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    24 Things To Upgrade Your Home Office In Honor Of Back-To-School Season

    Turn your home office into the desk you dreamed of but that Mrs. Hatch never let you put in her classroom.

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    1. An adjustable standing desk for anyone who never dared raise their hand in class but will happily take a stand now that they're getting paid for it.

    2. A hanging wall file that's sure to keep you even more organized than your AP art teacher did, no matter how often your creative mind still seems to be bouncing off the walls.

    3. An aluminum laptop stand that'll be an A+ way to lift your computer *and* the look of your home office.

    4. A Dyson table fan that's sure to help keep you cool when you feel the pressure of a deadline blowing in.

    5. A framed chalkboard that'll give your office some darling dorm room vibes while making taking notes, saving dates, or writing inspirational messages easy as ever.

    6. A brown leather desk chair – a serious step up from the plastic chairs that were at your university, so you can live the life of luxury even when you have to work for a living.

    7. Or a tufted one that's gonna give your space a soft touch when you're working through hard deadlines.

    8. An all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier for making your studio apartment far more efficient than the FedEx near campus you basically lived in Junior year.

    9. A bunny lamp that'll brighten your day when you're on the ~tail~ end of a project and need some silly inspiration.

    10. A customized embosser to make your office library personalized and particularly im-press-ive when you finally get to own books you won't sell back at the end of the semester.

    11. And a contemporary bookcase so you can display your favorite novels while writing your own.

    12. Or an abstract bookcase if you don't have a ton of books, but still wanna work in a creative space with a striking style.

    13. A paper shredder that'll help dispose of paid bills, old credit cards, even CDs. Because it's finally time to clean out your car and tell your high school sweetheart's mixes "bye bye bye."

    14. A marble step trash can so that even the bad ideas that *do* come from your brainstorms can end up somewhere beautiful.

    15. A Baron Fig rollerball pen for making your sketches and designs as silky smooth as the excuses you came up with after missing class for a week.

    16. A lovely filing cabinet that'll give you control over stunning storage after years of seeing industrial lockers everywhere you looked.

    17. A sitting ball so you can get on a roll with all the projects heading your way without destroying your posture, something the public school system didn't seem to consider.

    18. A fancy paper weight — a useful desk accessory that's gonna be a true gem to have on hand.

    19. A hand-crafted ceramic essential oil diffuser so you can cover up the smell of your coworker/roommate (who just happens to be a bulldog) and breathe easy when your landlord comes over and says, "That's a dog...gone beautiful diffuser you have there!"

    20. An Eiffel tower blade letter opener — a clever piece of desk decor that's sure to be worth writing home about... which is something you must be doing if you feel the need to own a letter opener.

    21. A faux cowhide rug for cowpokes who went to school in Montana and end up stuck in the city after graduation. Thanks a lot, advertising major.

    22. A Kodak photo printer that'll give you professional-quality prints right at home, from your phone. Your sorority sisters may live on the other side of the country now, but that doesn't mean you can't still see their smiling faces every day!

    23. A geometric grid panel to keep the photos, notes, and trinkets that accumulate in your office in a stunning spot you're gonna want to ~hang~ onto forever.

    24. And finally, a dolphin throw blanket you can leave on your desk when you need a little friend *and* wrap around yourself when you want to cozy up and appreciate the moments when life after school is going swimmingly.

    When you realize the place where you work needs some... work:

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