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    30 Products That Totally Understand Your Struggles

    Life is hard, but these products are here to help!

    1. A portable makeup case that's as useful as it is adorable, so you don't have to pack up your compacts every time you take a trip.

    2. A temperature regulating comforter that'll save the day (well, night) for anyone who sleeps hot but refuses to expose their toes to the monsters under the bed.

    3. A hot air brush, so you can finally have a gorgeous blowout without spending your salary at a salon or straining yourself trying to manage both a blowdryer and round brush. After using this, the thought of your old styling process will make you want to curl up and ~dye~.

    4. A pack of three eco-friendly reusable food wraps, because plastic wrap is a pain and an expense that's gonna seem totally unnecessary when you see how much money you have ~leftovers~ by using these.

    5. A smooth edge can opener with a great grip and a far more obvious cutting angle, that'll make opening up your favorite salsa ingredients something you ~can~ finally do easily.

    6. A weathered rug to cover up your landlord's grim carpet selection in a pattern that's great for parents (and pet parents) who make occasional stains that need to be bleached. With this design, you won't even notice.

    7. A standing urination kit for anyone who can't stand the fact that they can't pee standing up.

    8. An infusion pitcher to help curb soda cravings with something equally delicious. Because everyone knows that sugar struggles are best solved with more (natural) sugar.

    9. A loose midi dress for anyone who spends too much time standing in front of their closet deciding what to wear. This comfy piece is appropriate for literally every occasion — it could be the only thing in your closet and you would be fine, better even.

    10. A heated ice cream scoop so you can get the perfect scoop of ice cream after waiting the only reasonable amount of time for it to thaw: no time.

    11. An earwax removal oil that'll work way better than a Q-tip when you need to remove an extreme amount of earwax (but you didn't hear it from me).

    12. A pair of period panties that absorb period blood even on your heaviest days — you're never gonna have to worry about forgetting to bring a tampon or pad with you ever again!

    13. A pack of eight stainless steel straws that'll help you stop feeling conflicted about sipping from plastic straws and help you savor a nice chilly drink without having to make ice — throw these in the fridge and never worry about ice trays taking up your freezer space again.

    14. Or a water filter straw for adventurers who want to drink it all in (you know, aside from E. coli) when they spend time in nature.

    15. A soap on a rope that can act as a washcloth and loofa while also finally keeping your soap from slipping while you're sudsing up.

    16. An incense kit that knows sometimes you need a little extra incense-tive to help you relax on stressful days.

    17. A pair of oven grip splatter lids so your food (and hands) can be ~covered~ while you cook.

    18. A bidet attachment that'll clean your tush and eliminate the need for toilet paper (and the panic that comes from realizing you're out of TP) for good.

    19. A pair of cozy reading socks specifically made for people whose feet are so cold they basically need to be in boots 24/7. Your feet will be so cozy and warm in these that the memories of ever having cold toes will start to seem ~fuzzy~.

    20. A pack of vomit bags with a twist-and-seal structure that'll save your life (and your upholstery) when someone gets carsick.

    21. A stuffed animal storage chair for parents whose children prefer to shove their mess into a closet instead of actually cleaning (when push comes to shove, this'll be the solution that makes the most sense for everyone).

    22. A dog umbrella that's gonna seem heaven-sent to pet parents whose pups refuse to pee when it's raining cats and dogs.

    23. A prescription strength anti-perspirant deodorant, because constantly sweating through your freshly washed shirts can be the ~pits~.

    24. A noise machine for tired parents who need some white noise to help their newborn sleep but are also sick of having "Box Fan" recommended every time they open their Spotify account.

    25. A heat protectant spray because you aren't going to stop styling your hair, but you would like to stop destroying it.

    26. A tote bag for avid readers who are tired of talking to people who never read the books movies are based off of.

    27. A Waterpik flosser that'll keep your gums comfortable and actually get you to clean them.

    28. A lightweight expandable bag you can keep small for daily use or expand into literal luggage. Whether you're off to work or off to work on some R&R, this bag will have your back.

    29. A clip-on bag light to save you from wasting away the day searching through the black pit that is your purse.

    30. And finally, an Echo Dot that'll do just about anything you ask. The Echo solves so many small problems you'll almost forget what it was like to do things like check the weather or get up to turn off the lights.

    What these products would tell you if they could.

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