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    17 Things That Could Finally Help You Get Rid Of Your Foot Fungus

    Whether you prefer a cream, a wash, a powder, or polish, these products are sure to keep you from feeling de-feet-ed by fungus.

    1. An anti-fungal wash that helps with athlete's foot, ringworm, toenail fungus, and foot odor so you can finally start keeping your feet free of funk.

    2. A citrus body scrub so you can exfoliate buildup between your toes while letting your feet soak up that sweet sweet clove essential oil, which has anti-fungal properties that can destroy fungus naturally while the citrus and rosemary oils keep your feet feeling fresh.

    A flat lay shot of the brown scrub in a labeled jar with the lid off and raw ingredients of citrus, rosemary, and clove around it

    3. An anti-fungal polish for anyone who can no longer stand the sight of their fungus-filled nail art.

    4. A bottle of Carpe antiperspirant foot lotion to dry out your clammy feet, because fungus loves living in warm, moist places. Apply this and let it fully dry before putting on shoes or socks and BAM! No more fungus-filled feet.

    Capre Antiperspirant Foot Lotion

    5. A tea tree oil foot soak made with some deliciously nourishing essential oils. This is worth getting if a future with foot fungus would be the final ~nail~ in your coffin.

    6. An athlete's foot spray for people who hate the feeling of lotion on their feet. This clears up those hard to reach spots and makes clean, fungus-free feet a simple spray away!

    7. An eight pack of moisture-wicking socks, because wearing fresh, dry socks is the golden rule to preventing skin irritation on your feet. If you've suffered from foot fungus because your socks haven't let your tootsies breathe, these just might help prevent you from ever getting it again!

    A reviewer wearing two mismatched pairs of socks from the pack. The socks rest at the ankles with a slightly higher, lightly cushioned end above the heel.

    8. A paint-on nail treatment with your feet's best friend, tea tree oil – just add few brush strokes a day to your infected nails and soon you'll have painted a stunning work of art...clean, clear, healthy nail beds. Hello, The Louvre.

    9. A mediated foot powder with *maximum strength* itch relief. Add this to your fungus treatment routine and it may feel like pixie dust on the soreness and irritation that comes from athlete's foot.

    A reviewer with their feet covered in the powder and the words "Very Happy" written above them

    10. A natural foot balm for anyone who prefers a natural treat for their often-neglected feet. This is filled to the brim with nourishing essential oils (we see you, anti-fungal fighting tea tree oil!) your forgotten feet often miss out on during your daily skincare routine.

    A closeup shot of the balms packaged in apothecary containers

    11. A tea tree oil balm you can easily apply between your toes if bacteria buildup is calling them home.

    12. A foot deodorant made with tea tree oil and odor-fighting enzymes – use this daily and even the most sweaty feet are gonna smell like success.

    Sprayzee Foot Deodorant

    13. A nail treatment pen designed to best heal brittle, cracked, and broken nails that are being attacked by fungus. If your nails are discolored and looking bleak, this treatment pen is sure to be the ~write~ solution!

    14. An anti-fungal tea tree body scrub that'll delight frugal shoppers who want a treatment for their feet that can protect the rest of their body at the same time.

    Amiré All Natural Scrub

    15. Or a body scrub made with peppermint, an antimicrobial essential oil, and a coffee ground base for exfoliating gross buildup *and* treating your entire body to the caffeine it's ~bean~ craving.

    16. An anti-fungal, anti-bacterial soap you can use on jock itch, ringworm, back acne, body odor, and OUR FAVORITE...foot fungus! If you want something that'll help your struggling feet while also keeping your family clean, this soap might be what you're looking for.

    A reviewer holding up the pump-bottle of soap

    17. A tea tree essential oil with a product-saving dropper and a strong formula that's gonna help out active folks who need to combat germs that love living in warm, sweaty spaces.

    A product shot of the tea tree and peppermint oils in a bathroom

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