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32 Things From Target That'll Make You Want To Redecorate Your Home

Because you can't marry Target... but you can move in together.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A beanbag chair so obviously right for your room you won't ~sit~ on this redecorating idea for long.

Promising Review: "This bean bag chair is a great quality and size. It's good for both kids and adults to sit in. It's also much firmer than I was expecting, which makes for a great chair. And the price is a plus!" —Des12

Price: $44.99 / Colors: four


4. A floral duvet cover, which is sure to add some pop (and poppies) to your tired bedroom.

Promising Review: "I love this print! The colors are bright and vivid and I like the texture of the fabric. This is just what I wanted." —Carbusjo

Price: $125.30+ / Sizes: three

5. A charm-city bulletin board where you can literally write "phone, keys, wallet" and store your phone, keys, and wallet, so you never leave the house without them again.

Promising Review: "I love this and love how well it fits into most decor! We have it right by the door to the garage and it lets my family leave messages, pin mail, and store keys all in one spot." —HMort

Price: $23.74

6. A lovely zinc boot tray that'll make removing your shoes stink way less (well, as far as aesthetics are concerned).

Promising Review: "This boot tray is gorgeous!!! It's great quality, larger than I expected, and very stylish! I’m obsessed." —Kristina

Price: $39.99


8. A gorgeous walnut writing desk, because you're never gonna finish your novel if you keep writing it on your coffee table/office.

Promising Review: "I love this desk. It looks a lot more expensive than it was. It’s very sturdy and heavy and yet I was able to build it in about twenty minutes. I just started working from home and needed a desk strong enough to hold two monitors and a phone, and it does! It looks great with my midcentury room!" —KA

Price: $123.49

10. A string of LED lights you'll think are a bright idea in your drab dorm.|slp|search_viewed|slp|50867386|4

This product requires three AA batteries (not included).

Promising Review: "I LOVE these lights!! They are so simple, but magical. And they work perfectly! There's no need for an outlet connection, visible cords, or extension cords as they are battery operated! They are perfectly dimmed night lighting. I ended up buying a second set to compliment my fireplace mantel." —Tetrok

Price: $5.99 / Colors: two


12. A globe floor lamp to add a sense of modern sophistication to every room you binge-watch Mad Men in.

Promising Review: "This is a great lamp for an affordable price! It's got a beautiful brushed brass finish to it and is really high quality. It provides that mid century modern feel without it feeling like too much. I am really pleased with it. It was very easy to put together. I am in love! " —Ryn

Price: $47.99+ / Colors: three

13. A flamingo shower curtain, because it's as close to a beach as you're gonna get until one of your get-rich-quick schemes pans out.

Promising Review: "FlaminGO buy this product! My roommate and I were looking at all these expensive sites for a hip and fun shower curtain, but we should've known to look at Target first! We bought this curtain alongside a plastic liner and hooks from Target and it was all a STEAL! This looks so much more expensive than it was. I100% recommend this shower curtain." —Michelle

Price: $16.14

14. A classic glass decanter that'll look surprisingly elegant while you pour yourself another drink.

Promising Review: "I purchased this decanter to smoke whiskey when making cocktails and it's exactly what I was looking for. It is exactly as described and I'm happy with my purchase." —lino412

Price: $34.99


15. A soft pink bench — making your entryway fit for a Jane Austen novel.

Promising Review: "This bench is FABULOUS!! It’s so soft and the perfect size for a foot stool or for people to sit on. The velvet adds the best touch and is easy to clean. Love, love, love this bench!" —Brie S

Price: $99.99

16. A charming tent bed cover that's sure to make your little one's room a little more adorable.

Promising Review: "This is so cute! It has nice thick fabric and has a good amount of space inside (I fit in with my toddler and a bean bag). It's sturdy, holding up to said toddler running in and out all the time. I also love the colors! Would recommend." —Arebug

Price: $69.99 (three colors)

18. A dining room chair lovely enough to convince you to start eating somewhere other than in front of Netflix.

Promising Review: "I bought these chairs for my office. They look great and compliment my mid-century office furniture nicely. They were easy to put together and they're sturdy and comfortable! Would recommend!" —peever

Price: $99.99 / Colors: five


20. A gold vanity mirror so gorgeous it just may make you realize how gorgeous you look too (even immediately post pore-strip).

Promising Review: "What a great little mirror! Double-sided mirrors are a must-have for applying make-up or tweezing brows, but they are rarely as stylish and attractive as this one. The gold frame and base look so stylish on my dresser. And seriously, you can't ask for a better price." —Morganmm

Price: $13.99

21. A floating desk that'll give you an entire office without taking up any space on the floor of your room.

Promising Review: "I am very impressed with this desk. It looks gorgeous on the wall and it is a very versatile, space saving solution for anyone who needs it. One of my favorite things is the cord storage underneath that lets you hide all those unsightly cords. This is especially nice if your desk is in a common area where you would not want those seen. The cubbies are also adjustable for your needs. There are small cord openings on both sides in addition to the main one at the back. I love this desk!" —Cassandra

Price: $126.99


23. An airy pair of striped curtain panels that'll make your apartment look like the beach house you belong in.

Promising Review: "I loved the look of these curtains as soon as I saw them. And then I loved them as soon as they were up. They are a game changer! The length is just right. They completely transformed the look of my living room just the way I had hoped. Another great Target find!" —Smartiestyle

Price: $29.99 / Colors: four

25. A tasseled piece of wall decor for a dreamy, bohemian look.

Promising Review: "It's perfect! It looks exactly the same in person as it does online. I've been looking to DIY something like this, but for the same cost as it would have been for materials, I got the professional version! And let's face it, it wouldn't look this great if I did it!" —Chrisina

Price: $23.74

26. A smoke glass jug vase to make your freshly cut plants look like something out of a magazine instead of something you yanked out of your neighbor's front yard.

Promising Review: "Beautiful vase! It looks awesome on my foyer table filled with cotton!" —Amanda H

Price: $16.99+ / Sizes: three


28. A cushy floor pillow to easily create additional seating for every dude or doggo who visits your under-furnished apartment.

Promising Review: "I love this floor pillow! It is so well made, and the color is even better in person, it's more of the faded grain sack look. LOVE it!" —jessicajefferson

Price: $49.99 / Colors: two


31. A throw blanket — the perfect accent in your home during cold winter days and even colder summertime AC.

Promising Review: "Perfection! I decided to give this a whirl and now it’s my favorite blanket! It looks lovely and delicate, yet it’s heavy, warm, durable, and its gorgeous weave is high quality. I love the texture it gives my space. It also doesn't shed and is machine washable. I can't believe the price!!!" —targetlurver

Price: $29.99

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