier so heckin' lovely you'll be singing "My Life Would Suck Without You" every time you pass it on your way down the hall.

    Round crystal chandelier with six nesting levels of teardrop crystals

    11. A bookcase with a perfect balance of gaudy minimalism for complementing your growing vintage figurine collection.

    Gold colored metal frame with five glass top shelves and canopy top

    12. A Henri Matisse canvas print so well-made your friends are gonna find it fishy and start wonderin' how you got your hands on such a famous painting.

    The Goldfish, 1912 on large canvas print

    13. A Novogratz convertible crib (at 59% off!) that'll grow with your kiddo from infancy to toddlerhood – at a price that'll grow on you instantly.

    White crib with two storage drawers beneath it, accented with gold knobs

    14. A stoneware hanging planter – any plant parent is sure to think this stone planter ~rocks~.

    Two toned stone planter painted in white and accented in gold. Tapers to a point at bottom and hung with rope.

    15. A mini kitchen cart that's gonna give you some extra counter space in your closet-sized kitchen.

    White and natural wood top cart with wheels on one side, two shelves, countertop, and a towel rack

    16. Or a large scale kitchen cart so you can divide your kitchen from your living room when you realize your open layout needs a smidgen of division.

    Long three shelf kitchen island with wheels and included wire baskets

    17. A copper cup rain chain – a charming way to upgrade your place by replacing your gloomy rain gutters with something extra special.

    18. A four piece print set that'll add some sunny color to your room and give your bare walls something to brag about.

    Each print with a different cactus against a solid background in different colors

    19. A corner bookcase for maximizing minimal floorspace when your crowded plant family is tired of sharing the same shelf.

    Five shelf triangular bookcase in black and natural wood

    20. A wire organizer you can mount on your bathroom wall, helping spread out your products and reducing the clutter on your sink.

    Mounted wire shelf with two open cubbies and one long shelf top

    21. And a set of three glass and cork storage jars to finish off the snazzy look with your bath and skincare favorites. They even have spoons attached, so bring on the bath salts!

    Three glass jars with cork tops and small spoons that fit in a glass attachment on the top of the jar

    22. A Novogratz reversible sectional that'll look luxe in your living room, at a price your wallet will fall in love with.

    Mid century modern L-shaped sofa

    23. A vintage style decorative truck for some storage in plain site, so you won't have to send your board game collection packing.

    Vintage style trunk with gold buckles and faded graphics

    24. A hoop planter you're sure to want around forever.

    Black metal pot around a circular metal frame

    25. A pill shape mirror, because elegant, contemporary statement pieces are just what the doctor ordered.

    Black mirror in contemporary style

    26. A desk hammock so your cell phone can still ~hang out~ nearby, even while you work.

    Metal wire frame with hanging three fabric pockets

    27. A Dash compact air fryer because if TikTok has taught us anything, it's that our lives are never gonna be complete without air fried carrot bacon. Who. Would. Have. Thought.

    Dash air fryer

    28. An upholstered panel headboard that's equal parts soft, supportive, and Not to gossip but, judging by its reviews, sounds like you'll love sleeping with it.

    29. A solid wood side chair with a simplicity that's brilliantly bold. The only problem? You won't know if you wanna sit on it or stare at it.

    Ira side chair

    30. A minimalist TV console so chic you may find yourself watching this more than watching the TV that sits on it.

    Long white stand with an asymmetrical glass shelf and wood center shelf

    31. And a Novogratz plant stand that'll lift your plant babies up, literally.

    Three tiered black plant stand with connected, rounded wire legs

    When I realize I need all of this and try to remember if I learned any *creative accounting* in school:

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