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    The Best Places To Buy Anniversary Gifts

    Finding the perfect gift can be almost as hard as finding the perfect person, so we've done the hard work for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Anniversary gifts can be tricky. Finding something unique, personal, and useful to show your sweetheart you care takes some real work! But I love love, and I love a challenge, so I dug through the internets and pulled together some fun sites that are here to make your anniversary gift extra special this year.


    Leave it to Leslie Knope to raise the relationship bar — finding something that makes your partner's face look like Ben Wyatt in Parks and Rec is the ultimate goal.

    1. Uncommon Goods lives up to its name with truly unique gifts for every person (and personality!) you can think of. You're gonna find a wide assortment of fun and spunky items the minute you jump on this site.

    Uncommon Goods

    Why they're great: This Brooklyn-based company has been an online market for makers since 1999, and is one of the very best places to find unique gifts for adults and children alike. While supporting artists by giving them a place to sell their work, the team at Uncommon Goods makes shipping and sales efficient and simple for us, the overly excited consumers. They even have an anniversary section — your shopping just got even easier!

    Items we love: A custom New York Times anniversary book for $99.95 filled with the front pages featured every year on your anniversary, and an origami zodiac necklace for $65 (available in 12 styles).

    2. Crabtree & Evelyn is filled to the brim with luxury bath, body, and hair care products with natural, herbal aromas. PLUS their aesthetically pleasing bottles and packaging are sure to make any bathroom counter look better, you can count on that.

    Crabtree & Evelyn

    Why they're great: Crabtree & Evelyn is self-care for wanderlust souls. They take their adventurous vibe (with inspiration from their eclectic founder) and use that enthusiasm to create wholly relaxing and uplifting products. Designed with nature in mind, each product from Crabtree & Evelyn provides a calming sensation that brings a soothing touch of the outdoors in.

    Items we love: A botanical blend body *and* hair overnight oil for $30 and a blazing oil blend candle for $50 with notes of black current, lemon, violet, rose, jasmine, musk, amber, and vetiver.

    3. Wayfair is bursting with beautiful home goods for everyone's personal aesthetic. Whether you and your boo are into a seaside boho vibe or share a more minimalist mood, this place has *plenty* of options.


    Why they're great: Wayfair carries everything from furniture to decor to appliances, and they're a solid resource if you find yourself lost when looking for fun, practical gifts. Shipping is free on orders over $49 *and* they even do custom upholstery.

    Items we love: A driftwood and sea glass wall hanging for $45.99 that'll dazzle your ocean-eyed S.O., and a freestanding mini fridge for $153.99 where they can store their skincare products or (hopefully) some bedside snacks.

    4. Happy Socks, because a pack of perky socks is a simple way to show you're thinking of them. These'll also prevent you from being de-feet-ed when trying to think of a gift they'll like...and actually use.

    Happy Socks

    Why they're great: Happy Socks founders started the company with the goal to turn an everyday essential into a colorful, design-minded statement piece. The socks aren't just made to be beautiful and fun, they're made with high-quality craftsmanship for some *superb* comfort. Plus, they make designs for just about every holiday, so you can pick up a gift fit for any festivity.

    Items we love: A pack of four animal socks for $48 (available in two sizes) for anyone who isn't afraid of ~monkeying around~ when picking out gifts, and a junk food box set on sale for $33.60 (originally $48, available in two sizes) that'll be a real treat for whoever gets them.

    5. Paint Your Life takes your favorite photos and turns them into hand-painted works of art. You can choose between oil, charcoal, pencil, watercolor, and acrylic. No matter what style you's gonna be a masterpiece.

    Paint Your Life

    Why they're great: Paint Your Life makes getting an original portrait incredibly easy — you just upload the photo of your choice with up to two people, pets, etc. You can even combine different photos and do landscapes! You will get updates throughout the process to approve, so you can confidently know you'll love the finished piece!

    Items we love: The oil paintings are the most popular selection because of their realistic look, and the charcoal options are both striking and unique; both start at $179 for an 8-inch-by-10-inch piece.

