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    39 Things That'll Do Jobs You Didn't Know Needed To Be Done In 2020

    A fancy ice cube tray, antiperspirant foot lotion, collapsable strainer, and 36 other products that'll help solve everyday (and not so everyday) problems in the new year.

    1. An ice cube tray with a lid – it's gonna keep your ice from tasting stale and prevent that frustrating game of freezer Tetris from ever happening again.

    2. A universal skin salve pumped up with castor oil, beeswax, and lanolin for saving your lips from winter wind. But wait, there's more! The original formula is also great to use on other dry areas of your skin, meaning one tiny tube is here for *all* of you.

    3. A desk humidifier with a built-in plant box, so you can breathe easy in your stuffy office and show off your green thumb at the same time.

    4. A foot antiperspirant lotion for anyone who knows wintertime is the season for boots, wool socks, and impressively sweaty feet.

    5. A collapsable strainer that'll store flat and keep you from ~straining~ to find space in your kitchen cabinets.

    6. A library scented candle for anyone who would always rather be reading. Sorry, can't come out tonight. I'm already ~booked~.

    7. A sequin accent chair – this is sure to make your kids absolutely beside themselves with joy when they see it. Kids love sequins and sequins love kids. That's a fact.

    8. A pack of energizing breath mints (with a whopping 40mg of caffeine per mint) for people who need a pee-free pick-me-up in the middle of a road trip or just the middle of the day.

    9. A luggage scale to make packing less of a guessing game, helping you avoid a heavy heart (and hefty charge) when your luggage weighs slightly more than it should.

    10. A toilet target light with a motion sensor and clear projection that'll make potty training a bright spot in your child's life.

    11. A spice shelf that is gonna turn any ~scary spice~ situation into an organized masterpiece you'd actually ~wannabe~ using.

    12. A storage bean bag chair for kids whose idea of cleaning is shoving things under the bed or in the closet – now they can shove things into a chair instead, keeping your home clean using your kids' preferred cleaning method.

    13. A food smoker to infuse any food (or alcoholic beverage, for that matter) with a smokey flavor – no fire-starting skills required.

    14. A pair of shoe stretchers that'll rescue your feet when your new leather shoes are slightly too tight or to rescue your shoes when bad weather has them bent outta shape.

    15. A rolling underbed cart for utilizing the space under your bed with a storage system that's ~wheely~ easy.

    16. An AeroGarden that'll be a truly fool-proof way to grow fresh herbs outside of a garden and inside of your fifth-floor walkup.

    17. An Aquapaw Slow Treater to keep your fluffer in the bath long enough to finally get her fluffy! Just throw some peanut butter or other pasty treat in the grooves and let her snack while you wash her off.

    18. A heat resistant travel mat that'll lie flat on your counter or wrap securely around your heat tools, keeping them from burning unprotected surfaces.

    19. A cord organizer to hide the mess of cords in your apartment in a neat and (c)orderly fashion.

    20. A car visor tissue holder that'll save the day when someone gets a sudden bloody nose or when the traffic is so bad you start crying uncontrollably.

    21. A paint-and-peel latex cuticle guard so you can get a perfect manicure (at a perfect price = free) from the comfort of your own couch!

    22. A drinking fountain faucet attachment to snag a sip of water when you don't want a whole cup *and* make brushing your teeth a whole lot easier.

    23. A L'Oréal blowout primer – it's gonna help blow dry your hair in a fraction of the time while protecting your precious locks from damage caused by heat tools (no matter your hair type).

    24. A stainless steel bottle sealer sure to have you feeling all bubbly inside. Why, you may ask? Because it's designed with a built-up pressure pump at-the-ready to keep your bubbly drinks, you know, bubbly.

    25. A foot hammock for giving yourself a real ~leg up~ when you travel, even in economy class.

    26. A surprisingly aesthetic natural wood essential oil diffuser with a car vent clip so you can use all your favorite essential oils in your car and skip the plastic pine.

    27. A candy making kit so you can satisfy your sweet tooth with some dandy homemade candy.

    28. A magnetic laundry guard – use this and you just might save yourself from missing laundry drama from now on.

    29. A magnetic clasp converter that'll make putting on your tiny-clasped necklaces so easy you'll finally pull them out of the bottom of your jewelry box and put them back on your body!

    30. A hair finishing stick – basically a natural, plant oil-covered mascara wand to pick up those pesky baby hairs on the back of your neck or around your hairline.

    31. A spiffy umbrella you can see through, which allows the umbrella's shape to cover more of your body and keep you (and your outfit) dry. Even when it rains, you should still respect the drip. KAREN.

    32. A slow-feed bowl for pups who think speed eating is an olympic sport (and who suffer from upset stomachs because of it).

    33. A Manta sleep mask with 100% blackout and no eye pressure – this mask can help you fall asleep in the blink of an eye.

    34. A guided questions journal that'll make you a memory-saving pro in a matter of (exactly two) minutes. Your posterity will love reading about the week you ordered six pizzas hoping to see that one hot pizza deliverer again. They really will.

    35. A drawstring makeup bag with straps for makeup brushes, pockets for accessories, and enough room for holding the masses of makeup currently clustered around your counter. Honestly, this is a heaven-sent organization system for messy people, just toss stuff in and tie up!

    36. An inflatable wedge pillow to give you some personal space (albeit, minimal) and help you sleep soundly even when you're stuck in the middle seat.

    37. A Squatty Potty for people who are tired of sitting on their constipation problem.

    38. A pack of three eco-friendly reusable food wraps, because plastic wrap is a pain and an expense that's sure to seem totally unnecessary when you see how much money you have ~leftovers~ by using these.

    39. And finally, a funny doormat that'll greet your guests when they come in and let them know exactly how you feel about their extended stay, without having to say a word.

    And now we're ready to take on the new year!

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