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    36 Things That'll Do Jobs You Probably Didn't Know Needed To Be Done

    A gel foot bath, cell phone jail, toilet target light, and 33 other products that'll solve everyday (and not so everyday) problems.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A toilet target light with a motion sensor and clear projection that'll make potty training a bright spot in your child's life.

    2. A leather milk conditioner so the ancient ottoman in your living room can still look vintage without also looking like it belongs in the dumpster out back.

    3. A multi-function cutting board with a raised side to catch loose juices/food and a grippy side with large grooves to hold meat in place while you carve.

    4. A portable animal fan that also lights up — it'll be super useful on movie nights in the park when you need a little air and a little light to find all the chocolate pieces in your homemade granola.

    5. An inflatable foot spa with enough fixin's included for a gel pedicure — a rather unique treatment for anyone who is ready to ~gel~ with a surprising (and refreshing!) home spa treatment.

    6. A car visor tissue holder sure to save the day when someone gets a sudden bloody nose or when the traffic is so bad you start crying uncontrollably.

    7. A hand antiperspirant for people who are so nervous about greeting others with their sweaty hands that their hands inevitably start to sweat even more.

    8. A chalkboard doorknob sign you can put on the outside of your door and beg visitors to knock when the baby is napping or put on the inside of the door and write down things you need to remember the next time you go out.

    9. A drawstring makeup bag with straps for makeup brushes, pockets for accessories, and enough room for holding the masses of makeup currently clustered around your counter. Honestly, this is a heaven-sent organization system for messy people, just toss stuff in and tie up!

    10. A cell phone jail that just might be the visualization you need to take a social media break — throw your phone in here during game nights, movie nights, or moments when your brain simply needs a break, and don't take it out until your cell has served its time.

    11. A heat resistant travel mat that'll lie flat on your counter or wrap securely around your heat tools, keeping them from burning unprotected surfaces.

    12. A universal socket with steel spring pins to adjust and fit a variety of screws, nuts, and bolts so you can be extremely handy around the house, even when you don't have an entire toolkit on hand.

    13. A cord organizer to hide the mess of cords in your apartment in a neat and (c)orderly fashion.

    14. A magnetic claw clasp converter sure to make accessorizing easier if you have pain in your joints or just find clasp hooks a pain in general.

    15. An Aquapaw Slow Treater that'll keep your fluffer in the bath long enough to finally get her fluffy! Just throw some peanut butter or other pasty treat in the grooves and let her lick away while you wash all remnants of the post-rain dog park off of her.

    16. A pack of four purse hooks so you can happily leave the house knowing you won't have to put your purse on the sticky floor of your favorite dive bar ever again.

    17. A Zipuller that'll finally let you start buying outfits with back zippers or finally let you wear the ones you already own.

    18. A pack of ten magnetic twist ties you can basically use any way you want. They can organize cords, hold pictures or pens on the fridge, secure your keys somewhere safe... you can even use them as chip clips!

    19. A spice shelf that'll turn any ~scary spice~ situation into an organized masterpiece you'll actually ~wannabe~ using.

    20. A rotating remote control organizer that's sure to help you find the remote you need in an instant if the amount of clickers, zappers, and flickers you have is seriously out of ~control~.

    21. Or a massive universal remote (that glows in the dark!) you are simply never ever gonna misplace.

    22. A Benadryl gel sure to sooth the nasty bites you get when you go camping and forget how much nature (well, mosquitos) ~bug~ you.

    23. A cooler light so you can find your drink fast and run back to the safety of your tent when you're ready to have Diet Coke and scary campfire stories keep you up all night.

    24. A door draft stopper to keep your sweet sweet (and expensive!) AC from leaking through your door and into the hallway. The neighbors don't deserve your icy air.

    25. A desktop stand — an organized and elegant place where you can store and charge your phone and Apple watch at the same time. It can also hold your iPad, keeping it upright and off the messy counter when you're cooking and need your online recipe in site at all times.

    26. A pack of energizing breath mints with 40mg of caffeine per mint for people who need a pee-free pick-me-up in the middle of a road trip or just the middle of the day.

    27. A wine saver, basically a bottle vacuum, so you can savor an opened bottle of wine for up to a week.

    28. A rolling underbed cart for utilizing the space under your bed with a storage system that's ~wheely~ easy.

    29. A pack of velvet hangers that'll hold your clothes (typical) but do it so well you'll end up with closet space you didn't even know you had (less typical, much more satisfying).

    30. A pair of foldable flats you can pull out of your bag (or pocket, honestly) when your toes aren't taking another step in your heels and you need a pair of fab flats to save the day.

    31. And a pair of arch support sleeves so you can finally walk around without wincing when you're stuck on your feet all the livelong day.

    32. A universal headrest mount that'll give your kids screen time in the car while also possibly helping prevent motion sickness, looking down at a screen can make it worse, but keeping your head up can help — making road trips far more bearable for you (and your upholstery).

    33. A magnetic laundry guard because socks would absolutely not jump off a bridge if their friends did it, they'd much rather be the lone sock you never find a match to. Use this, and you just might save yourself from missing laundry drama from now on.

    34. A moldable glue that'll rescue broken bits in every nook and cranny of your home.

    35. A stain repellant spray sure to keep your shoes, bags, and other suede accessories safe from blustery weather. With this you can say "I think I'll wear my rain suede today" without any irony at all.

    36. And finally, a steering wheel tray table so you can be the road trip genius with the ability to pull over and enjoy a comfortable roadside meal on something sturdy and satisfying.

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