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    40 Things That'll Do Their Darndest To Help You Get Through Your Next Flight

    Have these shipped to you before you ship yourself off to your next vacation.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tie-on travel pillow that'll keep you snug as a bug in a rug (which is much snugglier than the typical economy passenger) on your next red eye.

    2. A cheeky luggage tag sure to make finding your own special brand of baggage a cinch to spot out.

    red luggage tag that says "we've all got baggage but this isn't yours" and the info on the other side

    3. A mini Ostrich pillow – it's gonna be particularly ~handy~ when you wanna sleep in multiple positions during a lil' in-flight snooze sesh.

    4. A fidget ring that'll keep you moving (if only slightly) when the airline does you dirty and crams you into a middle seat.

    simple gold band with seven small round rings around it

    5. A cotton eye mask you can use when the child in the window seat won't stop playing eye-spy, despite the fact that the sun is shining right into your eyes *and* the fact that the only thing they've seen over the last two hours is, get this, clouds.

    6. A slim canteen that'll ~clearly~ make it through security (as long as you've emptied out all those scandalous liquids) and comfortably fit in the tiny storage slot attached to the seat in front of you.

    water bottle in flat shape with pink edges

    7. A box of airplane activity chips for keeping your child engaged while sitting in their seat. LOL at whichever director thought snakes on a plane was scarier than traveling with a toddler.

    8. A passport wallet sure to help those of us who have a habit of losing passports and important papers the minute we book a flight. Use this and give yourself some peace of mind when you travel – all of your papers are *finally* in one organized place.

    the wallet open, showing slots for a passport, boarding pass, and cash, and smaller ones for a hotel keycard and credit cards or transit passes

    9. A pair of compression socks – they're gonna have you swelling with gratitude when you realize your legs aren't swelling when you reach altitude.

    10. A pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that'll let you turn on your tunes and tune out the mouth sounds of the overzealous snacker you're sitting next to.

    Artist spray painting a wall while wearing headphones

    11. An herbal facial spray (with aloe and rosewater) can set your makeup or simply give your tired face a healthy dew. Most importantly, it can make your skin feel fresh and clean...despite the woman in 23F who seems to literally be attempting to cough up a lung.

    12. A tricolor cowhide duffle to help you be a cow poke, rather than a slow poke, by skipping baggage claim altogether (and looking sensationally chic at the same time, might I add).

    Large leather cowhide carry on bag

    13. A travel bag of aromatherapy essential oil towelettes is gonna be useful when you've traveled all day and can't have an actual shower.

    14. A pack of vomit bags with a twist and seal structure that can save the day (and the family vacation) when your kid starts getting motion sick the minute you fasten their seatbelt.

    15. A foot hammock to help you hang in there when you're feeling de-feet-ed by a particularly long flight.

    person on flight with the foot hammock attached to the seat in front of them and their feet hanging on it

    16. A pair of fleece joggers (with pockets!) for anyone who knows an airport is a place for comfort, where sweatpants reign supreme.

    17. Or high waisted TSLA leggings that'll feel super comfortable, and NOT be see-through. So go ahead, bend down and shove your luggage under the seat in front of you without worrying about showing off your undies.

    18. A roll-up blanket with a nifty handle you can easily carry with you and roll out when the airplane's AC is working on overdrive and your trip to the beach starts out feeling like a trip through the Arctic tundra.

    model holding the blanket

    19. An inflatable wedge pillow that'll give you some personal space (albeit, minimal) and help you sleep soundly even when you're stuck in the middle seat.

    20. A pack of homeopathic jet-lag pills – they may keep you from sleeping through your vacation, no matter how late your red-eye is.

    product packaging

    21. A question card game to get your kids asking questions other than "Are we there yet?" on your next flight.

    22. An inflatable neck pillow (with a hood) can help you enjoy some anti-social sleep, even from the "comfort" of economy class.

    person with hood over their eyes napping with the neck pillow

    23. A pack of under-eye masks because red-eyes aren't messing around. They got their name for a reason – your tired, puffy eyes want these for that very reason.

    24. A travel Poo-Pourri that's small, subtle, and ready to save you from feeling down in the ~dumps~ when you really need to use the airplane toilet and know there's a line of people outside who are trying to not think about why you're taking so long.

    tiny spray bottle of product

    25. A travel pack of sanitizing wipes that'll keep your space free of germs – from the air train to your tray table.

    26. A Burt's Bees travel pack with just about everything your skin is gonna need on your next flight (hand lotion, body lotion, lip balm, and a foot cream). That recirculated air is gonna try and do a number on your skin, but you're gonna be ready!

    the travel sized lotions and creams inside packaging

    27. A carry-on bag small enough to store under the seat in front of you, so you don't end up being forced to put your luggage under the cabin when the plane runs out of overhead space.

    28. A set of decibel-reducing noise-canceling earplugs you can use if you still want to hear the overhead announcements (at least to find out when the seatbelt sign is turned off) but would rather not be stuck drowning in white noise the entire flight.

    earplugs beside packaging and carrying case

    29. A snail jelly face mask that uses actual snail secretion filtrates to help repair your skin and ~emphasize its natural radiance~ — this'll feel luxurious no matter how sluggish you're feeling on your next flight.

    30. A small charger sure to give you peace of mind when you couldn't get a direct flight and have to basically use the blueprints of each airport to find your gate at every layover.

    31. A pack of googly eye luggage tags so you can find your stuff at baggage claim immediately, no matter how standard your luggage may be. Honestly ~eye~ can't imagine skipping out on these now that I know they exist!

    32. A bottle of melatonin sleep gummies for travelers who have high anxiety up in the air and would far rather be dreaming than dreading upcoming turbulence.

    bottle of sleep gummies

    33. An essential oil roll-on stick made with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils. You can apply this to your neck and pressure points when the fellow snoring next to you isn't the *only* pain in the neck you experience during your flight.

    34. An anti-nausea pack with 14 pressure point pads and a pair of wristbands that just might save you from ralphing up your complementary in-flight meal.

    package with two hands wearing the bands

    35. A suave moisturizing hand sanitizer that's gonna be far more sanitary than the airplane sink.

    36. A side sleeper pillow that'll have side sleepers and pillow huggers in dreamland before the flight attendants even start passing out snacks.

    model with the inflated side sleeping pillow across one shoulder and in front of their body while sitting in a chair

    37. A seat back clip – attach this to your upright tray and enjoy a movie from your phone, even if your child insists on sleeping in your arms the entire flight. Just be sure to keep them asleep or you're gonna be stuck watching Daniel Tiger until you hit the landing strip.

    38. A Kindle Paperwhite you can easily keep in your bag, letting you read dozens of novels without bulky books taking up luggage space.

    person reading in the back of a van

    39. A pack of mini toothbrushes that don't require water or toothpaste, because you won't be able to ~brush off~ embarrassing bad breath after a day of travel.

    40. Or a tin of perky mints with a strong taste that'll distract stressed out travelers, freshen your breath, and keep you in ~mint~ condition the entire time you travel.

    bob ross on a tin of mints

    You on your next flight: