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    24 Things For Anyone Who Wants To Go Camping Right In Their Own Home

    These products were made to be used by the glow of a fire... well, the fire playing on your tv screen. They're totally gonna make indoor camping a thing.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A panda play tent to make a night in seem really out there.

    2. A light projector that'll give you a view of the aurora from your living room walls.

    3. A Skookie kit, because a camping trip wouldn't be complete without a campfire-sized cookie.

    4. A massive blanket for indoor forts, picnicking, and keeping warm in spite of the chilly winter wind (simulated by your ceiling fan).

    5. A tin of thick traditional hot chocolate to sip something sweet while telling ghost stories around the (imaginary) campfire.

    6. A moon phase mug that'll let you see the moon rise and fall, even though your apartment is bathed in the lights of LA and you haven't seen a star since September.

    7. Or a pair of water bear slippers for campers who'd prefer their bears stay microscopic.

    8. A Timberline candle, for everyone who loves enjoying the smell of the great outdoors from the comfort of their recliner.

    9. A cricket noise maker to give you the very best of camping sounds while avoiding any unnecessary contact with actual insects.

    10. An indoor s'mores maker, because these may be the only reason you'd go camping in the first place.

    11. A headlamp that'll give your indoor adventure some serious bite.

    12. An aurora dream tent for sleeping soundly under the stars.

    13. A lovely fuzzy moth print you'll put up because no camping trip is complete without bugs, and keep up because it's cute enough it doesn't bug you at all.

    14. Or a pack of bug paperweights, because if you're gonna hide creepy crawlies in someone's sleeping bag, make sure they don't crawl anywhere else.

    15. A puzzle to piece together everything you need on your camping trip.

    16. A Martha Stewart cast-iron dutch oven that may help you make the best cobbler any campsite has ever seen.

    17. A dry shampoo, so you can kinda clean your unwashed outdoorsy hair (considering you didn't actually leave your house).

    18. A bag of hearty granola to keep you nourished through hours of birdwatching on Animal Planet.

    19. A felt bow and arrow game that's gonna be a hit at Camp Condominium.

    20. Or a Let's Go Fishin' game to prove your clever camping plans make you a real catch.

    21. A set of folding cutlery so your TV dinner will feel a little more like freshly caught trout.

    22. A tiny felt fire to add some ambiance to the beige rug you're currently "cooking" on.

    23. A picture book about all the animals you won't find outside your living room tent tonight.

    24. And a stainless-steel tabletop fire that'll keep the flame alive during your clever inside campout.

    They get it.

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