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    40 Practical Products That Are Totally Worth The Investment

    These products are ~practically~ perfect in every way.

    1. An end grain cutting board made with high quality wood, so you can cut it out with the flimsy cutting boards and use one you can actually have around forever.

    2. An electric toothbrush for anyone who knows they'd brush better if their toothbrush was more buzz-worthy.

    3. A Kindle Paperwhite sure to make reading while you travel so convenient, you just might find electronic books the ~write~ way to read all the time.

    4. A temperature-regulating comforter with moisture-wicking material, so after weeks of tossing and turning on hot nights, you can finally say "Sleeping? No sweat!"

    5. A cast iron pot sure to make any meal a masterpiece even Gordon Ramsay would applaud.

    6. A peg system drawer insert for anyone who knows Marie Kondo had them ~pegged~ when she talked about the need to organize ya drawers.

    7. A cordless Dyson vacuum, because cleaning without this thing sucks — you won't realize what a chore vacuuming was until you have this in your life forever.

    8. An LED nail dryer so you can start saving money by giving yourself salon-quality manicures from the comfort of your home, at free hundred dollars a nail.

    9. An acrylic wall calendar that'll ~clearly~ help keep your schedule organized.

    10. A pair of really good windshield wipers so you can actually see the roads on blustery drives.

    11. A mounted cat scratcher for anyone who isn't ~kitten~ around when it comes to keeping their cat happy.

    12. An oriental rug to complement any room of your house, no matter how many times you change your decor.

    13. An upright garment steamer for when you want to wear something so nice, it's sure to guarantee a ~steamy~ date night.

    14. A four-pack of LED smart bulbs that'll be a seriously ~bright~ idea if you're the kind of person who loves to control everything from your phone, while pretending your phone doesn't control your life.

    15. An emoji cookie set so simple and sweet, your favorite treats will practically bake themselves and make for some sweet app-etizers.

    16. A shirt folder that's gonna make your drawers so crisp and organized, it just might blow your top off thinking about how great your drawers could have looked all along.

    17. A pair of weighted bracelets that'll let you increase your workout even when you're only walking.

    18. A pair of noise-canceling headphones for people who know their Spotify playlist (and noise cancelling, well, everything) is a necessary staple in each day.

    19. A timeless crossbody bag so you can have a little bag that'll make a big statement no matter what is in fashion.

    20. A yard tool stand that'll organize your yard tools so well, you might actually be able to fit your car in the garage for once.

    21. A hidden jewelry cabinet that'll let you ~reflect~ on how great your accessories are every time you open it up.

    22. A smart trashcan so convenient, efficient, and high-tech the only thing you'll have to worry about is Oscar the Grouch wanting to move in.

    23. A comfortable car mattress — it may save the day in an emergency, or make every emergency vacation way more manageable.

    24. A Tula baby carrier for parents who know that carrying their baby is more than a handful.

    25. A clear Ninja blender that'll blend in with your kitchen decor as well as it'll blend you up the perfect smoothie.

    26. A heating and cooling pad so cute you're sure to feel better even before it's heated up.

    27. A makeup blender that'll ~makeup~ for the fact that getting ready in the mornings did not always go smoothly — don't worry, it will now.

    28. An electric dehumidifier that'll keep the air in your room from being moist... because even the sound of that is awful.

    29. A six-piece knife set sure to ~steal~ your heart when you see how well they work. Honestly, getting these is a seriously ~sharp~ idea.

    30. A gorgeous Chelsea boot that'll go with everything you wear and be so comfortable you'll want to wear them everywhere you go.

    31. An electric indoor grill for apartment dwellers without grilling space or for anyone who doesn't like to go out to eat... even when "out" just means the backyard.

    32. A bidet, because when you realize that washing your bottom after using the bathroom makes even more sense than washing your hands, you're never gonna want to wipe with that dry, wasteful, less-efficient toilet paper ever again.

    33. A backpack with a charging port, a sleek design, and waterproof material — which is a particular relief, considering the tears of joy you're sure to cry when you get it.

    34. A double laundry hamper so you can keep even your dirty clothes organized, making laundry day easier and preventing any pink clothes popping out of the white wash.

    35. A sous vide precision cooker that'll make such delicious entrees, you'll tell this inanimate object how thankful you are that you two were able to ~meat~.

    36. A wire-free bra so comfortable, you might even find reasons to put your bra on, instead of reasons to be taking it off.

    37. A splurge-worthy dish rack that'll let your dishes hang out to dry even better than your grandma's laundry.

    38. An odor-neutralizing candle sure to save your apartment from the smells Sparky loves to leave around the place.

    39. A silk pillowcase that'll keep your skin from getting those annoying pillow case creases and keep your hair bedhead-free while you sleep, so that when you post your next, "I woke up like this" photo, you will honestly have woken up like this.

    40. And finally, a KitchenAid mixer, perhaps the most beloved of all splurge-worthy items. With this thing, you're gonna be cooking up fantastic family recipes for the rest of your days.

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