    6. Legacybox takes treasured home videos, photos, and audio recordings and safely turns them into keepsake footage. A gift this sentimental and sweet is sure to mean a whole lot to the person who means the world to you.


    Why they're great: Originally a Kickstarter, Legacybox became one of “America’s Fastest Growing Companies” by Inc. Magazine. They safely take all of the grunt work out of organizing and digitizing your family's tapes, film, photos, and audio recordings. Partnered with UPS, you just send in a box of all your favorite memories and they digitize those moments onto a thumb drive, the cloud, or DVD with state-of-the-art tracking, barcoding, and real-time updates throughout the digitizing process.

    Items we love: a two-item starter pack for $50 and a 40-piece trunk for $1,040.

    7. Fenty Beauty is a prime stop for makeup and beauty gifts, because Rihanna has created some power-house products. Whether you're restocking your loved one's favorite lip combo or picking out a new accessory to keep on their vanity, Fenty will deliver.

    Fenty Beauty

    Why they're great: Partnered with Kendo Brands, Rihanna has successfully made a celebrity brand that is actually fantastic. So whether your loved one is a long time RiRi stan or just likes a solid foundation, this is a brand you can rely on. Shipping is fast and reliable *and* their Instagram account is filled with clever tips and tricks!

    Items we love: A limited edition standing hand mirror for $22 and a luxe lip care duo for $29.

    8. Baggu designs long-lasting purses, messenger bags, crossbodies, and totes for earth-friendly folks who would love an anniversary gift — as long as it's eco-friendly.


    Why they're great: Baggu might be one of the very best places to purchase a useful gift that'll practically last a lifetime. The company has aimed to create products that have "long, useful lives." The designs are made to minimize waste and they focus on using sustainable materials. They work directly with a manufacturing company in China dedicated to ethical and environmentally-friendly practices.

    Items we love: A papaya tote for $12 (available in 31 patterns) that'll make getting groceries great and a mini circle purse on sale for $67 (originally $128, available in three colors) your fashion-savvy sweetheart will keep around forever.

    9. Carhartt will always deliver when it comes to practical outerwear options that work as hard as your sweetheart does. Plus, their stuff just looks cool. Maybe too cool.


    Why they're great: Carhartt has been around since 1889 and I'm pretty sure if you'd purchased a pair of overalls back then, they'd still be in tip-top condition today! These high-quality, hard working clothes have managed to be both farmer-friendly finds and coveted streetwear. You can shop by season, accessories, even flame resistance and their loyalty program is seriously solid.

    Items we love: A mesh back cap for $19.99 (available in two colors) sure to ease them out of their Carhartt beanie as the seasons warm up, and a classic men's jacket for $89.99+ (available in four colors and sizes S-5XL) for wrapping your loved one in a big ol' jacket because you can't give them a big ol' hug 24/7.

    10. Slowdown Studio is a lifestyle brand with a slew of artist-designed textiles, decor, and accessories that'll have anyone with an eye for design saying "Eye love this gift so much!"

    Slowdown Studio

    Why they're great: This modern lifestyle brand collaborates with artists from around the world to create goods that are equal parts functional and beautiful. They carry everything from puzzles and paper goods to blankets and fine art prints, so you're sure to find the perfect gift from a quick peruse. They even have an illustrated comic on the best ways to hang their blankets! Bless.

    Items we love: A 285-piece puzzle of La Muralla Roja for $35 (pre-order shipments will be sent out the first week of May), and an abstract throw blanket for $230 that was designed and hand-woven in the US using 70% recycled cotton.

    11. REI has such a massive variety of outdoor gear your own nature lover is sure to love anything you get. Plus, their product pages are super descriptive so even if you prefer being an indoor cat, you can easily find the right gift for your adventurer.


    Why they're great: This site is a one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor gear needs. The site is organized by activity, so even if you know nothing about camping other than your S.O. thinks "camping is life" REI has your back. Their outlet has a huge selection of reasonably priced essentials and they often have great deals on specific gear at random.

    Items we love: A two-person glow tent on sale for $374.73 (originally $499.95) and a spiffy recycled wallet on sale for $10.73 (originally $19.95, available in two colors).

