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    35 Things That'll Basically Make Your Home Look Like It's Straight Out Of A Magazine

    Let's just hope your friends don't ~dwell~ on the fact that your place looks plucked straight out of a magazine.

    1. A metal wall mirror with an embroidery hoop-turned mirror vibe that's ~sew~ cool you're gonna want it hanging around your place forever!

    2. A peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll brighten up your home with its marvelous, Mediterranean tile touch.

    3. A velvet daybed – a "bed" this beautiful is gonna make you glad you chose to go the studio apartment route. This pretty piece deserves to seen at all times, not shoved away in a room specifically made to sleep in!

    4. A vertical shoe tower sure to have your entryway looking organized and elevated.

    5. A driftwood wind chime – a delicate and delightful shift from handwoven weavings that'll add a soft and airy touch to any space.

    6. A geometric print for bold souls who aren't afraid of eccentric, clashing patterns.

    7. A cutout side table so you can own a side table that deserves center stage.

    8. A pair of metal planters that'll get so many compliments you'll love having them around your place.

    9. A sideboard buffet – it's gonna enhance your modern farmhouse aesthetic with its bold hardware, reclaimed wood, and warm white paint.

    10. An iridescent wall mirror with a small storage shelf and a dazzling shine – grab this for your bare bathroom walls and they won't know hit them when the sun shines in!

    11. A face vase sure to be the cool, fashionable friend your plant babies have always wanted.

    12. A pair of outlet lights so you can have your rooms shine even at nighttime, without bulky night lights taking up space.

    13. An upholstered bed that'll be worth shelling out every penny for.

    14. A steel log hoop to add a rustic touch to your living room and make your home feel very cozy. Incredibly cozy. You ~wood~ not believe how cozy.

    15. A bold swivel chair with enough padding to keep you comfy all day and enough pow to make your place look complete.

    16. An entryway table made with multiple materials, so you can know this will complement every piece in your place.

    17. A faux cowhide rug so darn good lookin' all your friends are gonna wanna mooove into your place.

    18. A rolling bar cart for keeping your drink fixin's in one place...that's able to move wherever you want it.

    19. A reading nook bookcase that'll save floor space and give your kiddo's room a totally personalized touch.

    20. A wire basket so even your pantry can look picture perfect.

    21. An iridescent headboard that'll look positively dreamy in your bedroom.

    22. A polka dot switch plate to totally ~switch~ up your space even if you don't have room for new furniture or decor.

    23. A milk bath print that's sure to look ~dairy~ stunning in your space.

    24. A set of copper canisters so you can have some consistency on your counter tops.

    25. A colorful distressed rug for realists who want a lovely rug designed for the slips, stains, and spills that happen when you let your family actually live in the living room.

    26. A rustic bench that'll make sitting a special occasion.

    27. A psychedelic removable wallpaper to make a statement no matter where you stick it.

    28. A mint stool for raising your kid up and raising the bar when it comes to necessary toddler decor.

    29. A set of three wall hooks that are sure to come in ~handy~ in more way than one.

    30. A velvet daybed cushion to make your apartment look complete, even if you refuse to carry actual furniture into your fifth-floor walkup.

    31. A media console so good lookin' you might be staring at it instead of the TV you bought it for in the first place.

    32. A bright red metal bed frame that's gonna give the sleepiest room in your house something that really wakes it up.

    33. A woven basket for adding depth to a room (and a hiding place for all the things you quickly "clean" when guests arrive).

    34. An abalone shell that'll keep your keys in a spot that's shinning, shimmering, and splendid.

    35. And finally, a wall-mounted cat bed for folks who are really ~feline~ the whole cat astronaut aesthetic.

    The victory dance you deserve after making your place look so posh:

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