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    32 Things That'll Do Jobs You Probably Didn't Even Know Needed To Be Done

    An Instant Pot cheat sheet, anti-fog spray, damage-free hair scrunchies, and 29 other products that'll help solve everyday (and not-so-everyday) problems.

    1. An oven thermometer for folks who find their rental's ancient oven finicky at best. Use this for making sure you know the *actual* temperature, preventing any further cooking fails – courtesy of your oven.

    A round thermometer with top hook and stand sitting on an oven rack

    2. A fruit bouquet that's gonna be a hit with picky eaters who know produce must be ~beary~ cute if it is to be consumed.

    A fruit bouquet with tons of fruits in different shapes of flowers

    3. Or a box of Verb energy bars that'll delight people who need a pick-me-up stronger than chocolate. These have as much caffeine as an espresso – without the post-coffee slump and/or jitters.

    The Verb Energy bars in the salted peanut butter, vanilla late, coconut chai, and lemon raspberry flavors

    4. A clarifying serum with willow bark extract, niacinamide, and a zinc blend that's sure to please people who have decided to sneak a serum into their skincare routine. This is here to help with minimizing inflammation, acne, and clogged pores on stressed-out skin.

    A blue bottle that says "Versed Just Breathe Clarifying Serum" with a dropper filled with transparent light blue liquid hovering over it

    5. An anti-fog spray for responsible folks who have been wearing face masks despite their glasses constantly fogging up – you deserve to see the light!

    6. A menstrual cup with a flat design that'll last up to 12 hours. Did I just fall in love with a piece of silicone? Hard maybe.

    A person holding the flexible cup applicator in the palm of their hand

    7. A soothing behavioral aid toy with a faux heartbeat that's gonna keep your anxious pup calm and help you finally get some sleep while crate training.

    8. A pair of magnetic barbecue lights so you can immediately make the "Gordon-Hamsey Burger (with squash and ham)" that you start craving after bingeing Bob's Burgers late into the night.

    A reviewer cooking food on the grill with the lights attached

    9. A set of door strips for adding some extra insulation into your room and thus, help you save on electric. But wait! There's more! These are also sound-proof and great for turning your tiny home office into a sanctuary free from the Trolls 2 soundtrack your kids are belting in the living room.

    10. An adjustable 16-inch pan and lid rack with scratch-proof steel dividers – this'll adjust to your...unique...collection of pots and pans as easily as you adjust every recipe to be cooked in muffin tins.

    Pans, lids, and baking sheets organized on a white with metal dividers

    11. An all-in-one comforter you can literally use all year long. If you, like me, have discovered the joys of making a minimalist bed, you know there's nothing better than a comforter that does it all. Plus this thing is luxurious. Like, unreasonably luxurious.

    A bed made with the plush comforter

    12. A pack of five elastic scrunchies for anyone who is ready to break up with breakage caused by tight elastics. These are also great for preventing tension headaches if you like having your hair up when you sleep!

    A model wearing pink scrunchie in hair

    13. A pack of Ruth Asawa or Halloween stamps so you can send something special to a loved one while possibly helping save the USPS. A job we *really* didn't know needed to be done.

    14. And a darling notecard that's perfect for those "just because" letters.

    An eggshell blue card with a turn-dial phone being picked up by a hand with the words "Hello There" on the top

    15. A cabinet turntable sure to make your pantry more accessible and organized simply by spinning it...right round like a record, baby!

    Clear plastic lazy Susan filled with food goods

    16. A versatile bag clip for treating your Gucci dupe with the love and respect it deserves – it's hard work looking that pretty!

    17. A suction shower and bath grip that'll make getting in and out of the bath less of a slippery stress, without applying permanent damage to your bathroom walls.

    A hand gripping handle on bathtub ledge

    18. A car dip clip to revolutionize your drive-through dinner lifestyle. Pinkies! Up!

    A reviewer dipping a chicken nugget into a sauce cup inside of the dip clip

    19. A tie hanger that can hold up to 20 ties, keeping your favorite accessories neat and...ahem...tie-dy all the time.

    A wooden and metal tie hanger with two ties

    20. A plant-based gel cream made from a formula that's nongreasy and completely transparent. Get this and your flyaways are gonna, well you know, fly away.

    21. A pasta measuring tool for cooks who are incapable of using their ~noodle~ when it comes to solving the dreaded "how much dry pasta is too much cooked pasta" life quiz.

    The tool with four differently sized holes to measure pasta meant for one, two, three, or four servings

    22. A pack of corner guards sure to make sharp surfaces safe while still letting your style stay sharp.

    23. A two-roll toilet paper holder you can attach to the side of your toilet tank. Having a small bathroom is ~crappy~ but clever solutions like this can help make it livable, maybe even likable!

    A metal two-roll toilet paper holder hooked onto the tank of a toilet

    24. A dehydrator that'll help you turn leftover groceries into dehydrated treats that won't go bad after a week. We're talkin' dried fruit, chips, even jerky. Yes please.

    25. A cheese keeper to keep your favorite cheeses, both hard and soft, alive longer by allowing them to breathe. In the words of her highness, Veruca Salt, "Give it to me NOW!"

    A yellow rectangular box that looks like cheese with two blocks of cheese in it

    26. A plant food spike that can feed your plants up to two months and give them a hearty, healthy place to grow – so there's nothing but watering on your to-do list.

    27. An eco-friendly hand soap refill pack – a plastic-free alternative to buying new bottles of soap. Fill any bottle with water, drop in the tablet, and your soap'll start bubbling up in seconds!

    Three packets with the foaming hand soap tablets on a plate

    28. A pack of eight extendable skewers you're gonna have to remember to buy, unless you wanna be ~roasted~ by your relatives when they find out you thought a shorty stick would work to make s'mores with. Foolish.

    29. A garbage guard you simply stick on your trash can for preventing buzzing, bothersome bugs from hanging around their favorite haunt (i.e., your garbage).

    Reviewer photo of the rectangle guard in black attached to the inside of a garbage can lid

    30. A pack of silicone mask strap extenders so you can still wear the cutie floral number you picked up on Etsy, even though they totally made it child-sized.

    31. A pack of four self-closing outlets that go way beyond those crummy plastic caps. Plus, these are gonna make your baby-proofed place look way less baby-proofed, even though they're extra safe!

    A white wall outlet with slide covers

    32. And finally, an Instant Pot magnetic cheat sheet you can stick right on your machine, giving you a helpful source that's far more reliable than asking Alexa for recipe directions every step of the way.

    An Instant Pot with the cheat sheet on the side showing pasta, seafood, pork, beans, and vegetable timing

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