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    28 Products That'll Do Jobs You Didn't Know Needed To Be Done

    An adhesive "shoe," glow in the dark tape, an Instagram painting, and 25 other products that'll help solve everyday (and not so everyday) problems.

    1. A mesh sneaker bag so you can stop feeing de-feet-ed by smelly, dirty shoes. Attach this around the machine door (the hook-and-loop straps even work on round ones), toss your shoes in the pocket, and you're G2G!

    2. A Pretty Litter subscription – this litter is designed to change colors when your cat is sick, alerting you with plenty of time to get your kitto to the vet. Nothing will put your mind at ease better than knowing your stoic cat's health is ~crystal~ clear.

    3. A pack of four "licorice" straws for anyone who knows eco-friendly choices make everything taste especially sweet.

    4. A car insurance and registration holder to keep everything you need in one spiffy space, because rushing to find your registration in the trash box you call a glove compartment can be even more stressful than getting pulled over in the first place.

    5. A cast-iron stake to let your neighbors know your yard is not their basset hound's bathroom...without taking away from your *gorge* rhododendrons.

    6. A 10-piece set of shoe storage slots sure to save you enough closet space many, many more shoes.

    7. A ring-size adjuster for helping you wear oversized rings without spending a bundle on getting them fitted.

    8. A roll of glow in-the-dark tape you can basically use any time you'd rather not trip or stub your toe in the dark. This stuff really is, ahem, a ~bright~ idea.

    9. A clear spinning storage system that'll make finding/grabbing items in the fridge, cupboards, or bathroom so fast it'll make your head spin.

    10. A pack of six furniture markers sure to delight your kids when you tell them they actually ~can~ draw on the furniture.

    11. A Rent The Runway membership for fashion-savvy folks who want to rent their wardrobe and thus, be able to afford their rent.

    12. A can crusher to help you recycle *and* relieve some stress in the most satisfying way possible. Honestly, now that you know this thing exists, you might be ~crushed~ if you don't get it.

    13. A pair of adhesive soles so you can walk around sans-shoes wherever you want, all barefoot and beautiful!

    14. A pack of parchment paper squares *with handles* that'll help swiftly remove your baked goods without the need to stab a fork or knife into those perfectly crisp edges.

    15. A set of six taco trays that are gonna make preparing (and eating!) dinner on taco night a breeze. Are these colorful cuties about to make the best night of the week even better? Why, yes. I believe they are.

    16. Or an automatic pan stirrer so you can ignore a crucial part of your dinner prep without stirring the all.

    17. A gorgeous bottle of nonalcoholic gin that'll give you a fix when you aren't fixin' to drink as much, while still making your bar cart look beautiful.

    18. A custom painting you can have made from any uploaded photo – making your most Instagram-worthy memories actual pieces of art.

    19. A Home Chef membership for folks who are ready to embrace home cooking, as long as they don't have to leave their home to grocery shop.

    20. A sliding wrapping paper cutter so you can stop wasting paper when your scissor skills aren't what they used to be. Seriously, you were the best paper cutter in your kindergarten class, what happened?!

    21. An LED necklace that'll make finding your doggo in the dark *much* easier, no matter how far they're able to fetch.

    22. A freeze-dried bag of raw cat food that'll improve your cat's digestive system and thus, improve life with your making their litter box smell like nothing at all (even immediately after use).

    23. A Taiyaki pan that may seem fishy, but it's sure to make desserts at home extra delectable.

    24. An insect sticky trap that'll destroy gnats, flies, midges, and whiteflies – place these directly into the soil to keep your plant children from being ~bugged~ by life-sucking insects.

    25. A hair-finishing stick that'll snatch up those flyaways and wisps and get you out of any ~hairy~ situations in a stitch!

    26. A nail and cuticle oil made from jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E that'll strengthen your nails.

    27. A road trip candle to help satisfy (at least a little bit) anyone who wishes they could go on one right now.

    28. And finally, a striking eyeball rug that's gonna be a real sight to see no matter where you put it in your place. Statement pieces this simple are simply the best!

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