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    36 Useful Products That I Think Are So Damn Chic

    Since when did dryer balls decide to be beautiful?

    1. A slim canteen with a clean design so dazzling you're gonna want to drink it all in... and I'm not even talking about the water.

    2. A pack of unique Montessori wooden teether rings — you can leave them in a drawer and snag some when baby fever hits your friends and your life is officially filled with baby showers each weekend.

    3. A ceramic cookware set that's sure to give your kitchen a unified look and give your groceries something to look forward to.

    4. A deck of Areaware playing cards – they're gonna be the *bomb* to whip out when you're in charge of poker night and want some cards that take Blackjack as seriously as you do.

    5. A side table that'll actually compliment your topsy turvy lifestyle, while also being a brilliantly multi-functional piece in any small space.

    6. A faux croc leather belt bag sure to be a splendid accessory that really (fanny) packs a punch.

    7. A dried floral toilet brush for anyone who uses a toilet (yes, I'm talking about YOU) and wants to keep it looking fresh as a daisy.

    8. A Billie razor so you can drop the pink tax and pick up a razor that looks as smooth as your body will be after you use it, if you're into that sort of thing.

    9. A multivitamin that'll ~clearly~ make even the mundane task of vitamin-taking seem sorta fabulous.

    10. A microplane butter blade to add a lovely ~twist~ to your basic bread and butter.

    11. An LED aquarium — the only thing that might feel ~fishy~ after getting this is when you realize your guppies live in a better place than you do.

    12. A Baggu shopping bag that folds into a lightweight pocket-sized square you can easily leave in your purse *or* slide into your blazer as a spiffy pocket's that good lookin'.

    13. A lightweight trashcan with a small side handle that accentuates its good looks — this stunning receptacle is here to show the world your trash doesn't have to look like garbage.

    14. A durable and waterproof backpack roll for adventurers who want their gear to look as slick as the water that rolls right off it.

    15. A dustpan and brush set that'll help you ~brush up~ on your cleaning. TBH, even if you skip dusting, just leaving this lovely piece out'll make your place look spic and span. Life hack.

    16. A loft bed with a desk in a striking, thin design that just might end up looking too exciting to sleep on.

    17. A free-standing toilet paper holder with an elegant, upright look sure to be worthy of a royal flush.

    18. A set of four trinket dishes you can piece together or show off on their own. Either way, grab these and you can keep your tiniest treasures in a safe and stylish spot.

    19. A spray-on hand sanitizer so darn good looking, it's gonna make you say, "Bacteri-ya, I need this."

    20. A stone-inspired sink saver that'll keep your sink free of scratches and hold your dirty dishes in place when you and your roommates seem to specialize in stacking (and not, you know, washing) dishes.

    21. A quilted chenille floor pillow so you can fill your apartment with fancy and functional pieces when your heart wants more furniture and your apartment wants you to move all your junk out.

    22. A sleek electric toothbrush that'll let you ~brush up~ on your oral care *and* your bathroom decor — undeniably proving that Quip is the actual tooth fairy.

    23. A MoMA lattice table cloth that's sure to look delightfully lovely, even when you're only using it to save your kitchen table from your kid's magic marker phase.

    24. A set of Areaware coasters for hosts who know a good looking coaster will be a coaster that actually gets used.

    25. An exquisite slotted spoon — you won't beleaf how quickly your anti-snuggling boo will say "spoon me!" when you whip this out the next time you eat in.

    26. A scratcher lounge for cat people who know their furry friend deserves the fanciest furniture in their flat.

    27. A striking, swiveling, wall-mountable towel bar that'll make hanging up towels so easy you won't have to throw down the towel (literally) when trying to get your kids to hang them up feels like an impossible task.

    28. A pack of silicone straws that are lovely (obvi) dishwasher safe (drool) and are gonna be easy to take anywhere (heckin' joy).

    29. A two-tiered industrial pipe clothing rack so you can show off your favorite clothes and keep your room looking super swanky, even though you're really just making up for a genuine lack of closet space.

    30. A Stagg pour-over kettle so insultingly chic your friends are gonna be offended just by looking at it (and realizing it isn't their own).

    31. A metallic-flecked toilet seat to give your porcelain throne the golden touch.

    32. A daisy yolk strainer for eggcelently clever chefs who know there's beauty in every piece of a recipe, especially when it calls for ~flower~.

    33. A brilliantly basic bread box so you can keep your best friend (carbs) in a place as beautiful as they are.

    34. A pack of wool dryer balls that'll dry your clothes faster, make your laundry softer, and be an eco-friendly replacement for dryer sheets and fabric softener. You'll seriously have a ~ball~ with these lovely things in your laundry.

    35. A two-tiered shelf organizer – it's not only gonna add a sleek look to your space with that snazzy stainless steel, but also be the best way to use up every nook and cranny of storage space in your studio's minuscule kitchen.

    36. And a collared coat, because fall is creeping upon us and you deserve something stunning upon your body when it's finally here.

    Me, not knowing how to handle myself around these ridiculously chic products:

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