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    Things From ModCloth That You'll Probably Wear At Least Once A Week

    Although you could *also* wear them every day of the week. No one would judge.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A paisley-and-floral jumpsuit because if you show up anywhere in a jumpsuit, you’re INSTANTLY gonna be the coolest person there.

    2. A platform sandal for strutting your stuff down the city streets, face mask accessory game strong, in platform shoes that say, "Yes, I *do* walk the walk."

    White sandals with chunky black soles, peak toes, and ankle straps with silver buckles

    3. A mustard yellow cable knit cardigan, a necessary staple by the laws of fall, you can wear the very *second* the weather gets dreary. Wrap this around ya body, light a pumpkin spice candle, and listen to Folklore cardigan and again.

    4. A shift dress with those swishy sweet '90s vibes the TikTok generation *wishes* they could be nostalgic about. Wear this whenever you see your family and your younger siblings are sure to see why we stan that decade so dang much.

    A model wearing the dress in the yellow floral pattern. It is paired with a gray T-shirt underneath.

    5. A pair of flared jeans that'll accentuate your legs, giving you a look that says, "They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue, but my legs were tooo long." Who cares that you're only 5-foot-3?

    6. A snazzy collared jumpsuit you can wear when rockin' a Zoom call at work and still be comfortable enough in to keep it on when lounging around the house. Wear this pretty piece and you actually *will* have pants on during the day, instead of just dressing from the belly button up.

    A jumpsuit in black with long loose fitting pant legs, front pockets, short puckered sleeves, and an asymmetrical twist top half with a V-neck collar

    7. A midi T-shirt dress that's gonna be your wardrobe go-to in practically every circumstance. Day at the park? This. Dinner with the in-laws? This. Brunch with your besties? Guess what...also this.

    8. A faux crocodile mini skirt sure to add a little edge to any outfit. Pair it with a bandeau and sheer top in the summer and switch over to a chunky sweater and tights when it starts getting chilly. This is no ~croc~ – this skirt is sure to do it all.

    A high-waisted black mini skirt in a crocodile faux leather with a black zipper in the center that goes from the top to the bottom

    9. A Jersey knit tank top you'll really and truly wear every day of the week. Why? Because it'll even make sweatpants look chic.

    10. A pair of high-waisted leggings *with pockets* so you can bend and run and cartwheel your way through the day when your kids are bouncing off the walls.

    Long black leggings that hits just above the natural waist and has two thin pockets in the front

    11. A pair of starfish earrings so darling you're truly gonna have to ~sea~ to believe them.

    Two gold earrings with hoop clasps and dangling charms that look like speckled starfish

    12. A wrap dress professional enough for formal occasions and comfortable enough for a day at Disneyland. Gotta dress to impress those Disney princesses, ya know?

    13. A pair of pleated dress pants with just enough pop to make a bold fashion statement, even if you decide to never take these off and thus, make the same killer statement week after week.

    Wide leg pants in a '70s vintage windowpain plaid pattern with two brown buttons on either side of each hip

    14. A floral scrunchie for bringing back the youthful stylings of Daisy Head Mayzie on the daily.

    An olive green scrunchie with daisy print. It has two long ribbons on either side.

    15. A casual tunic that'll drape over your body to keep sweat at bay, making this top your best choice when spending the day out in the sun or stressing over a deadline and sweating through your AC.

    16. A pair of reviewer-loved knife studs sure to make any basic outfit look a little ~sharper~ when you're trying to look, ahem, a ~cut~ above the rest.

    Stud earrings that look like small kitchen knives with black handles

    17. A cozy cardigan that's gonna give you all the green-thumb, cottage-core, novel-writing vibes your imagination has told you to be. Throw this on and it won't even matter that you live in a third-floor walkup, you're gonna be forest royalty!

    A brown and cream knit cardigan that falls mid-thigh and has front pockets

    18. A knee-length number (wiiiiith pockets!!) you can wear low or cinch up to pair with a belt, a tucked in shirt, an oversized tunic, chunky sweaters, bando bras, graphic tees, blouses, *breathe* and basically every single thing your closet has to offer.

    19. A flowy floral jumpsuit, a true closet chameleon, that'll change its entire vibe with the seasons. Sure, it could be a flowing, sun-loving, botanical beaut, but it'll also have you looking like a wintery queen with the ivory and green details when snow starts to fall.

    The jumpsuit worn by a model with a large bust, accentuating the deep-V wrap neckline. The loose sleeves hit the elbow, the ankle length legs are flowy, and there is a tie waist

    20. A sleeveless peekaboo shirtdress for folks who are still singing "Greased Lightnin'" and know Rizzo's style is worth worshipping.

    A black dress with a collar, buttons down the front of the top half, a stomach cut out, and an elastic waistband at the skirt

    21. A pair of ankle boots that are almost too sophisticated to step in. Grab these and you're gonna upgrade your T-shirt and jeans outfits instantly. Wear them with something a little more spruced up? Bam! Catwalk-ready.

    A faux crocodile leather boot in tan with high heels and a zipper detail

    22. A pair of beaded earrings – a bright and sunny accessory that'll have you looking so cute it'll be almost ear-ily adorable.

    A model wearing he half-hoop earrings. They are made with tiny yellow beads in a twisted pattern around the hoop frame.

    23. And a classic floral dress with pockets, a lightweight fabric, and a flowy feel so lovely you're sure to be the envy of all your ~buds~.

    When the rest of your closet sees you reaching for your ModCloth pieces:

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