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    32 Things From Wayfair That Reviewers Truly Love

    "This is made with impeccable quality. It's a must buy." —Dayna

    1. An abstract canvas print you can throw on any wall to instantly add that titch of sophistication the room was missing. Your laundry room won't know what hit it!

    2. A starry play tent that'll satisfy your adventurous kiddo without the emotional toll that would come from actually taking them camping. You're more of an inside cat.

    3. A reversible sectional you can use as an L-shaped sofa *or* adjust it and have a free standing, matching ottoman. I swear this magical piece of furniture came straight outta Hogwarts.

    4. A bread box with a cheery phrase and a matte finish that'll spruce up your kitchen counters and give your beloved carbs the cozy throne they deserve.

    5. A Petunia Pickle Bottom round wood shelf and matching dome light sure to be a preciously pink statement piece Elle Woods would applaud.

    6. A French press coffee maker so luxurious we know you've totally ~bean~ dreaming about it, even if it's simply gonna be added to the stockpile of cafe-quality products you've currently got spilling out of your kitchen cabinets.

    7. A handmade lumbar pillow for all you cutie Cupids out there who love a unique decorative pillow with all your heart.

    8. An awesome linear chandelier that'll really and truly and literally be the bright spot in your dining room, kitchen, and probably life.

    9. A sketched watercolor bedding set sure to make you wish you could snuggle up and sleep botanic-all the time.

    10. An adjustable rattan cat bed for persnickety felines who totally know rattan is in, and totally won't use their old cat bed when they know new trends are calling their name.

    11. An accent mirror with spiffy metal shelving so you can save some counter space while lookin' at your lovely face.

    12. An irresponsibly rad writing desk — a splurge-worthy investment now that home offices are no joke, they're a modern day necessity.

    13. A Novogratz tufted wool rug that'll look sensational in your place...if you're able to buy it before I swoop them all up myself.

    14. A pull down coil kitchen faucet — a functional and fun ~twist~ for your kitchen that's gonna massively upgrade your sink situation.

    15. An hourglass end table you can flip over when you need an extra seat. It's 2020. It's about time we finally have furniture this cute *and* this functional!

    16. A chair hammock, practically a boho staple at this point, for creating a calm space in your place where you can swing your worries away.

    17. An open storage coffee table that'll look so cool your coffee table books just might get jealous.

    18. An LED tattoo parlor sign — an eclectic accent piece for folks who ~light up~ whenever they think of their next tattoo.

    19. A contemporary floor lamp — you're gonna have a ~ball~ when this treasure is finally in your home.

    20. A solid pine Novogratz changing table with easy-to-access open storage and the *perf* changing height, so even exhausted at 4 a.m. you can change a diaper without any disasters.

    21. A wall-mounted dry goods dispenser that'll make storing food fast, efficient, and seriously fun.

    22. A wildly lifelike olive tree with a golden base for telling your living room "Olive you very much" in the clearest way possible.

    23. A palm leaf shower curtain sure to turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise, despite the ice cold showers you love jumping in.

    24. A snazzy office chair for saving your spine from yourself after you realize working from your sofa is not so fun.

    25. A mix tape cheese board that'll be a gouda gift to give cheesy folks who have a sharp sense of humor and a great taste in music.

    26. A plush sectional so dang elegant you may get confused and think you've accidentally stepped into a real grown-up's apartment every time you walk through your door.

    27. A terrazzo flat weave rug that'll add a trendy, colorful touch to your place that'll totally have your friends ~floored~ when they see it.

    28. A full length mirror with clean lines and smooth angles — all the better to see you with, my dear!

    29. A speckled mirror glass diffuser – it's gonna add a fun touch to your room while *also* helping you breathe easy when your therapist is out of town and aromatherapy will have to suffice.

    30. A low loft bed that's a real life actual DREAM BED. Get ready for lots of appreciative pasta-covered cards, because your kid is gonna love this thing.

    31. A botanical wall mural that'll impress all your ~buds~ the next time you have a group Zoom call.

    32. And finally, a charming cedar porch swing for anyone who believes porch swings and summer nights go hand-in-hand.

    My brain trying to figure out how I can justify buying, um, all of these:

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