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    39 Things From Amazon You Can Get To Apologize To Your Cat For Being So, Ugh, Human

    Sorry we're such bad cats – we're only human.

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    1. A hanging macrame cat bed, because your baby loves boho decor as much as you do – sharing a bed with you is no longer gonna cut it once your cat knows *this* exists.

    2. A sardine can cat bed sure to satisfy persni-kitty cat parents who only bring the most clever pet products into their home.

    Hairless cat walking out of rectangular cat bed designed to look like opened can of sardines

    3. A natural wood cat toy with a tried-and-true design cats love, for keeping your minimalist home decor on point while still providing Whiskers with games she loves – sans plastic.

    Cat playing with three-tiered ball rolling toy

    4. A fruit tart cat bed with removable fruits and a cushioned crust that'll finally convince your cat they should start acting like they love you ~berry~ much.

    5. A suspiciously stunning covered litter box so lovely you just might want it as the centerpiece in your living space.

    Minimalist covered litter box with round edges and mid-century-modern wooden legs

    6. A window bed – it's gonna give your favorite bird watcher the perfect perch.

    7. A surprisingly striking cat scratching lounge for frisky felines who don't understand why you keep getting mad at them for *enhancing* the texture on your living room sofa.

    8. Or a boho scratcher you can mount right on your wall – saving floorspace (and your furniture).

    Cat stretching while scratching long oval-shaped natural fiber and wood scratcher

    9. A cat grass growing kit to convince your overeager plant eater that the poisonous house plants in your living room are no longer worth chewing on and vomiting up. Bonus: this stuff is so easy to grow (and SO fast!) your green-thumb confidence is sure to be sky-high!

    10. A chic filtered drinking fountain so your feline friend can have a drinkable water feature that's ~clearly~ a sight to see.

    Cat standing beside see-through drinking filter bowl

    11. A treat puzzle is gonna stimulate your cat's hunting instincts so that they're entertained while they eat, instead of simply eating more than they should out of boredom.

    12. A cactus cat scratcher you know your cat'll actually play with – it's way too cute to ~desert~!

    Cat scratching three-post cactus-shaped scratching pole

    13. A butterfly spinner made with robust wings and a satisfying flying pattern sure to keep your little critter from ~bugging~ you when they are bouncing off the walls.

    14. A collapsible tunnel for making your incredibly conspicuous kitto feel like a hide-and-seek champion during playtime, without compromising valuable real estate in your studio apartment the rest of the day.

    Three section tunnel with dangling toy in front of openings and peek hole in connected center

    15. A heated cat house – it's gonna keep your adventurous cat warm and cozy even when they insist on meandering through the yard in the middle of winter.

    16. An elevated feeder with an elegant design, because your critter knows she deserves the head of the table...but this'll do.

    White bowls set inside natural wood table with black iron pipe legs

    17. A pack of six catnip sushi pieces so your cat can indulge in a dish worthy of their pedigree, and so you can get in their good graces again after mistakenly purchasing some ~fishy~ fast food-themed catnip toys in the past. What were you thinking?!

    18. A boyfriend sweater that won't mess with their range of motion. Plus, it'll add something extra special to your preppy pet's winter wardrobe.

    Hairless cat in preppy knit, legless sweater.

    19. A pair of collapsible cat tunnels – they're gonna give your hunter a fun and functional hiding place that actually looks great in your home. Move them to different places, add on more tunnels, or place them in different shapes to give your cat some unexpected and engaging fun.

    20. A wine and cheese set sure to convince sophisticated cats you are worth keeping around, especially if they usually ~wine~ about not getting enough organic catnip snacks.

    Plush wine bottle, two cheeses, two figs, and two olives

    21. A playpen your kitten is basically gonna live in from the moment you bring it home – totally redefining the term "catfish."

    Two kittens playing inside fish-shaped scratch-able cardboard box with bubble windows

    22. A mounted cat scratcher so you can prove you aren't ~kitten~ around when you tell people you give your cat the very best.

    23. A fuzzy streamer sure to encourage your sedentary soulmate to start moving a mile a minute. Its sturdy design and soft exterior is made to withstand the most aggressive predators in your household and encourage them to run around the way their mighty bodies were made to move!

    Cat playing with long, rainbow fabric teaser toy hanging from pole

    24. A Ripple Rug – an interactive play mat (made out of recycled plastic bottles!) that'll allow your cat to hide, sleep, scratch, groom, pounce, and play in new ways as the mat slides, crinkles, and shifts.

    25. A pet hair broom that extends up to 60 inches, so you can actually reach all the nooks and crannies where your cat puts her fanny. You can know she appreciates you cleaning up all the hair she loves leaving behind.

    26. A waterless cat bath to use on your beloved feline, if you know he would love nothing more than to scratch your eyes out if you dared try to put him in an actual bath. This leave-in foam keeps cats clean and even moisturizes their skin!

    27. A rattan cat bed that'll be a fantastic piece of furniture worthy of your fierce beast...even if you get jealous when you realize their furniture is better than your own.

    Cat inside rounded pedestal cat bed

    28. A purring cat toy sure to ease your anxious bud by giving them the sensation of curling up next to another purring pal.

    29. A door-hanging cat condo for homes with minimal space and very active cats. Get this for your rambunctious babies – it's designed for them to adoor.

    30. Or a beautiful wooden playhouse that'll only improve your home decor Instagram posts...on your cat's account.

    31. A gorgeous bamboo cat bed even the most snooty pets are sure to love having around the house.

    Cat inside ball-shaped bamboo bed with cushion

    32. An aloe vera and oatmeal dander-reducing spray for keeping your cat's coat soft, shiny, and free of flakes. Sure, your cat thinks he's doing a mighty fine job on his own, but his tongue can't exactly condition dry skin or reduce redness – this will clear that up lickety-split!

    Reviewer before-and-after with black and white cat's back covered in fur and dander, cleaned away after using product

    33. A treat ball that'll delight cats and kittens who love eating and would really prefer having a ~ball~ while they do it.

    Cat peeking at treat-filled plastic ball. It has one hole where the treats come out if rolled correctly.

    34. A dental kit that includes toothpaste, a toothbrush, a finger brush, and the comfort of knowing your carnivore's tiny toofs are clean and healthy!

    35. A no-effort eye wash made with presoaked pads to clear away the gunk that always seems to creep onto their faces. Can you believe a critter that literally bathes itself all day can get so dirty? Because ~eye~ sure can't.

    36. A harness and bungee leash combo made specifically for these flexible felines to master their catwalk.

    37. A floating post you can throw up on your wall so your cat can enjoy the high life – literally.

    Cat climbing on rope-covered mounted poles

    38. A pet camera with two-way audio, night vision, and a laser that'll make it easy to check in on your cat's house-sitting skills.

    39. And finally, a cat feeder that'll encourage your kitty to eat more slowly while also engaging their natural hunting instincts.

    When you bring home these things and your cat finally feels understood: