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    33 Products That May Make You Think, "Wait, Am I Good At Everything?"

    These products are real world fairy godmothers.

    1. A paint by numbers kit that'll let you show off your artistic chops on the daily. Wait, you don't have those? You do now. All of them.

    2. A pack of five cable wrap cords to keep you from getting your wires crossed, literally, when you're commuting and tuning out everything around you – you're clearly too put together to have cords get tangled up in your backpack.

    An e-book charger wrapped neatly and secured with the clip-on cord organizer

    3. An Aerogarden that'll give you a green thumb even though you hardly need to touch any plants at all!

    A three-cup plant feeder filled with full grown herbs. It has a light attachment at the top.

    4. A guided questions journal that'll make you a memory-saving pro in a matter of (exactly two) minutes. Your posterity will love reading about the week you ordered six pizzas hoping to see that one hot pizza deliverer again. They really will.

    Two Minute Mornings journal

    5. A Dash rapid egg cooker sure to guarantee you never have to ~scramble~ to find a good Sunday brunch spot ever again – your kitchen table is gonna be the best spot in town.

    Dash rapid egg cooker

    6. A John Frieda hot air brush reviewers swear by. It's sure to prove you are the kind of person who never has to get a professional blowout to have a look that blows people away.

    7. A pair of stellar running shoes with built-in sockliners, compression mesh, and a "zero-gravity" feel that'll make running marathons feel like a walk in the park.

    UA HOVR Phantom running shoes

    8. A pet grooming glove for pet parents who want their lovable mutt looking like a show dog worthy of Westminster with just a brush of their hand.

    A pair of the gloves with a thick coat of fur being pulled from them. The gloves are soft on top and have plastic bumps to pull loose hair while petting.

    9. A set of three suction cup bath tubes so you can keep your kiddo entertained in the cleanest way possible while actually keeping them in the bathtub long enough to get them clean.

    A child pouring water through the tubes attached to the wall of the bathtub

    10. A pour-over kit for coffee connoisseurs who have ~bean~ needing a good pour-over option in their place.

    The coffee kit with a cup, filters, a bottle, and instructions

    11. A box of assorted greeting cards so people think you're the kind of person who *never* forgets a birthday...even when you absolutely forgot about it until that Facebook notification popped up.

    12. A Lifestraw water filter to help the camping-curious who want a chance to really prove themselves in the wild – even if you've *gulp* barely been outdoors before.

    A person drinking from murky water through the filtering straw

    13. A handheld milk frother for coffee connoisseurs who would find nothing more satisfying than enjoying a perfect, home-foamed brew from the comfort of their kitchen counter.

    14. A DIY video game kit so you can code with kiddos – making you the coolest babysitter this side of Sycamore street.

    A child using their iPad to create a game from the pattern block board

    15. A Critter Catcher that'll help you bravely wrangle and release creepy crawlies without any fear (because you won't have to get within a foot of them).

    A person using the catcher to safely grab a spider from an arm's-length away

    16. A dog selfie stick to make Spot the selfie master you always knew she could be.

    A person holding their dog and taking a selfie. The dog is looking right at the tennis ball attached to the phone.

    17. An eyeliner stamp that's gonna give you wing-tips so impeccable you're sure to get any makeup artist's ~stamp~ of approval.

    18. A wooden balance board core trainer so you can increase your strength, balance, and flexibility as fast as any fitness enthusiast – even if you can't ~stand~ going to the gym.

    19. A to-do list notepad for making your life so organized you might as well start your own self-help blog. Feel free to cross "influencer" off your list.

    a notepad with several sections and the words "today's date" written at the top

    20. A copy of Crafting with Cat Hair because if people are already calling you a cat lady at 23, you're gonna make sure you are *the* cat lady by 24. I can't think of a better way to show your furocious affection.

    21. A Squatty Potty so you can even poo with perfection.

    A white stool with a rounded edge to tuck into the bottom of the toilet

    22. And a bottle of Poo-Pourri that'll guarantee you never even make the bathroom smell ~crappy~.

    Poo-Pourri Before You Go toilet spray

    23. A gel manicure light – the ~cure~ to your mediocre nail skills. This is sure to massively up your mani game, and your savings account.

    A person using the lamp to cure their red gel polish

    24. A toothpaste squeezing stand that'll give you the waste-free skills to get every single piece of that paste.

    A toothpaste stand with a flat base that allows toothpaste to sit upright on a counter. The stand twists to ensure that all toothpaste easily gets out of the tube, preventing waste.

    25. 104 Things to Photograph, a book that'll guide your eye when you want a ~picture~ perfect portfolio, even if it's just for fun and just for you.

    101 Things To Photograph

    26. A pack of five produce bags made with a washable 100% cotton material, so you can carry produce in the grocery store, wash it in the sink at home, and keep it organized in the fridge – all while making Mother Nature extra proud.

    27. A pair of anti-nausea bands to keep you from getting motion sick when you haven't ridden in a car for months and your brain forgot what it's like to go faster than 4 mph.

    A reviewer wearing the band on their wrist with the pressure point button in the center

    28. A frozen pie crust, because "easy as pie" only counts if you don't have to make the crust. Sneakily use this and your pies will be perfection.

    Marie Calender's 2 Pastry Pie Shells

    29. Or silicone baking molds so your pastries never tear and you get Mary Berry-approved baked goods every time you open the oven.

    Two molds with 24 holes in each cooking in the oven

    30. A UV melding tool that'll make you the go-to person when there's a broken cord, toy, or heart in the home (because you'll be so darn good at ~bonding~).

    31. A ball launcher sure to give you an arm worthy of Shadow's tireless dog park days without totally wearing you (or your rotator cuff) out.

    A reviewer using the ball launcher at the beach with their medium-sized dog

    32. A geometric or faux tile peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll be the shockingly simple cherry on top of your TLC dreams.

    33. And finally, a French fry holder sure to prove you have the most ingenious mind of all time.

    A packet of fries being held in the holder, which is placed inside a car cupholder

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