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    33 Super-Fun Gifts That'll Basically Guarantee A Good Time

    All I want for Christmas is you... to get these gifts for me (please).

    1. A game of prosecco pong for fancy drinkers who party with their pinkies up.

    2. A gardening kit so they can plant vegetables as fun and funky as they are.

    3. An LED shower head that'll make their regularly scheduled shower concerts feel even more like the real thing.

    4. A Death Star waffle maker so they can prepare an exciting breakfast without having to ~force~ it.

    5. A soap making kit that'll make creative kiddos (or germ-conscious cuties) think you're a real ~gem~ for getting a gift this great. Plus it'll make the mundane task of hand washing way more fun.

    6. A game called, Punderdome to really get the repartee-y started.

    7. A food truck playhouse so you can ask your kids to make lunch for once, instead of the other way around (sounds like a good time to me!).

    8. A pair of critter socks tucked all snug in a little mouse house that'll make your recipient squeak with glee (and make their toes a darn cute conversation starter every time they wear them).

    9. A giant Jenga set for extra competitive friends who always take game night to the next level.

    10. A karaoke microphone that connects to their phone so they can sing and play anything the internet has to offer... whenever (and wherever) they feel a song coming on.

    11. A subscription box that sends monthly puzzles and mysterious codes that they need to crack in order to win prizes.

    12. A doodle duvet cover that can be colored on, wiped clean in the washing machine, and re-drawn on — you can give this to anyone with a particularly ~sketchy~ style.

    13. A date night bucket list for anyone you know would appreciate a little help ~sticking~ with making date nights something special.

    14. A pack of hair chalk to turn their locks a variety colors, so they can experiment before committing to anything crazy.

    15. A wine glass that screws right onto the bottle, so there's really no time wasted between wanting wine and guzzling it.

    16. A charming smartphone projector that'll guarantee your favorite movie lover will never be (card)bored at home again.

    17. A millennial-themed Monopoly board that'll be so fun they may even skip going out to get their cold pressed mushroom coffee and avocado toast just to stay at home in their overpriced urban loft and play this all weekend long.

    18. A two-person hammock for outdoor adventurers who love nothing more than ~hanging out~ with friends and family.

    19. A game of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit that's gonna challenge even the wisest witches and wizards you know... and have everyone J.K. Rowling around with laughter when you play.

    20. A giant gummy worm for when you need to ~worm~ your way back into the champion position of your family's Yankee Swap by getting the gift everybody is sure to fight for.

    21. A '90s version of Watch Ya Mouth that'll make them smile from ear to ear when they play it (you just won't be able to tell).

    22. A bacon bowl maker to get that one roommate who always forgets to do their dishes... so that they can skip the dishwasher and lick their "plate" clean, literally.

    23. A wholesome game of You've Got Crabs for your ~crabbiest~ friend, who you still love getting together and having a laugh with.

    24. A light up bath toy to guarantee bathtime will go ~swimmingly~ whether they're trying to help their kid have a good time getting clean, or just entertaining themselves.

    25. A box of Miracle Fruit tablets — mind-boggling edibles that'll turn their tastebuds upside down.

    26. An Oculus Go, a system that brings incredibly realistic VR into the home, for anyone who wants to really ~get their head in the game~.

    27. A pair of salt and pepper shakers to make them feel like wizards in the kitchen.

    28. Or a salt shooter, which they can use to season their food or take down pesky bugs in the most satisfying way possible.

    29. A book of poetry so funny they can read it again and again and still laugh... at least until their cat pees on it.

    30. A pack of incense for anyone whose idea of a good time is sitting in a quite room and enjoying some deep breathing.

    31. A popcorn pail stuffed with popcones that are perfect for a home movie screening, since they're probably too big to sneak into a real theater.

    32. A game of Battleshits that'll be the perfect gift to give anyone who loves potty humor and puns... even if they'll feel ~crappy~ whenever they lose.

    33. And finally, a pack of paper party cups — everybody already ~knows~ how fun these are gonna be to use, right? Just be sure to ~pick~ someone with a good sense of humor to give them to.

    When you try and remind yourself that these are gifts for other people and not for you.

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