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    40 Splurge-Worthy Gifts They're Sure To Treasure Forever

    When you see the smile on their face after they open these gifts, you'll know it was totally worth the splurge.

    1. A body pillow that'll be the best sleeping companion they've ever had. With this thing, a good night's sleep won't just seem like a dream.

    2. A wine decanter sure to help their suspiciously cheap wine taste like an aged Bordeaux and improve any basic bar cart.

    3. A pair of long-distance lamps – a thoughtful gift that's gonna be a ~bright~ idea to share with loved ones who are far away.

    4. A 23andMe DNA ancestry or ancestry + health kit – both break down percentages of ancestral roots with nothing but some snail-mailed spit! Grab this for your family history-loving grandparents and show them what history and modern technology can do together.

    5. Or an Embark dog DNA test so your fuzziest family member can join in on the fun with a simple cheek swab — this'll find your fluffer's family connected to over 250 dog breeds (including wolf, coyote, and village dog ancestry!).

    6. An Instant Pot they needed in their kitchen, like, yesterday, because this contraption can basically replace half of their appliances.

    7. An eye massager that'll play music, blow gentle air, heat up, and help their tired eyes relax after days of binge-watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel when you force them to catch up with you.

    8. A fully automatic pour over coffee brewer with a hot plate to keep your drink at the perfect temperature and a spray head to create even moisture during extraction, for coffee connoisseurs who love a faaancy hot bean juice.

    9. A quilted parka to give the Olaf in your life who simply wants a warm hug.

    10. A Tarte Cosmetics Shape Your Money Maker Vault for throwing some (lovable) ~shade~ at the preciously particular makeup enthusiast in your life.

    11. A stunning self-winding or automatic Timex – astrology lovers are gonna be totally starry eyed when you give them this exquisite gift.

    12. A toaster oven because if you forget to get them a gift again you're grab a practical gift that's sure to be a hit!

    13. A mini crossbody made of Italian leather – looking for fashion-savvy gifts? You've got this in the bag.

    14. Or a large tote that's gonna satisfy over-packers who skip weight lifting at the gym and just carry everything they own on the daily.

    15. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite with a glare-free display, up to 32 GB worth of storage, built-in adjustable light, and a weeks-long rechargeable battery so avid readers can have dozens of books at their disposal.

    16. An impressive pressure washer is gonna wash away all the years you gave your favorite green thumb faux's time to give them something their grade-A yard skills really want.

    17. A classic pair of black ankle boots they'll use every day, making them think of *you* every time they slip on their shoe.

    18. A pair of Bose QuietComfort noise-canceling headphones so they can ~tune out~ from time to time.

    19. A minimalist canteen with a striking and clever shape that's easily gonna fit in a bag next to a laptop *and* easily be the most beautiful water bottle they've ever owned.

    20. A handmade, retro-esque bamboo Bluetooth speaker that boasts 360-degree sound, over 33 feet of wireless range, and 15 hours of battery life. Whoever gets this is sure to be boasting about it themselves from the minute they turn it on.

    21. An incredibly cozy ChappyWrap you can wrap up nice before your constantly freezing friend wraps it up over their frozen toes.

    22. A 10-motor massage mat – the lumbar area heats up to 140 degrees in less than eight minutes and it has three vibration intensity levels to choose from. This is the perfect gift to give anyone who thinks you're a (lovable) pain in the neck.

    23. A classic bath towel made of finely-combed, long-strand Turkish cotton – it's gonna add a little bliss to their bathroom.

    24. A two-piece silk pajama set for dreamers who love a silky smooth night's sleep.

    25. A pair of Greats – a pick this great is gonna be a guaranteed winner in the gifting game. There's no way it could ~stripe~ out.

    26. A cosmopolitan bar cart in snazzy gold and white that's sure to enhance their space and make *their* apartment the place to go when you all get together...your roommates stopped appreciating your book club wine nights long ago.

    27. A raw edge or slim leg pair of NYDJ beauts for anyone who wears the pants in your family and knows a good pair of denim when they see it.

    28. An essential oil diffuser in a pleasing matte black that's gonna smell like gift giving success.

    29. A Grilled Cheesus sandwich press sure to make your your cheesiest friend say, "~Holy~ moly! This gift is something special!"

    30. A Dyson blow dryer that'll make styling their hair healthy, fast, and efficient and *truly* blow them away.

    31. A cashmere sweater so you can show anyone whose love language is gifts that you *do* have a softer side and don't mind showing it off from time to time.

    32. A Furbo for pet parents who hate leaving their little one at home. Get this for easing their separation anxiety – it allows them to throw treats, talk, and look in on their pupper any time of day.

    33. A KitchenAid stand mixer that'll make cooking so much easier for your favorite chef you just might start getting even more treats out of it.

    34. A Herschel Supply Co. duffle bag – a practical way to let them know you're always gonna be there to help them carry their baggage.

    35. A Fitbit sure to inspire you and your BFF to start your New Year's goals early, and together!

    36. And a touchscreen electric air fryer for when you both need a break from those goals, but still want a slightly less greasy solution than fast food.

    37. A Foxybae rose gold straightening brush so they can enjoy silky smooth hair without frying their ends off.

    38. A Casper mattress, the hype beast of sleep, with a top layer designed to minimize excess heat and high-density memory foam. Get them a Queen or King, because they deserve to sleep like royalty.

    39. An indoor growhouse for the person who has helped you grow inside and out.

    40. And finally, a wall sticker that's gonna look fantastic above your BFF's bed — they're a ~ham~ and they deserve the bedroom decor to prove it.

    When you actually give them a gift they love:

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