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    29 Ridiculously Clever Storage Ideas For Your Closet

    These tips'll save so much closet space, you'll be able to justify an entire shopping spree just to fill it back up!

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    1. Snag a jewelry organizer so all your jewels and gems can be stored in one compact place (so you don't have to sift through a jewelry box to find that illusive second stud).

    2. Divide your closet into outfits appropriate for each season. Not only will this make it easy to find ensembles that fit the weather, but it'll help you quickly pack for that warm vacation you spontaneously planned for the next holiday weekend.

    3. After they're organized, grab a closet cover to keep your clothes from getting dusty while they wait until winter is coming (or until GoT starts back up and you need your cosplay quick).

    4. Organize hijabs and scarves with a grippy circular hanger so your silks no longer slip.

    5. Or opt for a smaller scarf hanger if you only have a few pieces to hang up and want to keep them wrinkle-free all season long.

    6. Use a shirt stacker in your closet drawers to keep all your tops crisp and maximize storage space.

    7. Get a spinning tie rack to easily keep your collection neat (it also just *looks neat* to use a tiny robot to show off all your styles).

    8. Clean out the clothes you never wear (even when you don't have the willpower to choose which go) by reversing your hangers once a year. Start the year off with one type of hanger, after wearing something, switch the hanger to a new color. Get rid of everything with the old color at the end of the year. This'll help ease out your unworn outfits.

    9. Turn your closet into a game of Tetris using visible storage bins.

    10. Throw in an adjustable shelf to store things that are hard to hang, but that you still wanna hang out with.

    11. Or if shelves aren't in your sight, ~clutch~ onto some handbag hooks or a vertical purse hanger to show off every bag you impulse buy (instead of putting them in boxes on the top shelf and forgetting they exist).

    12. And speaking of bags, add a hanging laundry bag to the wall of your closet so you can hide dirty clothes and easily carry them out on laundry day.

    13. Try hanging up your flip flops on a lowered rod if you're spending your summers in the sun and would prefer your closet floor not turn into a sandbox.

    14. Set up a freestanding closet, which is perfect for holding just enough clothes for the entire week. This'll keep your closet free from the havoc that comes every time you don't know what to wear before class.

    15. Put hooks in your kid's closet for making jackets easy to grab and just as easy to hang back up (because there's something about hangers kids seem to hate).

    16. And set up your kid's closet with storage drawers and hanging cubbies. They'll be way easier for your kid to use and will help keep their closet clean and organized.

    17. Tri-fold any T-shirts, sweaters, or hoodies so you can easily see what's inside of any closet drawers without having to pull everything out.

    18. And if you're looking at that last tip thinking "I can't fold that well," learning how to properly fold your clothes can save you a ton of closet space. Internalize these hacks and your folding skills won't be limited to the cootie catchers you made in Jr. High.

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    Watch BuzzFeed's play-by-play anytime your T-shirts need it right here.

    19. Hang your tights and scarves up using clothespins (this keeps them organized and easy to see when you're picking out an outfit, and saves you from dealing with a drawer full of tangled tights).

    20. Add a hutch tower to your closet to give yourself a variety of storages spaces. Because you've tried hanging your sweatpants and it just feels wrong.

    21. Stuff your boots with pool noodles for balance, that way your closet floor isn't flooded with fallen thigh-highs.

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    Get a jumbo pool noodle you can cut up for multiple boots on Amazon for $8.99 and some decorative paper from Walmart for $3.21.

    22. Use a tie rack to hang up ties, belts, scarves, or jewelry for easy-to-access accessories.

    23. Organize your children's clothes by type (think collared shirts, T-shirts, team jerseys) and use non-slip hangers to keep their clothes on the hanger and off the floor.

    24. Use storage bins that won't be an eyesore with added name tags, so you can easily find the things you need in your off-season storage.

    25. Take a tip from your favorite mall and use size dividers to organize your kid's clothing (or to keep your roommates paws off your favorite outfits).

    26. If you have the space, devoting a wall to a shoe closet will massively improve the storage space in your own closet, while helping you easily see and store your shoes (never again will you have to dig into the depths of your closet to find your favorite pair of pumps).

    27. Fall back on an oldie but a goodie: Vacuum bags really are a genius way to save space while storing large fabrics in your closet. If you've never used them you'll love them. And even if you have, it'll still surprise you every time how small they make your duvet.

    28. Give your closet a real throwback to the best of times by storing handbags and backpacks in grids, using the same cubby system you did in your Kindergarten class (because Ms. Dawson taught you way more life skills than the alphabet).

    29. Or just skip the stress altogether and buy an entire closet system. Every type of storage will be covered to completely maximize the space you have, with almost no effort or expertise on your part (that's my kind of closet).

    Future me checking out how great my closet looks.

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