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    36 Products So Good Looking You'll Wanna Give Them Your (Credit Card) Number

    Hey, (gilded mirror on Amazon) here's my number. Just in case.

    1. A lovely fidget ring that'll keep you moving (if only slightly) when you're stuck sitting still and need something to distract you. If you, like me, find yourself tapping your leg every time you sit down — this'll be an accessory worth investing in!

    simple gold band with seven small round rings around it

    2. A Baroque mirror I can hardly believe is actually on Amazon. Get this in your life (at this price!) before everybody finds out our little secret and it's sold out for good!

    3. A woven pendant light for folks who want to create an upscale, open, and airy vibe in their home that'd make anyone jealous.

    three tiered woven pendant light cover made with rattan. the image shows a person making their bed underneath the light.

    4. A disco ball you're gonna need to bounce light all around your room if you're still deep into Folklore and want those "Mirrorball" vibes IRL.

    5. A stunning birth flower scarf (my personal favorite go-to gift) to get your best ~bud~ on their birthday. These one-of-a-kind accessories are thoughtful and oh-so lovely.

    closeup of a purple linen scarf with gold rose details in a box for the birth month of june

    6. A pack of rainbow fire packets that are striking enough so that you can actually convince your kids to look at something other than their phones when you accidentally go camping at a site with cell service.

    7. A cotton knit duvet cover sure to give your bedroom the relaxed, earthy vibe you've been envisioning in your boho-chic dreams.

    mattress on the floor covered in a soft pumpkin colored duvet

    8. A peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll brighten up your home with its marvelous, day-at-the-beach-house touch.

    9. A 16-piece dinnerware set that just might make your dinner guests' eyes glaze over in admiration when they see your gorgeous, grown-up table setting.

    several plates in different sizes

    10. A quilted chenille floor pillow for anyone in an apartment so small, "furniture" is a word that needs a little wiggle room...because your apartment has none at all.

    11. A pair of amber glass bottles so you can replace your sad, plastic bottles that make your place look cluttered. Throw your lotions and potions into these to give your place a unified, clean vibe.

    two amber bottles on a reviewer's kitchen sink. both have labels saying what is inside.

    12. A collection of minimalist corrosion-resistant knives that are darn good lookin' and RAZOR. SHARP. One look at these knives and your tomatoes are sure to be quaking in their boots. Heirloom salad, anyone?

    13. A handcrafted ceramic essential oil diffuser so you can rid your space of unsettling smells and choose a scent that soothes you.

    Oval diffuser with pointed top

    14. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that's gonna take you to a tropical paradise — without even leaving your home. Honestly, you won't beleaf how much this wild wallpaper improves a room!

    15. A bottle of drinkable glitter so you can make sure even your drinking water is *extra* special.

    A martini glass filled with sparkling rose gold liquid

    16. A tobacco and patchouli candle in an amber apothecary jar that's waaay too pretty to be this price — snag this steal of a deal and give your bookshelves something to brag about.

    17. A set of embossed glass tumblers that'll make you say, "Sip sip, hooray!" every time you open up your cupboard to grab a glass. It'll be a genuine reflex after seeing something as darling as these (I'm speaking from experience).

    Four glasses in different colors, each printed with embossed moulding design and rivets for an easy grip

    18. A wireless library light you can use to highlight favorite books or pieces of art in your home. It has both warm and cool light settings, so it can easily match your seasonal aesthetic shift.

    19. An ultra-soft zebra blanket that'll keep you toasty warm even if your boo likes the AC set to "arctic."

    several blankets shoved into a low bookshelf, with others hanging on a wall

    20. A wall-mounted shelf desk sure to be a brilliant and beautiful way to work from home without making it look like you live to work. On top of that, it's just irresponsibly gorgeous.

    21. A crescent moon mirror that's gonna have you all starry-eyed every time you look at it.

    round mirror with realistic looking crescent moon design on one side. it is balanced on a stand and placed on a desk.

    22. A set of six natural wooden hooks to keep items that are otherwise difficult to store (looking at you, wide-brimmed hats) out as decor. It makes grabbing an accessory in a moment simple *and* lets you show off your stuff even when you aren't wearing it. Just look how cute that entryway is in the photo below!

    23. A boho scratcher you can mount on your wall, giving your cat a spiffy space to stretch and groom their claws without taking up any floor space in your place. Honestly, I'm about 10 seconds from buying one for every room in my apartment. BRB.

    Cat stretching while scratching long oval-shaped natural fiber and wood scratcher

    24. A splurge-worthy Samsung Frame for those of us who don't want quality wall space taken over by a big blank screen. With this, you just happen to get a luxury television while you're at it.

    25. A spice colored curtain with embroidered details that'll really pop in a home with a vintage vibe. Hey 1977, I like what you've got going on.

    Rust colored curtains with embroidered diamond shapes

    26. A triangle ear climber — a slight, slim detail that's gonna be ~acute~ accessory on any occasion.

    model wearing a triangular cuff earring

    27. A naturally dried bouquet that'll give your place some life forever, because they never wilt!

    palm leaf bouquet with an assortment of pampas grass stems

    28. A Turkish bath towel — it's gonna cover you in luxury after a shower or bath. Throw this fast-absorbing, ultra-soft towel over your shoulders and your old towels will be banished to the dog's bathtime routine.

    29. A loungewear set you can wear when your high school reunion rolls around and you want everyone to know you're still a fashion-savvy fiend (even without the dark black mohawk).

    wrap shirt with matching pants in charcoal gray. the pants have pockets.

    30. A set of four linen napkins that are naturally stain-resistant, so if you're gonna really make your napkins work to earn their keep — this gorgeous set has your name on it! Soup season has got nothin' on these.

    31. A mod "mason jar" so you can add your own sophisticatedly rustic touch to the traditional trend.

    glass jar with cork ball top

    32. A stainless-steel rainfall shower head that'll turn your simple shower into a simply luxurious spa experience every time you turn the water on.

    33. A lightweight trashcan with a useful handle that only accentuates its good looks — this chic receptacle proves you can have a trashcan that doesn't look like, well, trash.

    minimalist rectangular trash can with wooden handle

    34. An art deco flush mount to replace the sad lighting on your rental's ceilings.

    35. A strawberry vase that'll look, ahem, *berry* cute as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

    giant strawberry shaped vase with daisies inside

    36. And finally, a wildflower rug for stylish souls who love an abstract "bringing the outside in" decor theme. Yes I would like floral-print *everything*, thank you very much.

    abstract floral rug in many colors

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