    12. Blue Bottle Coffee will give coffee connoisseurs a unique blend of perfectly roasted beans right to their door. This is the kind of gift they've probably ~bean~ hoping to get without even realizing it.

    Blue Bottle Coffee

    Why they're great: Blue Bottle Coffee focuses on a coffee bean's "peak flavor" — they look at coffee beans as a produce rather than a stored spice. With this craftsman-like mentality, their beans are sourced and packaged to give consumers the best of the best. You can shop by coffee type, region, and processing method.

    Items we love: A roaster's choice box for $36 that'll take the pressure of picking off of you and a chic-as-can-be kettle for $60 you ~wood~ not wanna pass up on if you're boo loves their hot bean juice.

    13. Firebox is your one-stop-shop for lighthearted, funny, and ridiculous gifts. If you're looking to tickle your sweetheart's funny bone with a product chock-full of sarcasm, silliness, and sass. This. Is. The. Place.


    Why they're great: They've got a wacky mix of ridiculous games, home decor, and gifts that'll surprise just about everyone — you really can't find many of these products anywhere else. Ranging from the absurd to absurdly adorable, Firebox is the perfect pick if your picky person loves a good laugh.

    Items we love: A burrito dodgeball game for $30.99 that'll be a cheerful and cheesy gift, and a cactus terrarium for $49.99 for telling the plant parent in your life you're sorry about all the times you've been a ~prick~.

    14. Caudalie carries a catered selection of skin and body products inspired by vineyards. If your boo loves wine, you can basically close your eyes and click at this place — whatever you land on is a guaranteed hit.


    Why they're great: This couple-founded company uses the knowledge gained from their winery roots to create a luxury, natural skincare brand from the ground up (literally). They are committed to ethically sourcing and producing their products and 1% of their global sales goes to funding reforestation projects.

    Items we love: A crushed cabernet scrub for $38 and a moisturizing, makeup removing toner for $28.

    15. Anthropologie has an eclectic selection of clothing, furniture, decor, and accessories that are equal parts preciously preppy and artistically "out there." If you're struggling to find the right gift, Anthro is a truly simple solution. It's ALL good.


    Why they're great: Anthro is a crowd favorite for a reason! Their wide selection of products is always vibrant, unique, and statement-making. On top of that, their shipping is reliable and their return policy is fab. As if they'd wanna return anything.

    Items we love: A chain link monogram necklace for $38 (available in 26 letters) and a dried floral arrangement for $58 (available in three styles) that'll be a curious piece of decor they'll love having around.

    16. Sur La Table is a treasure trove of kitchen tools that'll have your home chef drooling from the minute they open up their gift.

    Sur La Table

    Why they're great: Sur La Table has *everything* you need to curate a Food Network-inspired kitchen. The wide variety of high-quality brands they carry make shopping for your favorite chef seriously simple. They have free shipping over $59 and even share tips and tricks through their cooking classes!

    Items we love: A white marble mortar and pestle for $26 and a four-piece cocktail shaker set for $100 that'll truly be a gift worth drinking to.

    17. Lazy Oaf has fun and funky clothing and home decor for the lighthearted maximalist in your life. Sure, they probably didn't know they needed a pair of jeans with The Flintstones on them, but that's only because you know them even better than they know themselves. That's why they love you.

    Lazy Oaf

    Why they're great: This London-based fashion label was founded by designer and illustrator, Gemma Shiel. Shiel has blasted a wild, irreverent humor throughout her brand that makes each piece fashion-forward and fun. The site has a student discount, a mission to minimize their impact on the environment, and support causes they care about.

    Items we love: A pair of unisex The Flintstones pants for $110.90 (available in sizes 24–38) that the character in your life will love so much they're sure to make your Bedrock, and a moody rug for $135.45 to add some personality to their place.

    18. Mort & Co. Candles is an Etsy shop that'll bring the magic of Disney parks straight to their nostrils, from the comfort of the living room couch. This'll be a thoughtful way to address their Disney obsession.

