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    This Puma Sale May Make You Want To Start Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Early

    This sale is so good it's likely gonna fill your whole heart and sole.

    Sneakerheads, our time has come. Right now Puma is giving us 40% off full price *and* 30% off sale items! That includes shoes, jackets, bags, and swag. I don't want to be dramatic but...this might be the greatest gift we get all year.

    Here are a few of our favorite finds:

    1. Roma Waltz sneakers inspired by The Godfather, a design that's gonna make a lot of sense considering swanky shoes at a price this nice is an offer we can't refuse.

    2. Cali Suede sweeties from The Selena Collection that'll be a cinch (well, a strap) to throw on in when you're in a rush.

    3. Motorsport shoes that are lightweight (thanks to a mesh neoprene sock top), cushioned (hello, EVA inserts), and traction-packed with a full rubber sole – you're gonna have to get a grip when you realize how great the grip is on these. I might be...too excited.

    4. Sheer training shoes that'll change colors slightly depending on your socks (thank you, rad sheer design) but no matter what you wear them with these'll certainly add some color to your life.

    5. Retro basketball shoes utilizing ProFoam for impressive energy return and forefoot webbing for giving you a stable stance, no matter how much everyone else is sliding around the court.

    6. Floral sneakers with a suede exterior, soft ribbon laces, and bold gold details – you're gonna want to put the ~petal~ to the metal and get these before they're gone!

    7. A graphic tee for anyone who wants a ~hot~ new look.

    8. A snazzy satchel that'll be practical statement-making streetwear you'll actually use.

    9. Metallic beauts with a bold, bulky look that's sure to deserve a spot on the runway along with your actual run.

    10. A three-pack of socks with a brilliant blend of materials and a low cut – these are so comfortable your feet are gonna thank you at the end of your next eight-hour shift.

    11. A nylon watch – a retro accessory you'll love looking at time and time again.

    12. Futuristic slip-ons you can shove on whenever you need a little Zenon-approved iridescent magic in your outfit. Zetus lapetus!

    13. A neon jacket you're sure to love having ne-on whenever the day is dark and dreary.

    14. Remix sneakers cooked up with the perfect recipe of mixed materials (a leather upper, suede vamp, and rubber tooling) – an actual feast for your eyes.

    15. A classic hoodie enhanced with a driCELL design that'll keep you comfortable and looking cool in all kinds of weather.

    16. Baby sneaks to introduce your teeny tiny sneakerhead to their very first, perfect, pair of kicks.

    17. And Kurve sneakers for bold souls who don't mind attention, because those wavy disproportions are sure to make (you guessed it!) waves.

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