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    35 Gifts To Give For No Reason Other Than To Show Someone You Care About Them

    A cottagecore stamp set, fresh goat milk soap, disco ball decor, and 28 other "just because" gifts for those we care about year-round.

    1. The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook, a drool-worthy cookbook with darling photographs of Disney treat dupes for your favorite Disney adult. Being able to snack on a dole whip from the comfort of their kitchen? That's magic.

    2. A pressed floral bookmark – a beautiful gift to give the avid reader in your life, who you totally know is dog-earring books in secret. They're sure to remember to use a bookmark once they have one this unforgettable!

    Clear bookmarks with several different types of flowers inside

    3. A fun-sized skincare kit filled with magical lotions and potions their bod is gonna love.

    4. Bespoke Post's Suite box with Grown Alchemist soap and lotion, two plush hand towels, a bathroom tray, and Palo Santos sticks. Grab this hotel-worthy set and they're gonna come up with excuses to wash their hands.

    Products in lifestyle shot

    5. A disco ball that'll bounce light all around their room if the Swifty you love is still deep into Folklore and needs a "Mirrorball" IRL.

    6. A bar of goat milk soap for folks who really and truly prefer washing and shaving with bar soap (there's no packaging more eco-friendly than no packaging!), but still need lotsa moisture on their sensitive skin. This goat's milk soap is rich with lactic acid, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E, and calcium, potassium, magnesium, and selenium. YUM.

    Several hand pressed bar soaps with store's logo

    7. A personalized star chart book with 70 pages full of what the stars say about the astrology lover you live with.

    8. A tobacco and patchouli candle in an amber apothecary jar that's waaay too pretty to be this price. Snag this steal of a deal and give their bookshelves something to brag about.

    Candles in amber glass with round tops

    9. A mystery jungle box with three itty bitty plant babies they can raise up to be their own. If your ~bud~ was sad to leave their backyard garden in suburbia for the city, this sweet gift will grow on them in no time!

    10. A neon light that's sure to help your college bestie's basement apartment look like the cheeky tiki bar they dream of owning someday. And let's be real, even a dark basement apartment is better than the dorm you shared (particularly once it has this in it).

    Rainbow neon light on wall

    11. A strawberry (candy) and champagne box – it's gonna put a smile on your friend's face if you haven't enjoyed a boozy brunch together in far too long.

    Box filled with desserts and a champagne bottle

    12. A pack of six velvet wallet scrunchies, each with a secret zipper opening they can store small items in. Your sibling's ability to lose their house key is a family-known fact at this point. Hopefully this thoughtful (and fashionable) gift helps!

    13. A bag of Kickoff Coffee – a gift that finally makes sense to give the soccer fan you love. Because apparently the pigskin you gave them for their birthday was the wrong ball. You didn't realize they've been pronouncing it "fútbol" all this time!

    Two bags of coffee beans beside a white mug

    14. A 60-piece bundle of dried pampas grass that'll look lovely on display in their home all year long! Dried florals never wilt, just like (excuse the overzealous romance) your love for them.

    Fuzzy naturally lavender and beige grasses

    15. A deck of cat or tat tarot cards – they're gonna let your mystical boo know they really, ahem, played their cards right when first they asked you out.

    16. A 3D daffodil paper bouquet perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or celebrating the every day. The bouquet packs flat and easily displays upright once opened. Get your loved one these long-lasting flowers so they know you're still thinking of them far after a regular bouquet would have wilted away.

    Paper bouquet of flowers standing upright on a table

    17. Or grab a Flower Box filled with 100 different floral postcards so you can send some sweet snail mail to everyone you can think of. There's something extra special about getting a card in the mail – pen pals shouldn't just be a thing of the past!

    Box of cards on top of a table completely filled with the different post card designs

    18. A unnecessarily lovely bottle of Jot coffee concentrate sure to be a fun addition to any coffee fan's growing bean and brew collection. The bottle is rad and the packaging is so beautiful this is sure to feel like a luxurious gift.

    19. A love language card game – it's gonna be a fun way to spend date nights at home, while teaching you both how best to show your love to each other.

    Love Language packaging

    20. A set of three mini barrettes Gen-Zers can give their millennial relatives to teach their perma cowlicks that they are ~middle part~ people now!

    Model wearing three wavy barettes

    21. A hot sauce trio – a great gift for spicing up date night even when you're staying indoors. Bingeing Netflix is still the ~hot~ thing to do these days, which is fine by me!

    22. A seven-piece stamp set with vintage floral and specimen jar designs – this darling gift is sure to encourage your artistic friends to play around with an old-school medium you personally love. Anyone else still scrapbooking out there?

    Thin wooden stamps with floral stem and long bottle images

    23. A box of double chip raspberry cookies so tasty you can be sure whoever receives them will be bragging about what a ~sweet~ person you are.

    Multiple cookies with white and dark chocolate chunks and raspberries

    24. A freshwater pearl bracelet that'll look so cute on your loved one you just might need to grab a matching one. BFF bracelets it is!

    25. A box of fibrous cereal that I'm pretty sure was specifically made to be an award-worthy white elephant.

    Poop Like A Champion cereal

    26. A uniquely scented bar soap from Dr. Squatch – you can choose from cold brew, rum, pine tar, and more. Give this gift and you can rid your cleanly friend of their germy foes!

    Wood barrel bourbon bar soap

    27. A hanging eucalyptus that'll add a little spring to their space. Honestly, they won't beleaf what a difference this wall decor makes!

    28. A personalized candle to celebrate some classic kid-friendly humor...the art of the fart (joke).

    Candle that says "Light when Michael farts"

    29. A 1-pound bag of marshmallow cereal – a funny and fun gift they'll certainly appreciate when life feels dull and marsh-mellow.

    30. A shower speaker to give anyone who thinks shaving is more successful while listening to smooth jazz. Or Slayer. You know them better than I do.

    Eggshell blue speckled hand-sized speaker with orange on and off buttons

    31. A bottle of drinkable glitter so you can make sure even their drinking water is as *extra* special as they are.

    A martini glass filled with sparkling rose gold liquid

    32. A pack of unique Montessori wooden teether rings – a gorgeous gift that's gonna show your friends you're just as excited about their new bundle of joy as they are.

    Natural wooden teethers shaped like animals with small black dot eyes

    33. A Casper nap pillow for nap-happy folks who you know would love a little pillow for a long nap.

    34. A King Friday oven mitt that's gonna remind your responsible sibling they can still play with their food, even if they're getting a law degree. Mr. Rogers would totally approve.

    Purple oven mitt with image of puppet King Friday on the front

    35. And finally, a negative space vase that'll be such a great statement piece you know they'll be thinking of you every time it catches their eye.

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