    Mort & Co.

    *Fingers crossed my husband takes the hint.*

    Why they're great: This sweet Etsy shop creates high-quality candles all Disney enthusiasts will adore. The candle scents are well researched, like finding ways to recreate the bromine smell that wafts through Pirates of The Caribbean, and each hand-poured candle has a 50-hour burn time.

    Items we love: A pirate-inspired candle and Main St. Bakery scent pick, both for $20.

    19. Glossier has a complete selection of simple skincare and makeup necessities, so if you're overwhelmed by the skincare world but still want to get your darling something dreamy, this is a great site to shop on!


    Why they're great: Glossier provides no-nonsense, easy-to-apply makeup and skincare that creates fresh, dewy styles with a focus on a more natural look. The site became a fast sensation and they've continued to grow their line with body care and personal scents that are basically brilliant. They even have a skincare quiz you can take to make sure you get the right product (for yourself or someone else).

    Items we love: A fast absorbing hand cream packaged in an adorable pod for easy application on-the-go and a sheer matte lipstick (available in six colors), both for $18.

    20. Olive & Cocoa will make gift giving easier for the rest of your days. They carry a humongous selection of edible gifts and striking decor that are perfect for every person and occasion. This could be the only place you ever buy presents and you'd be fine. Better even.

    Olive & Cocoa

    Why they're great: Olive & Cocoa has such a wide variety of gifts you could really and truly hit up this site every time a birthday or holiday springs up on you and no one would ever know they're from the same place. They organize products by season, collection, holidays, and more — there's even an anniversary section for THIS VERY MOMENT.

    Items we love: A sweet and salty treat crate for $48+ (available in three sizes) and a gilded succulent for $94.

    21. Modcloth is full of creative and kitschy clothes and home goods. It's basically a perky prep's paradise, which makes it the perfect place to find a happy gift for the person who adds a lil' joy to your life.


    Why they're great: ModCloth practically specializes in one-of-a-kind outfits and accessories and was one of the first clothing lines to bring inclusive sizing and untouched imagery to mainstream fashion brands. Their home goods are delightful, their patterns are precious, and they genuinely care about their customers — if you haven't taken advantage of their online personal stylists, it's time you start!

    Items we love: A pair of leather clogs for $89 (available in two colors and sizes 6–11) and a ceramic trinket dish for $20 that'll lend a helping hand to any loved one who is constantly losing their keys.

    22. Snowe crafts simple, luxurious home essentials designed to last ages. Sure, these make great gifts, but once you see the quality of the present you're giving away you'll wonder if you can live without it.


    Why they're great: This couple-founded company partners directly with European and American factories who find innovative ways to provide the highest quality products at prices consumers can actually manage. The lines are simple, functional, and beautiful so that a splurge purchase lasts a lifetime.

    Items we love: A chic honeycomb bathrobe for $100 (available in three colors and sizes XS-L) and a luxe linen sheet set for $300+ (available in three colors and four sizes).

    23. Pop Chart is a charming site with varied infographic posters. They have posters about all types of topics from beers to books ro architecture and major league ballparks. Don't worry, your sweetheart's hobby is here.

    Pop Chart

    Why they're great: The entire site is filled with infographic posters that feature juuust about every hobby and interest you can think of — and the subjects continue to grow! Their collaborations with different artists have made for a diverse and fun artistic flow you can't help but want to buy.

    Items we love: A film scratch-off poster for $25 and a houseplant print for $30 (both available with or without mounting or frames, at an added cost).

    24. And Winc, a customizable wine package you can give your sweetheart if *you* are occasionally the reason they need to drink.


    Why they're great: One of my BuzzFeed coworkers wrote about how this wine subscription service will change your life and she's not wrong! After a simple palate quiz, Winc starts sending wines to your door — no trips to the liquor store needed! You (or whoever you gift this to) then rate the wines you taste to further personalize your taste and find your favorites. Cheers! To! That!

    Items we love: A Cabernet Pfeffer for $47.99 or a customizable gift card if you'd prefer they pick their own potion.

    A solid reason to shift from tradition:


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