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    If Your Shoulders And Neck Hurt, These 24 Products Just Might Help A Bit

    A shoulder heating pad, cooling gel, posture corrector, and 21 other products for people who want some sweet sweet pain relief.

    Please note that these aren't medical recommendations. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any kind of treatment.

    1. A cervical neck "pillow" that'll provide ergonomic support, align your spine, and give you a much needed vertebrae massage simply by lying down.

    2. A car massager with multiple heat and massage settings for drivers who do ~knot~ handle the stress of traffic well.

    The massager attached just below the headrest of the driver's side car seat. It has four protruding massagers and heat-proof fabric in the center.

    3. A cooling gel so you can work on freezing pain in its tracks.

    4. An herbal freeze spray you just might want botanic-all over your body.

    Two bottles of spray-on pain relief in different sizes

    5. An inflatable cervical support brace that'll stretch your neck when compacted discs hurt so much you think you'll blow up.

    Person reading with inflatable chin and neck brace resting on shoulders

    6. An electric massager to help break up the knots that leave a real weight on your shoulders (or anywhere else you may have them).

    7. A hemp cream that's gonna sooth your muscles fast, giving your tight neck and shoulders the relief they need in an instant so you don't have to wait on pain killers to kick in.

    Bottle of product in front of two hands holding a drop of cream in the shape of a heart

    8. A deep tissue massager for times when your shoulders hurt so much you shout "Shoot!" This thing is made for blasting away those nasty knots.

    The Damkee Massage Gun with six various attachments

    9. An all-natural roll on to possibly help ease your pain and irritation so you're able to ~roll~ with whatever comes your way.

    10. A therapeutic body pillow that'll relieve pressure on your shoulder if you're a side sleeper. Reviewers also say this helps with snoring!

    A long u-shaped pillow with a person sleeping on their side in between it

    11. A muscle recovery bath soak made with magnesium flakes and essential oils. One home spa day with this and your stressed out shoulders are gonna consider it an essential part of your self-care.

    Coach Soak Muscle Recovery

    12. An electric shoulder heating pad — you may lose pain in your shoulders so fast while wearing this cape that you'll feel like an actual pain-relieving superhero.

    13. A massage cube with soft corners for digging into tough places while also creating a smooth surface for a much-needed massage.

    Cube of lotion inside box

    14. A smart neck massager you can easily toss on at your desk when work is a true pain in the neck.

    U-shaped neck massager with four massage spots

    15. A bath pillow that's gonna give you something to rest on whenever back pain makes you wanna sit, chill, and soak.

    The bath pillow placed over the edge of a tub full of bubbles

    16. Or an orthopedic memory foam pillow that'll lift your head up, putting your neck in its natural curve to help work away neck pain while you sleep!

    17. A vibrating posture corrector to remind you to lift yourself back up whenever you start slouching, easing tension in your shoulders and helping to prevent poor posture from becoming permanent (and thus, permanently painful).

    Two people sitting with upright posture. One is wearing the back vibrator and the other is wearing a vibrating necklace.

    18. Or a back brace that can shift your shoulders back and relieve tension with basically no effort on your part. The bonus? Your body could get used to the new position and straighten out your stance over the course of time!

    Person sitting up straight with brace around arms

    19. A cervical collar for supporting your neck while sleeping or doing activities that would cause you to slouch. Which, in my case, is all activities. Looks like I'm buying a new "necklace."

    20. A massage ball that's gonna work far better than asking your partner to massage your knots out with their rather lackluster enthusiasm. This makes deep massages easier, whether with someone else or on your own. Win win!

    A person holding the grip cap on the massage ball and rolling it across their arm

    21. An acupressure mat and pillow for a daily pain relief regimen you can really ~stick~ with.

    22. A bottle of Tiger Balm neck and shoulder rub (with a vanishing scent formula) to give people who need pain relief that's easy to keep close on-the-go.

    Reviewer holding small tube of product

    23. A neck hammock you can attach to your door to give your neck the solid stretch it deserves/needs. Perk up your posture and get rid of neck and shoulder pain while you're at it!

    24. And finally, a mini heating pad that won't take up ~mushroom~ on your body, making it easy to tuck under a bra strap or place directly onto a stubborn muscle for some soothing heat relief.

    Mushroom shaped heating pad inside a person's palms

    When your shoulders stop hurting and they start to shimmy instead:

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