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    Jackpot — The Samsung Frame TV Is On Sale For Cyber Monday

    Television is modern art (and it's also now on sale).

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    Do you, like me, want to center your living room/life around your television set? Well then go ahead and grab a Samsung Frame! It's so gorgeous it'd almost be an actual crime to put it anywhere other than center stage in your space. All sizes are now up to 31% off for Cyber Monday, so it's time to get one in your life.


    Go ahead and turn your living room wall into a full-on theater.

    If you don't want quality wall space taken over by a big blank screen, there's really no better option! You can display classical paintings, photographs, and modern art with the click of a button. You just happen to get a luxury television while you're at it.

    Reviewer's tv above the mantel, with a high definition photograph of a zebra displayed,

    Being able to switch up my mantel display for holidays, seasons, and random changes of mood is almost too much power to have in my hands.

    I personally own a Samsung Frame and it is officially my favorite family member. And right now you can get this *treasure* for up to 31% off! That's a sexy steal of a deal, if you ask me.

    The television with a white frame and a classic painting displayed in the center
    Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    Just look at that perfect painting! You'd never guess it was being used to binge-watch three seasons of Grey's Anatomy moments before (and if you're wondering, the screen is so good I could practically see every hair on McDreamy's head).

    This 4K resolution Smart TV has Alexa built-in, a surprisingly powerful speaker, and supports all standard streaming systems.

    The ArtMode is connected to the Samsung Frame art store, where you can select from free images, purchase your favorite piece, or join a subscription for tons of available selections that are organized into fun categories like the "Food as Art" section I have displayed below.

    Mallory Mower/BuzzFeed, Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    You can customize each piece to look *exactly* the way you want it – the TV gives you options for adjusting the brightness, framing, and color tone. It even includes a built-in motion and light sensor, meaning it'll show the picture when you walk into the room or when it recognizes light inside.

    Although I could gush about my TV for days, there's no need to just take it from me! Over 1,500 reviewers have rated this, and it has a 4.5/5-star rating overall!

    Reviewer's living room with the television showing a modern, geometric painting that matches their decor

    Promising reviews: "I LOVE this. It went up fairly easy and it is gorgeous in the room. I am not an artist or art-critic. I am a home owner who hates a big ugly TV hanging on the wall, with a husband who loves a big TV. We both win. It looks great when off and has great picture quality when on. This is a five-star purchase." —Dixie

    "My wife and I wanted a low profile TV or display to hang in our dining room that would give us the ability to view family videos, play photo slideshows, and even display artwork – this fits the bill perfectly! Before this arrived I was under the impression that I would have to have an electrician install a power receptacle behind the display but, to my surprise, both the power and audio/video are contained in a small wire that can easily be run behind drywall. This thin wire connects the Frame to a small box that houses all of the other audio, video, HDMI inputs that you can connect to it. This includes its own low profile wall mount and installation took about 30 minutes start to finish and went flawlessly. In just the first few days of use, we have streamed family videos, streamed Fish Tank and Fireplace videos (sounds strange but its kinda cool to have a 65" fish tank on the wall), and streamed holiday movies. It's so much fun! If you are on the fence about this...just do it. You will not be disappointed." —Travis

    It's time to ditch that old blank screen and bring the future of decor and entertainment into your home!


    Get the 32-inch frame on-sale from Amazon for $447.99+.

    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.