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    48 Temporary Tattoos You Just Might Decide You'll Want Forever

    If Emma Watson has taught us anything, it's that sometimes you'll be glad when a tattoo is only temporary. That being said, these tattoos are so much fun you just might want to stick with them forever!

    1. A floral tapestry for anyone who loves flowers so much they'd rather have them on their arms than in a vase.

    2. An ice cream cone that'll satisfy your sweet tooth with a sweet looking forearm.

    3. A floral sleeve, so you can enjoy your ~budding~ enthusiasm for botanical tattoos.

    4. A sheet of five tiny dinosaurs sure to make your heart dino-soar every time you see them.

    5. A hand-lettered piece that can give you a little encouragement before a big test, big recital, or even on your big day.

    6. A wrist watch for anyone who loves a good wrist tattoo but knows it isn't time to get permanently inked yet.

    7. A watercolor feather set for anyone who will truly feel light as a feather knowing this look comes with no needles at all.

    8. A pack of five Doctor Who drawings — don't blink, because you won't want to miss a seeing second of this on your skin.

    9. A pack of tiny, trendy tattoos for anyone who has a "gotta have them all!" attitude when it comes to darling and dainty details.

    10. A pantone piece to celebrate the skin you're in (Living Coral has nothing on you).

    11. A pack of two flames for gym-enthusiasts who want their arms on fire even when it's leg day.

    12. A fruit set that'll finally give you the chance to both prank and out-pun your dad. Get ready to shout from the rooftops "Orange you glad these are only temporary?" when he sees them.

    13. A full sleeve set to give you an artfully edgy vibe until you decide it's shower time.

    14. A rainbow stripe so you can make a hue-ge difference in your look and then change it up the next day.

    15. A customized pair temporary tat of you and your sweetheart that'll be the best wedding favor your guests have ever seen.

    16. A Westworld piece that'll cover your whole torso — not just your arm(istice).

    17. Or a rather different snake and master piece so stunning, you're sure to be ~hissed~ when it eventually washes off.

    18. A dandelion tattoo to grant your wish of getting a sweet tattoo without even a pinch of pain.

    19. A pair of sphynx cats for anyone who thinks an actual tattoo would put them in a rather ~hairy~ situation.

    20. A set of four Disney princess pieces that'll have you looking like the "Belle" of the ball.

    21. A written word you're gonna love as much as your parents love the fact that it washes off in the shower.

    22. A traditionally styled mom tattoo that's great for less traditional family photos.

    23. A dark mark that'll have Harry Potter fans satisfied that it goes on strong and washes off just like magic.

    24. A ~pack~ of animals so well dressed you could sport these with sweatpants and still look fancy.

    25. A set of 3D pieces that are sure to take your everyday accessorizing to the next level.

    26. A chakra set for anyone who knows the best way to balance their chakras is with a pain-free and perfectly placed tattoo.

    27. A Gucci Mane ice cream that'll have you looking nice and ~icy~ when you go out.

    28. A personalized phone number piece to give your kids before a day in a crowded place (or give yourself in case your phone dies... you and I both know you don't have anyone's numbers memorized).

    29. A pencil for when getting a tattoo is a life plan you'd rather just pencil in.

    30. A tightrope girl that'll make Haunted Mansion fans hurry back and order more the minute it washes off.

    31. A fern set no one will beleaf is a stick-on.

    32. A low battery you can paste on your face (or somewhere slightly more subtle) to let your friends know why you will not be joining them in their Friday night festivities.

    33. A wedding day set sure to be the one thing that gets the ~stamp~ of approval from every picky person in the wedding party.

    34. A Dwight Schrute quote so you can sport your favorite character without being plagued with his dark humor forever.

    35. A little prince, because filling your skin with beloved childhood illustrations just might make you feel like a kid again.

    36. Or a VFD piece if your favorite childhood chapter books were a little more... unfortunate.

    37. A botanical sketch for any plant-lovers out there who want to see if having a tattoo could ~grow~ on them.

    38. Or a snail that'll help encourage people who want an actual tattoo but are sluggish about finally committing to it.

    39. A breakfast club one you're gonna be glad is temporary, because if this was real and your mom found out you would be ~toast~.

    40. A Game of Thrones chest piece that'll steal the show when you wear it to any of your season eight viewing parties.

    41. A pack of butterflies and bugs so you can enjoy these critters even if the thought of needles makes your skin crawl.

    42. A set of shoulder pieces that'll give you a designated shoulder to cry on (the shoulder you didn't put it on, obviously — you don't want tears washing this off).

    43. A pack of four tropical leaves to make people face palm every time they think they're real.

    44. A watercolor piece so you can carry around a picture-perfect painting everywhere you go.

    45. A ring that's gonna look like a real ~gem~ no matter which finger you put it on.

    46. Or a candy ring version that'll look equally sweet.

    47. A cat tattoo for temporary cat ladies.

    48. And finally, a bottle of freehand ink for anyone who doesn't want their look to be limited by permanent ink.

    When at the end of they day you're glad that (at least for now) it's only temporary.

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