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    27 Stylish Pieces Of Plus-Size Clothing That'll Make You Say "This Is From Walmart?!"

    This is not the stuff your uncle Earl buys from Walmart.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A floral off-the-shoulder blouse to wear while hanging with your ~buds~.

    2. A prime pair of pants for showing off your scandalous ankles like an heiress in the 1800's.

    3. A hooded sweater so soft, you're gonna wear it cardigan and again and again.

    4. A hip-hugging dress that'll make your dinner date last until dessert... tomorrow.

    5. A dainty lingerie set — it's the stuff of sweet dreams (and will make you the one they're dreaming of).

    6. A fringed poncho for rainy days when "blanket" sounds like an appropriate outfit but your SO says you can't go out in public in your Snuggie... again.

    7. Or a more traditionally shaped sweater with a pattern M.C. Escher would invest in.

    8. An elegant red dress that belongs on the red carpet (and on you).

    9. A pair of bold denim pants for people who aren't afraid of forward fashion.

    10. A swimsuit all your friends will want to straight up steal.

    11. A pair of flexible black jeans that'll bend and snap with the best of them.

    12. An airy summer dress — it's gonna have you seeing sunny skies in no time.

    13. A bold mesh bodysuit too chic to be so inexpensive.

    14. A pair of jeans with curves so perfect it'll feel like a curveball that they're from Walmart.

    15. A striped smock to add a little ~something~ to your little black dress collection.

    16. A lightweight shirt to wear in your garden this summer, so you can add some floral shoulders to compliment your green thumb.

    17. A stunning bodycon dress that'll convince your boo to take you somewhere fancier than Taco Bell for dinner.

    18. A pair of tropical leggings so good looking, your workouts are sure to feel like a walk on the beach.

    19. A cold-shoulder sweater dress, because spring is almost here and your shoulders wanna feel it first.

    20. A pair of harem pants for a striking (and comfortable) city style.

    21. A T-shirt we're pretty sure will make you a little lippy.

    22. A sophisticated pair of polka-dot pants for days in the office when you wanna shed your skirts.

    23. A bright swim set that'll make you think you're on the beach in Miami when really you're laying by the chlorinated pool of a Motel 8 in Arizona.

    24. A pair of black pleather pants everyone will ~Marvel~ at when you go see Black Panther.

    25. A long sleeved shirt that'll go with the flow.

    26. A cutie pair of jeans just purrfect for a night out on the prowl.

    27. And a charming floral dress sure to add some pop (and poppies) to your spring wardrobe.

    Your friend when you tell them your outfit is from Walmart.

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